The Waves Keep Coming - Part 1

This article talks about two types of energy waves. One is an expanding wave of consciousness that is moving through the universe, through you, and through the Earth. This wave is bringing in new levels of light, knowledge and wisdom that will allow each of us to remember who we are. It is astonishing as I watch the expansion this wave is causing.

The second wave is destabilizing or dissolving much of what doesn’t work in order to make way for what does work. This wave is taking apart what is not working and transforming it into a different kind of pattern.

These waves carry the energy of change and transformation. Everything is shifting so you will become more aligned with who you are and with the Oneness. We are in the process of forming a fifth dimensional community on this planet that aligns with All That Is.

These waves of change are intensifying and stepping up significantly so, when I talk about the ‘shift’, you must realize that it is not something that’s coming but something we are already in the midst of, and we will begin to see massive transitions in the coming months and years. Yes, we’re playing in very exciting times.

This article gives you a tool that will allow you to walk through these exciting times without becoming the effect of them. Try to avoid a lot of thinking as you read. Just sit back and absorb the information without trying to figure it out. Let information download into your mind.

Awakening from the Sleep of the Third Dimension

In the 3rd and 4th dimensions a valuable "tool" to understand is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is an excellent tool or barometer because it matches and reflects your thoughts and feelings from moment to moment. If you want to know how you’re doing at any given moment, pay attention to what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. Begin to notice what are you are focusing on because wherever you place your attention is what the Universe will provide to you, unconditionally, without fail.

In this 3rd dimensional game, if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always  get what you’ve always  got. If fear is incorporated in your point of attention and belief system, it will hold you in a 3rd dimensional reality. You will not be able to move into a 4th or 5th dimensional reality until you let go of fear and invite change into your life. You will have to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings in order to disrupt the hold of the 3rd dimension and begin to release unconscious beliefs and repetitive habits of 'doing what you’ve ‘always done', so that new choices can become available to you. Then fear simply becomes another choice, not a given result.

We have become conditioned over the years, spellbound by engrained habits and beliefs. We have taken all the wonderful parts of ourselves and structured them to work in specific ways based on the patterns and systems of beliefs we hold as truths. We function through unconscious and semiconscious routine habits. For example, we get in our car and drive to work and most of the time we do not even remember driving. It is an unconscious pattern that we have automatically built into who we are. The majority of actions we take each moment of the day are unconscious or semiconscious thought-structures. This is how we have built ourselves. One pattern we can use to disrupt this unconscious state revolves around three words: sympathy, empathy and compassion.

Now, all seven major chakras support us but for most of us the lower three chakras guide the life we experience. The Chakras operate as great barometers of balance. If you know what they do it gives you an opportunity to refocus your attention and begin to realign yourself.

1.  Survival - The first chakra at the base of the spine deals with the vibration of your survival. Its job is to keep you safe in order to allow you to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. For example, if you were to step into a street and a bus was coming, the first chakra would override all structures in the body and it would put you back on the curb until the bus passed. So if you are threatened and it is not an exit point, the first chakra overrides everything and keeps you safe.

2.  Emotions - The second chakra below the naval deals with the lower emotions and feelings; sexuality and sensuality.

3.  Will Power - The third chakra below the sternum deals with power, control, judgment, and resistance. So if you find your solar plexus region in pain, it may not be acid indigestion. This chakra is telling you you’re in a push-and-shove (power and control) situation. If you are resisting or judging something at a high enough level, the third chakra is blocked and/or in pain.

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

In order to play in this game we call "life"  we learned early  on to "feel" the world around us, or to go numb and turn off the feelings so we would not have to feel the world around us.

The combined lower three chakras operate in sympathy and empathy. These reactions are based on past experiences that tell us where we are in relationship to our safety, to fitting in emotionally, to our well-being, and to our acceptance by others. That is the job of empathy and sympathy in the body.

Compassion, on the other hand, is a 4th dimensional expression. It operates in the moment (present time) and allows you unconditionally to observe the situation that is before you. It is nonjudgmental, allowing, and accepting of things exactly as they are. When you’re in the 3rd dimension, you have a difficult time with understanding, allowing and with being nonjudgmental, which makes it impossible to experience yourself outside of the 3rd dimension.

As you move through this shift of consciousness it is of great benefit to have the ability to hold your attention on what you are choosing without becoming engaged in reactions and sympathetic responses. This stance allows you to observe without becoming entangled in the emotional reactions of others. This place of power then enables you to be of greater service and assist others to release their emotional patterns, beliefs and habits.

It is a very important time to be whole, to be fluid, and to be in ease in order to be in service or aligned with the Oneness with which each of us has a very deep driving passion to be involved.


grammanet 25th May 2011 6:23 am

Nice work Jim! This is a great piece to share with everyone. As the majority have yet to be awakened, this is the BEST piece I have read that could wake up many. I am excited to share your message. Love & Light

pollymcleod 25th May 2011 11:04 am

This is the most timely information possible for me.
My mother (78 years of age) has late-stage cancer and I'm her care giver (56).

Since we've always been a close, happy family, I've been wondering why I don't feel like crying, or feel sad AT ALL.
I feel as content and cheerful as usual, and wondered if I'm unnaturally detached and dispassionate, if there's something wrong with me - emotionally numb or shut-down?
I also feel guilty that I'm looking forward to being free.
At the extreme end, I worry that I accidentally created my mother's demise with my deep desire to be free to travel.

This piece suggests I'm not shut-down, but operating from a higher level of non-reaction, focus and compassion. Thank you!

Cesar Daniel Brauer 25th May 2011 12:31 pm

Thank you, Jim! The article brought a 'whole' understanding about the lower chakras and aspects of my growth/development as I had not understood so well before. I have had 'whole night' dreams, 1/night, of etherealities, interactions with no verbal communication, exchanges of sensations with all the meanings and understandings but of telepathic nature and 2 important sides of my sexuality - in the dreams (each lasting all night, with me going in and out of them) I experience an amazing connectedness with people, attractions and pleasure through the non-verbal interactions, highly charged with sensualities about form, content, sharing, mutual recognitions, etc, AND when I 1/2 awake from them briefly I have been sexually aroused in ways 'anachronic', as when I was much younger ... the joy throughout the dreams, of encounters with Love and excitements and the joy when I briefly become awake feeling like 'that big guy' again:-) really meant an unusual, new activity in the connection sex/heart/mind to me ... amazing!! Thanks/Love!!!!

Cesar Daniel Brauer 25th May 2011 12:50 pm

Pollymcleod, I used to be a professional home-health caregiver mostly of the terminally ill and I found my self, sometimes, 'wishing' they would go sooner, too, even when I had personal bonds with them, and that I had with some, wonderfully. I talked about it in therapy and understood that I 'wanted' them to suffer less and be free sooner, some thing like that. Also, my maternal grand-father was 'my hero, my teacher, my entertainer, father figure, friend, etc' and when he died I did not shed 1 tear, never felt sad or missing him ... although I felt the mystery (I was 9). He was an esoterist, spiritualist, etc and I think 'I knew' he would never die totally ... his/our Love connection never did. Remembering him and reading his books somehow replaced his physical and emotional presences. I never grieved his death and never missed him. He never left me! I wonder if you 'know' the same. I think you do. Love to both of you!!!!


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