The Cycle of Your Seasons

I am the voice of Earth that speaks to you from the ground beneath your feet. I speak to you from the heart of Winter, which is a season of the year that brings much to you even though you do not always believe this. In Winter, there is a withdrawal of the life force into the core. The season of Winter revolves around that core: the core of light inside you, the fire that burns deep within, the power of the spirit in you.

In Winter, the outer falls away; the branches are bare. Life withdraws into the trunk and into the roots, and there is silence and tranquility in nature. But this silence, this emptiness and barrenness, is not without life and not without soul – feel it. When you walk through the forest or in the fields, life is there – invisible, but tangible. Life withdraws into the core where it gathers force to sprout again in Spring.

This gathering of forces, in order to arrange them anew, takes place in a cycle that repeats itself again and again: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter again. Such a cycle also occurs in your lives. There are times when your soul’s energy on Earth manifests itself entirely; moments when the light from your heart connects with this reality and you completely express who you are. Think of such a moment from the past.

Ask yourself, “Which moment from the past meant for me a complete fulfillment of who I was? In what, and where, and with whom did I allow myself to be seen fully? Where did my energy flow well and completely?” Feel this for a moment in yourself. Within a full cycle, this is a time of reaching out, of radiating, of Summer. Then, the next phase of the cycle is the energy withdrawing, in order to rearrange and reflect on itself.

And then the cycle revolves again to a subsequent level of reaching out even further, so as to express even more fully the soul on Earth. So you find yourself in a constant rhythm of reaching outward and coming inward; a return to the core in order to reach out, yet again, and to be yourself joyfully and to share yourself with the world.

Now, feel in yourself that core into which you withdraw. There is a place in your belly, just below your navel, where you can feel your humanness, here and now, deep within the core of your incarnated being. I ask you to sink into this spot and from there to feel the primal strength that lives within you. Your heart belongs to your Angel-being – your higher self – while your abdomen is the place of the “beating heart” of your humanness.

Your objective in this life is to connect to that place in your abdomen. Only there do you incarnate on Earth and become fully human, because only from there does your Light truly make a deep connection with earthly reality. Make contact with the flow of energy in your abdomen, by allowing your breath to sink into your abdomen and to feel the life inside it. Feel how this energy flow is connected to your creative power, with the vitality of the body itself and also with your sexuality. Sink deeply into the center of your abdomen and let go of the outer world for a moment.

Feel how forces are gathering there that enable you to begin a new chapter in your life on Earth, and that give you precisely the powers and talents you need now to manifest yourself more fully on Earth. Speak to that power. Allow yourself to be embraced by that immense power in your abdomen and your humanness. Feel how you are deeply connected to me in that place with my core: the center of  Earth. Feel how connected we are.

Now take a fear from your everyday life that you encounter frequently. Where and of what are you afraid? Name it for yourself: is it the fear of being rejected, or of being judged, or of being alone? Feel then how that fear gravitates to you, especially around your shoulders and head, because fear attaches itself strongly to thinking. Fears are fed and grow larger through thinking. Your thoughts are often panicky and lack confidence.

Feel for a moment how the fear is not really related to something in the outside world, but stems from within your own mind and comes out of your own being. Imagine now that you contain that fear as a cloud of dark energy, and with your hands you guide that energy cloud to that silent, still point in your abdomen; into the stream of power that flows quietly and confidently there within you. See how your abdomen receives and greets your fear in a very neutral way.

Feel the elemental forces of nature in your abdomen. You are bigger than this fear – console it. Let the fear see how strong you are really, and how you are part of Eternal Life. You are now embodied here on Earth and you are of flesh and blood. Your body is a sacred home that you animate with your own Light, and your essence is eternal, regardless of whatever form it takes. Feel the serenity of your unparalleled strength, and then see and know that the fear remains on the periphery, not in your core. Let the fear circle around you, while you pull back into your core, into the deepest inner knowing that belongs to you: “I am good; I am accepted here; I am beautiful as I am”.

I am Earth, and I recognize and greet you as the angel you are. Trust in my powers and trust in the instincts of your body. Now in this Winter season, take the time to withdraw and to create as much emptiness within as you can. Remain in that silent space and feel what it is you want from your core; what wants to manifest on Earth, and feel you have the strength to rise above your fears. When you become aware of your fears, it is a sign that you are ready to transcend them. If your fears become perceptible, consciousness is ready to receive them with compassion – the time is ripe.

Have no fear of your “fears”, and when fear arrives, call on your deepest power, your core. The fear makes it possible for your core to be felt, so be sympathetic toward the fear. You live in a world of duality – near the darkest part the brightest light is always present.They call out to each other and together form a dance.

In your earthly life there is always the cycle of initially going inward and then reaching outward, and again going inward and then outward. And every time you go inward, you burrow a bit deeper into the dark, so that even more of your Light can flow outward. Deep within you the light and dark are acting together in this dance. Honor this dance, for it is how the life energy functions on Earth.

It is an alternating between going inward and reaching outward, between light and shadow, so honor the shadow as part of life. Just as a tree loses its splendid foliage in order to turn completely inward, so you also do something similar in the seasons of your life. By turning inward, you connect for a time with your pain, loss, and mourning. But it is also a beautiful movement in that the connection helps you to come closer to yourself, to enter more deeply into the core of who you are.

Accept this process, for darkness is the way by which you travel toward the Light. They are the two elements that are dancing together. Do not abhor your darker parts, because they nudge you forward. They cause your Light to incarnate even deeper. Welcome the parts of you that have carried the darkness within you and are bringing it into your awareness.

If you have compassion for them, and accept them as part of your path, they will become your best friends through a deep sense of intimacy and connection. You are allowed to be human. You are an incarnated Angel who experiences the extremes of light and dark so as to create “gold” by accepting both. By transforming your own shadow, you create the “gold” of understanding and of compassion and the “gold” of unity consciousness.

That is the reason you are here on Earth, and that is why I love you intensely and welcome you from the heart. Whenever and wherever possible, I will support you with my strength. Feel this strength present in the ground beneath your feet, in the air around you, and in your body. I am here for you, so trust in our togetherness and know that I love you.


spring 5th February 2014 10:40 am

Just Beautiful!! Thank You :smitten:

Tiff 5th February 2014 5:07 pm

Beautiful. Thank You, Pamela and Gaia :smitten:

Loki 22nd February 2014 5:53 pm

When I was a boy, I used to play in the forest near my middle class neighborhood, in western Mass. It was a place of mystery and wonder; a retreat from the controlled life of school and parents. But I loved the forest and marveled at how beautiful it was. I felt at peace, and happy, like nowhere else. Little did I know that I was in love with Gaia!
I still love being in the forest. Especially here where I live, in Lake Tahoe. Since I learned about Gaia, I silently commune with her, as I walk my dogs. (Doggie angels!)The feeling envelopes me like a warm blanket of love. I am so happy to now know, to now be aware, of her beautiful and supportive presence. Thank you Gillian. And thank you Gaia. There are no words to express this love.


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