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Since this past Full Moon, we are in a space of rest and Being. It is not, however, a time when nothing is happening. There is so much occurring below the surface. The non-act of Being is so we can connect, integrate and be in touch with our Souls; that pure essence of Truth that we are. It is also a time to assess what we are doing in life. Are you fulfilled and passionate and joyful with what you are doing in life? If not, you just may be one of the many whose path expression is shifting to be in better alignment with your New Being.

Life purpose in the old was all about career and “making a living.” In the New, it is not so much about form or “what” you do, but rather Who you are. Your life purpose is more about expressing your essence no matter where you are or what you do. Your essence does not stop when you leave work. Career is rife with separation, as when one leaves for the day, one leaves the career behind. Life Path is Who you are and how you express that. There are many who are questioning their path, especially healers. If you happen to be questioning what you do in the world, take some time to vision and feel where you’d like to be. Is a different residence calling to you, even if you don’t know where that would be? Do you want more Joy and Passion in your life? Are your friendships and relationships fulfilling and joyful? As you answer these questions, you very well may come to the conclusion that much has shifted and you no longer resonate with where you are now. And you may have no idea about what you want to shift. Let it be O.K. to not know. Just feel and choose how you want to feel in the Now and in the future. If there is an idea that is calling to you, spend time visioning it and place yourself in the vision as if it is here now. This is a first step. Take one step at a time, releasing any fear that comes up in the Sacred Rose, or however you release debilitating emotions. Where does the fear come from? Perhaps it is an old belief that says you can’t have what you want or that you’re not worthy or that you won’t be supported. Let that belief go, whatever it is, and focus instead on being the essence you want to feel (happy, fulfilled, peaceful, loved respected, etc.). Remember that what you feel; how you vibrate; you create.

Protection: In the old, it was important to protect ourselves from negativity. In the New, there is an automatic protection and that is Love. If you vibrate Love; that which you are; you attract that. If you are feeling fearful, you attract that. If you are judgmental, you attract more things to judge. It feels so simple to just Be Love. And yet, so many make Ascension convoluted and difficult; keep it simple. Do remember that each one is right is right where they need to be for whatever purpose that is always for their highest unfolding. So look at your life and it will show you where you are along the continuum between Love and fear. We are all on a journey; there are no supposed-to’s or shoulds or judgments as to what you’re experiencing. Just take one step at a time. If you are not feeling Love in any moment, what are you feeling? Then let it go and expand your Love to fill up where you let the old go.

Love is much more powerful now than any thought you have. You might be worried about something. This is a thought that comes from separate ego. If you go beneath the surface of the thought, you will see that Love is there and the minute you discover it, the worry (or other thoughts) dissolves. This is the New space we’re in…Love is becoming more and more powerful. Soul is stronger and leads the way. If you are dealing with a perceived challenge, go beneath the surface and find the gift that wants you to shift out of the challenge and move into Love. (Challenge is a perception by the way; there is a deeper belief; what is it?) This is how Love works…it brings to your attention what is not Love and asks you to let it go.

Realize too that it will still be some years of transformation till we are nothing but Love. There has been much shifting and dissolving of the old and we will continue to do so. That which is not Love will continue to be dismantled. What you give your attention to empowers it. One way to disempower the old is through compassionate observation. You simply remove your energy from it; you don’t dance the old dance or play the old tunes or repeat the old stories. This is true personally and globally. The minute you argue to prove a point or to be right, you empower the old duality. When you judge something in your world as wrong, you empower the very thing you judge. Rather, be neutral. You have nothing to prove; Be Love. And there is Power in your Silence. When you accept that all is in Divine Order, you empower the New. When you see that your career, relationships or global constructs are disintegrating, let it be. All is in Divine Order.

Let go of reaction; this is of the old duality. Be still and know the Truth. See Love in all things, people and events. When you do this, Love fills the spaces where you let go and let be. And truly know that the New; the Golden Age; has begun and it is up to us to empower it. As we simply do not engage in the drama; be it personal or global; we empower the New. As we envision our greatest Joy and Passion, we empower the New. When we remove our energy from the old duality dance, we empower the New.

About a month ago I mentioned that several portals on Earth were opened and activated with New Light. And then during the Solstice they all connected in one gigantic Earth Gateway. This continues and as many of us know, this Gateway took us to our new spaces, wherever and however it was meant for each individual. The portals around the world are even more activated, receiving more Light and this is affecting the areas around them. We can certainly see this occurring in the Mideast and in the shifting weather patterns, as well as in the activation of Earth movement, be it in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, fires and other phenomena. Just know that this empowerment and transformation continues and as we rise in and as Love there is more transformation. All is in Divine Order. There is nothing to fear or judge. Just observe with Love. You may even be drawn to a place. For instance, I have been drawn to Glastonbury for several years now and finally am going in September. It is the Heart Chakra of the world and I’m flying on the Equinox! This wasn’t planned (Really! Who can plan anymore?); it simply happened that way. So follow your guidance if you are drawn to travel anywhere and know there is a much higher purpose for where you are guided to be…even in your visions.

We are traveling in our higher minds. In fact, we are in such a powerful place now that astral travel (if you want to call it that) is a part of our daily lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. People may “dream” about us or we may “dream” of being in a particular place; we truly are doing this. Our higher minds are so very powerful now that what we used to call day dreams are in actuality travel and we are also empowering our visions. Our visioning is real; there is no difference between visions and so-called 3D reality. So dream big! See, feel and know that we are creating the New as we envision the New Earth and our New lives.

Realize too that many who are Light-players still have more awakening to do and more will be awakening and leaving what they have known. “You can’t have it both ways” is what I just heard. One cannot maintain old life and be in the New. So many Light-players will make some pretty dramatic changes; more will awaken and many will go through some powerful shifts in their physical bodies and many will leave the Earth plane to guide from other spaces. Many Light-players will awaken fully to their gifts, as many have not and are “playing small.” No matter; as everyone is exactly where they belong in the moment and that moment shifts moment to moment. There are plenty of surprises ahead of us.

Many of you are receiving new guides; if you are not fully Soul-merged. Even if you are Soul-merged, meaning that your only Guidance comes from the Higher You, you may also have guides, who are more like partners. Be sure to ask if they are of the Light. If not, it is Universal Law that they leave you. All guides must resonate with your own vibration.

Now and for the next while, let go of anything that comes up in your Awareness that is of the old; that is, anything that holds you back in old thinking and doing. Now is the time to amp up your Trust as this new space is so very unfamiliar and it may feel as though you’re floating all alone and have no idea of who you are or where you are going. If you feel disconnected from Source, know that you are not…ever. For Source is your very essence. Discern with your feelings all you read and hear. It will become more obvious when a person isn’t truth-telling. Make sure you pay attention to how you resonate with all things; from what you read, what you eat and drink to who you are with and where you are and then make changes so that you feel expanded once again. This is a time to stay balanced and grounded.

Yes, energies will continue to move faster and be more intense as we move more into our Authentic Selves. Follow your own rhythm; go slow and enjoy this time. Truly know that you are loved and supported, so there is no trying, no striving, no figuring out; there is only Love and Being Love. Keep it slow and simple. See all through eyes of Love. See all as Source sees…with no attachment or expectation; just simply Love.


jcunningham 16th July 2014 10:12 pm

Thank you Kara. LOVE-LY

tuttifruttee 17th July 2014 6:29 am

:D Thank you! (: <3 :smitten:

peggysharon 17th July 2014 9:52 pm

I "SO" needed to read this!!! I have been feeling all that you wrote ... lost...I meditate more, I pray more world has turned upside down, I needed to remember to "BE" Love ... fear has been creeping in ...
listen to my feelings ... be gentle with self ... thank-you! xoxo <3 :D :smitten: :thumbs:


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