Becoming Crystalline and the Equinox Gateway

I am beginning this Note by sharing with you that being crystalline means to be crystal clear, simple (not complicated or complex), true to Self and sparkly with Soul Essence. It is to be multi-faceted/multidimensional. So rather than reading/hearing words on the surface, feel the energy beneath the surface.

Otherwise, you are just complicating things for yourself and all your reading and pondering makes you denser; not lighter. Unless you feel the energy beneath the words and stop putting everyone who shares from a higher perspective on a pedestal, for we are all One, nothing changes. So, please do not pay attention to what I write here, yet do feel the energy, for in that way, the vibration weaves its way through you, clearing you and upgrading all your systems (DNA, Cells, electrical, physical, etc.). We are crystals and diamonds; multidimensional, clear and simple in our structure. Isn’t this enough or are you still in pursuit of all the “stuff” (mental, emotional or physical) out there? 

Crystals are formed by density; pushing, molding, reconstructing and isn’t that exactly what we’ve been doing? The density has been molding us into clear shapes; unique to us. And we continue till we are bright and clear and wondrous. Like crystals, we each carry a particular vibration; our Soul vibration. Each of us has a unique form and essence which we then share with others in our own unique way.

Further molding and chiseling us are the cosmic events that are non-stop. Currently, we are in the Equinox Gateway/portal, which is refining our crystalline beingness. This is a continuation of the Siiran Universal Merkabah and I don’t see any end in sight for the ongoing restructuring of us. This particular Gateway, while it is a continuation, propels us further to our crystalline state of being.

How can we help ourselves to flow with this energy? By simplifying our lives, seeing beyond the surface of words, people and events and by putting our attention on our own transformation; not on what others are doing or not doing. We learn a lot from our crystals; they teach us Simplicity and Clarity. They teach us that the highest desire is to evolve and share our essence. They aren’t concerned with anything but this. Can you emulate your crystals? Can you allow the density to mold you into an exquisite form that is of Source only? Will you commit to being a Source transmitter as a crystalline being?

This Equinox Gateway is for the purpose of further molding us into the beautiful crystals we are becoming. It is a further nudge (push for some) forward and thus many are experiencing intense reminders to let go of all that isn’t Love. This Gateway (it began opening and radiating Source Light at this month’s Full Moon a few days ago) is refining us further and especially has been physical for many; for our Christ Consciousness is being activated in a huge way (Crystalline=Christ Consciousness…nothing to do with Christianity by the way, for Christ Consciousness transcends all religion, which is separate by nature).

The more sensitive you are, the more you’re feeling this in the physical body. And this will be different for everyone. Please do not judge this as good or bad. Whatever you are going through is uniquely designed for you. Christ Consciousness is the absolute knowing that you are Source and everything you see, do and think comes from that pure consciousness.

With this Gateway, we are splitting more and more from our old selves and what is happening in the world. So don’t judge what’s out there as good or bad; it simply is and it too is going through a transformation. In fact, being crystalline, you can see the underlying energy that is beneath all that is occurring.

Can you view it dispassionately or are you caught up in it all and complaining about it (or even intending to heal or fix it)? It is your choice, of course. For me, nothing takes me from my task at hand…no-one and no event. Do you know the Truth of it all? We are moving from attachment to form to detachment and flow with essence. We are moving to the absolute knowing that all is in Divine Order. This is the result of letting go of judgment and other mental constructs, while we empower our feeling state of Being.

Each of you carries within you a particular dimension of origin. It is not about being Sirian or Pleaidian or Andromedan or Indigo or any such category. Dimension is the essence you carry; it is the essence of your Soul. When you merge with Soul, you bring forth your dimension and rise to that vibration, thus we are weaving onto Earth many high dimensional energies to form a high dimensional web of essence (beyond just the 5th Dimension). This then affects all of life helping Earth and all of life rise in vibration and Love.

Everything we have been doing is about rising in vibration and for stepping up to be more; more than we thought we were. So many want to know what their purpose is…in form. Yet purpose is more about what essence you carry and express wherever you are. This is how we evolve; this is how New Life is created…by being the high dimensional being that you are; the beautiful crystalline, Christed, Being of Love. This is our only task.

So on this Equinox, let yourself rise in vibration, let go of the past and all energies associated with it, feel more, trust, let go of control and fear, and meditate. Meditation strengthens your bond with Soul and you more easily receive and integrate the high dimensional Light that infuses you with your own dimensional Light; the essence you came here to be and share. Remember that we’re creating a New World based in essence.

Much eventually may very well go by the wayside…you might find that astrology, numerology, psychic readings and even healing won’t resonate any more. Why? Because we are each our own healers and readers. We know; we heart-know. We won’t need to know the future, for we’re creating it moment by moment. We won’t have the desire to send healing to another, for we know that we’re all One and share in Love equally. There won’t be searching elsewhere for your answers, for you will cease to have questions.

For now, stay focused on becoming crystalline, simple, clear and holding your own essence to share with the world.


Peter fox 24th September 2013 6:06 am

Kara- as usual "spot on " for me at exactly the right time on every "facet"
of the information you have presented. Never had a clue what "crystalline"
meant or "we are all stardust" meant or what "the jewelled net of Indra"
could possibly mean and now it is all suddenly falling into place. I have
even been in considerable physical discomfort in my lower back area which is now travelling down my right leg! When did it start? Yes,Full Moon! And yet it even feels "good" pain if you know what I mean?!
Isn't this whole process absolutely phenomenal! Thanks so much for the

Kara Demonet 24th September 2013 8:38 am

Thank you, Peter! I wasn't sure what crystalline meant, till I sat with pen in hand, either. When the word crystalline began to be talked about, it didn't seem logical to me, so I was happy to receive the information about it all and then it all came together. I've had some physical things going on as well. Of course, since we're one unit; no separation between spiritual,mental, emotional or physical, it makes sense. And for me, if it doesn't make sense, it is mere fluff. Pain with a purpose. It's all in the perception, isn't it Peter?

Thanks so much for commenting.
Love, Kara

Sheena 24th September 2013 12:46 pm

Beautiful, Kara. Thank you!

Deeni 24th September 2013 2:59 pm


Thank You Kara.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

queens4freedom 24th September 2013 5:51 pm

:thumbs: WOW! rings true & feels very refreshing! NAMASTE!!!

laughlight 24th September 2013 9:33 pm

This is, you are, beautiful in explanation ~ thank you.
Well said
Well said

bets 25th September 2013 1:25 pm

Lovely message that resonates once again as it clarifies much. There's been strange surface "noise" for me in the last week, along with moderate physical elements the last few days, but with a completely different feel underneath. Feeling the message in your words resonates with that deeper sense. Thank you for sharing this.


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