Create a Hot, Healthy, Higher Relationship, Part 2

Excerpt from the book: What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? 

I love me when I’m with you

When these two whole, balanced individuals enter into an intimate relationship, much about it is different from relationships experienced in the dense, rigid third dimension. They enter it with well-practiced energy tools, plus a more balanced, personal commitment to their own growth and their service to humanity. They both continue to grow and develop a whole and successful Me Bubble while allowing and respecting the experience of others.

Third-dimensional feelings of love are, many times, attached to the individual’s need for something external. “I love him because he takes out the garbage. They care for the children. She makes money for us to live. She is smart. They say they love me.” The relationship is described in external terms. There is confusion about where those feelings of love originate and where they are felt. In 3D, we connect those feelings to an external source—a lover, a child, etc. Many times this misplaced connection is the source of confusion and the I’m-not-okayness of the relationship. The potential of Love, however, is much greater, and once we understand this, a very different experience becomes available.

Love, as a feeling, is experienced within you. It is not a need to be satisfied. It’s not because he takes out the garbage, or she earns the income. Love is a personal, internal feeling that is experienced within you. It's not something you can give to or receive from another. It isn’t possible to give Love. Relationship is the most challenging game there is. “I love you” has many culturally programmed aspects, many of which lead to confusion, discomfort, and misunderstanding.

What if we recognize that I love you from the external expression is more accurately internal: “I love me when I am with you”? How would our relationships be different? I’m enjoying myself in your presence, or when I think of you. Love, as a feeling, is an internal affair. This changes the focus entirely. This new perspective allows Love to be experienced in many expanded, personal ways.

When your partner smiles and you say, “I love you”, you’re not expressing what is occurring outside of you. You are, instead, expressing the aspect of Love called Appreciation, and it is within you. I feel good inside (I love me) when you smile. Because it feels so good inside, I want to do everything I can to make you smile more often. The feeling of love and all its permutations is about you. It’s an internal, personal experience within you. When this is understood and chosen as a way of life by both parties, life together takes on very different dimensions.

During their summer vacation in New York, the woman says, “That necklace is so beautiful.” He smiles and returns to the store to buy it for her December holiday present. He then gets to experience the pleasure and excitement inside himself about his surprise for the next six months!

“I would really like to ski in Aspen someday,” the man says, flipping through a magazine. She secretly arranges a week’s skiing trip for him and his best friend for the following winter. She’s pleased and in love with herself as her surprise continues to grow and unfold over many months. I love me when I am with you.

From this platform, a new and expanded awareness begins. Because love is an internal, personal feeling, I love me when I walk in the woods. I love me when I watch the sunset. I love me when I hear others laugh. I love me when the cat on my lap is purring. I love me when I see the tomatoes sprouting in my garden. You begin to become more conscious that you are in relationship WITH all things around you—the cat, tomatoes, sunset and trees. This opens a new awareness that Love, as your own internal experience, allows other feelings such as Appreciation, Gratitude, Respect, Ease, and Presence to be experienced as Love also. I love me opens unlimited possibilities in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.

This higher dimensional Love is the natural result of creating and living your life wearing the seven Living Words. When you feel Certain, Happy and Gracious, for example, you also have an inner smile, and you like yourself regardless of what the world around you is experiencing. You’re pleased with yourself and can allow others to be in their chosen state of well-being (or non-well-being) and not judge them or want to meddle in their experience. You are, however, very available to them if they ask.

As you are able to more continuously remain in the energy of self-appreciation, you automatically attract others of the same vibration. When your new friend smiles and demonstrates their enthusiasm, you also smile and feel the love in your life. When you’re enjoying your partner’s laughter, there is nothing you would do to interfere with their happiness and fun. Their joy allows you to love yourself that much more. In fact, you enjoy discovering new ways to please them because when they are happy, you are happy, and because I love me when I’m with you.

This is an excerpt from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?  by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett



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