Waves and Particles, Part Two

Uriel Here again, you can not engage your rational mind. It is very easy to flow back and forth between the physical experience and the non-physical experience of those radiational fields. They can be simplistic, as in patterns of particles. Or they can be more extensive and come in forms of waves. Where we are going is opening the consciousness to step out of the linear formats of the mental and emotional bodies. This will allow both to exist simultaneously without having to formulate them or put them in specific boxes. It flows simultaneously and is accessed simultaneously through the physical experience and the non-physical. It is accessed through that Higher Soul and the Higher Self. It is accessed through the more expansive part of who you are.

All of that is being activated and can function simultaneously in the experience and in the awareness without having the need to say, “Oh, this is a physical particle; this is a physical experience. And, over here is my Soul experience, which is non-physical.”

There are many complexities here in these energetic patterns that I am wishing to communicate to you that are very difficult for the mental body to accept at this time. But, as we begin to work more with these color radiations in the first, second, and third Rays, that frustration of trying to understand it from a linear standpoint will begin to dissipate. It will be just about the experience, not about whether it is physical or non-physical.

Jim: Yes. I’m looking for a teaching tool for this. I think I just talked myself into one of those boxes.

Uriel: Yes.

Jim: I clearly got to a place where when I pay attention to myself, I come up with my own teaching tools. When I try to think it into a teaching tool, I don’t come up with a teaching tool. I understand where I just went.

Uriel: Also, all of these things that we have been sharing with you in this last month are not fully integrated. That expansiveness that we have just been discussing is not quite available yet. It is important that you begin to work with some of these concepts such as the color radiations and the first four chakras. Eventually we will expand it to include all of the chakras. Chakras that you know and don’t yet know about. There are many more chakras that we have not discussed.

It is a patience and a sequential ordering that is in the creative flow at this time. If I can perk your imagination a little bit … when Zadkiel was teaching you about the third Ray and those first three blocks of energy, the complexity of that seemed to be overwhelming in many ways. Until you had some experience using it, it remained elusive for how to use that.

Jim: Yes. I remember.

Uriel: If you can correlate some of this with that experience, you will see that it will unfold and evolve in a very specific way. We are laying down formats now. We are giving concepts. The energetics are being brought into the physical realm to support this evolution. Also to have a greater usability of these things that I have spoken of. And a much broader, larger, usability of the first three Rays of Creation.

As for this week’s teaching; this is a very complex area that we have stepped into. I would like you to keep it as simple as possible and just discuss a continued usability in the way that you have presented in the previous classes. Until a little more integration can begin to take place.

Begin to talk about the power of that color red and drawing more of the energetic components from Creator through the first Ray into the second. Thus making it more usable in the students’ physical and non-physical experience through the third Ray. Do you see how those three Rays work together?

Jim: Yes. Yes, I do.

Uriel: I have given you a tremendous amount today. More than I intended but you are like a sponge so it will fall into an orderliness that you do not see at the present moment.

Jim: Yes, I understand. I will give them some quiet moments in between segments in this session, so they can open up those avenues.

Uriel: Yes. I think that would be very useful. Perk their imaginations to get out of the linear thinking of the rational mind and allow those templates that are held within the Eye of Horus to come into use within that quiet space. Expansion into the non-physical realm will begin to occur.

I thank you for receiving me. Blessings.

Jim: Blessings. Thank you.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Uriel and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.



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