The Story of the Fall of Consciousness - Part 2

The mutations and distortions had a life of their own and the distortions began to interact with each other and weave together. The mutations and distortions began to create and spin off more distortions and more mutations, and more distortions and more mutations. Distortions and mutations have no consciousness. They are like a virus or a machine that continues to duplicate and replicate. In the third dimension, mutations and distortions are vibrations that you know as anger, jealousy, resentment and rudeness; deceit, domination and control; incest, rape and “isms,” as in sexism and racism, etc. All of those ugly feelings and all of those ugly thoughts are the distortions that play within all of our spaces today. They are all wrapped in Fear.

This process has gone on for a very, very long time. There are many places in All-That-Is that have no Light in them at all. I once said to Uriel, “Won’t it be a challenge for this darkness to be brought back into the Light?” I could feel the smile within Uriel. Uriel said, “Those dark patterns and beings who are without Light are not the challenging ones. They will be easy to work with when the appointed time comes. The ones that are most challenging are you. You see, you have free will and you have choice. You hold the single spark of the Creator’s Light within you. You have choice and we will not interfere with your choices. You must choose for yourself. The dark beings have no free will or choice.”

Much was now occurring. As the second Ray was being used, it was discovered that Light could be stepped down and compressed into density. This opened up a completely new realm of creation. The great beings of Light, the Avatars and Elohim, could experience themselves in form. This was both new and a joy. They began to experience themselves in all manner of form, such as rocks, water. air, flowers, and much more.

As creation continued to expand, another remarkable creation came about. Twelve living centers of consciousness were drawn from the Christed aspect of Creator and placed throughout All-That-Is. Each of these centers held the Love of the Creator. The purpose of each of these centers was to reflect this love and the Christed Light back to the beings who inhabited or visited those centers. Consequently, the many new beings in the Archangelic realms, the Avatars, the Elohim, and all the great beings of Light enjoyed these centers of Christed Light. The earth is one of these very special centers of Light. In the course of this Fall of Consciousness, there were many creator gods, and others, that came to this Christed center. Many of these were very consumed with, and focused upon those contaminated, distorted creations. They no longer held much Light of the Creator. The physical creations that were being made on Planet Earth began to hold more distortions and less of Creator’s Love.

Because of this long and intense infiltration of mutations and distortions, Earth could no longer continue to reflect the Christed Consciousness back to those upon her surface. Her inhabitants no longer received her Light and Earth fell from that Christed Consciousness. She fell from the unified field of love into greater and greater density, becoming physical. The Earth fell. One Light center out of the 12 fell. This event created an enormous ripple throughout All-That-Is. Earth had been, until this fall, a very significant passageway available to all.

At that point in time the Archangels, the Elohim, the Lords of Light, and many other great beings, petitioned the Creator to create a floor or limit; a point to stop the fall. If the earth was to fall past that line it would not recover. This creation is known as Metatron’s Cube. It was a very intricate geometric construction of consciousness, light and sound. It created a point where the earth could fall no further. The result was known as “the third dimension.” It was rigid, structured, and very dense. There was no flexibility at the time it was created. It had very specific limitations and could sustain and support very little Light and yet there was consciousness that lived
within this Earth. The Earth existed in this state for a very long time.

Because this great Fall of Consciousness overwhelmed so many of the great Beings of Light, Avatars, Archangels, and many, many others, the Archangelic realm petitioned Creator to change their purpose. They asked that instead of simply watching the creator gods create, it become their primary function to stop the Fall of Consciousness. Their purpose was to reverse the damage caused by the mutations and distortions. and free all who had been affected. The Creator granted their request. Eventually, and over a very long period of time, the remaining consciousness of Earth was able to create enough of a stabilization that the cube structure was removed from the earth. The possibility of the earth falling further into darkness no longer existed.

Long after the cube was removed, the inhabitants begin to create new considerations and new thoughts that were outside of the previous limitations. Where before there was only rigidness and no flexibility, now there began to be possibility. This unfolded very slowly over billions of years and there began to be more awareness and flexibility. Opportunities and different levels of consciousness returned onto the planet. But, the possibility of returning to a Christed Light center was not available to Planet Earth

More aspects of consciousness came to the planet and were able to remain and became anchored. Eventually the possibility of seeding a new species on the planet began to be entertained. This is the point where most of us have an understanding of a “beginning.” This new consciousness was called Lemurian. In the early aspects of Lemuria there were no physical bodies. The inhabitants were simple beings that held Light. Light consciousness began to live more fully on the dense planet Earth. The Lemurians had Light consciousness but they were not you. They were the first aspect of the great experiment.

All through this unfolding, the Rays of Creation continued to be offered, however, the mutations and distortions continued to expand and grow also. With each new Ray, great creative possibilities unfolded, but they were not successful in permanently stopping the
distortions. This continued for many tens of thousands of years.

In part 3: Why and how everything changed in 2003 and the new possibilities that are now unfolding.

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