Blasted Out of Our Comfort Zone, The Matrix and Commitment

As I posted on my Facebook Community Page (Ascension: Soulstice Rising), the asteroid and the several meteorites we have been experiencing, coupled with other cosmic events, blasted us out of our complacency of old lives and comfort zones. This precipitated an uncomfortable angst of remaining in certain beliefs, patterns and life circumstances so that perhaps we would make the choice to follow our Soul’s Plan and Bliss. Remaining in old life just doesn’t seem to be an option any more. This movement calls for great Courage and a Willingness to take a risk and jump into the abyss. What you can’t see is that you don’t plummet and “risk” is only a perception based in fear. What you do find is that you have your own wings and fly to your Heart’s Desires. Whether you do that now or later, it doesn’t matter; even if it’s just an intuition or intention now with taking action when it feels right; the energy is here to support you. And isn’t it better to jump, rather than be pushed over the edge?

Part of this shift is to step out of our comfort zone; whatever that is for each one of us. We may be offered opportunities that bring up doubt, fear and insecurity (all for the purpose of releasement). We may say to ourselves, “I can’t do that; I don’t have the money or the skills;” or whatever you tell yourself when faced with a new opportunity designed to help you move forward. The opportunity may not come from outside yourself, and may be an inner nudge (or push.) It may bring up a little anxiety as well. How much anxiety is relative to the leap you are guided to take. So ask yourself, “What area of life is calling me to make a change?”

Many have referred to the matrix and how important it is to step out of the matrix into a new paradigm. I am guided to share with you that there is a purpose to the matrix. Yes, it holds the 3D together and is slowly dissolving. It is helpful to have it as we detach from the old matrix and slowly move from it into a free-flowing consciousness; and yet not into a new matrix. In the New paradigm; there is no need for a matrix of consciousness that holds things together; nor is there even a need for a new paradigm. When we are completely in the New, all form is created from our New consciousness and this continues to evolve and shift, so there will be nothing to hold us back except ourselves. The present matrix does hold us back. That is why it has been difficult for many to let go of old patterns, beliefs and lifestyles. So in this transitional phase, be grateful for the current, yet dissolving, matrix. For while we are transitioning, we are doing so a bit at a time. What would it be like to have nothing familiar to anchor to? So you see, the slowness of Ascension is quite gentle and purposeful as we move along the continuum of Ascension, slowly letting go of the old. Ascension is only difficult if we are resisting change.

Lately there has been some talk of how difficult the first two weeks of February were and how it was mostly related to victim consciousness. While some may relate to this, many do not. It just depends on where you are in your evolution. You do not have to go looking for what is still within you to let go of and transform. All you need to do is pay attention to what is right in front of you. Your life most definitely reflects back to you your consciousness. If there are areas of life that bring up some old emotions such as fear, control, anger, confusion and so forth, that is what to pay attention to. Look beneath the surface of any uncomfortable emotion or situation and discover the underlying cause of the distress. Of course, you do not need to know what it is; you can simply release the energy. Please do ask your Guidance if this is yours or someone else’s energy. Because we are in Unity Consciousness and will continue to anchor that, we may also be taking on others’ energies. If you are Angelic, it is almost certain you are taking on others’ energies. Grounding and protection are important tools to have or develop.

Of vital importance is the developing of your own Guidance, rather than looking to others to provide it for you. While in the beginning of Ascension and as you transition, receiving Guidance from others can be helpful, however, it is only to be temporary until you develop your own Soul GPS and trust it. Depending on others holds you back. At some point, others’ Guidance will be more like affirming what you already know and then you will completely let go of any dependency you have on outside information. At this point, you will be your own Ascended Master. And isn’t that the whole point of Ascension?

What is called for now is to be completely immersed in the Commitment to our Ascension and all that that involves. We have chosen this and as we more completely commit to uniting Heaven and Earth, more are awakening. We, as the Wayshowers, are guiding them and will continue to as more and more awaken. How? Certainly not in the old way of ministering or proselytizing, but in being true to ourselves in Discernment and Integrity. Discernment is the Soul Essence of listening to our own Guidance and following no matter who or what others are doing or saying. Discernment is letting go of the sheep mentality and honoring one’s Truth; one’s Integrity. The old integrity was based on outer laws, rules and mores. The New Integrity is based on what resonates in our Hearts as Truth in any given moment. Truth, by the way, shifts as our consciousness shifts.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn is now retrograde and Mercury will be soon. This is a perfect time for reflection on the strides we’ve made and notice what and who is no longer in our lives, which is always taking a step forward, for there truly is never a loss (that is a belief based in separation and victim energy). “Loss” is always a gain. There is no loss, because we’re all One. We simply are in one transition after another. How we flow through them is entirely up to us. We can resist and fight to hold on to the old or we can easily let go, trusting that all is in Divine Order, leading us to our best selves; our Authentic Selves; our Souls.

As we turn our focus to what is positively unfolding, rather than focusing on what is not unfolding, we see many miracles. Some are large; some are small. The more we see how miraculous our lives are without us controlling or making things happen, we shift our perception into seeing and creating even more miracles. As we let go of more limiting beliefs, more paths open to us. All it takes is detached observing and keeping our vibration high. Even in the most challenging circumstances (and we decide if they are challenging or not), there always is a gift of Awareness and Expansion that creates a new pathway, if we choose to perceive it that way.

If you look closely at your life, you notice new gifts (or rather, gifts that have been waiting for you to discover them within), new people, and new directions in Divine Purpose (in the form of essence; not necessarily in physical form). You notice how much lighter you feel, how much more aware you are and how much you’ve shifted into the New without attachment to what, where, how, why or when. As you stay in the Moment, be in your Integrity and allow your life to unfold. And then you realize the only thing that is calling you to do is to say Yes!


eeliza 20th February 2013 9:36 am

Thank you Kara,
Reading your post brings some sense of comfort during some difficult times when I have started questioning myself. I take care of myself spiritually and physically and feel balanced most of the time. But lately I have started questioning my ability to discern what is illusion and what is my own intuition guiding me. For example, I have been in a mutually loving relationship with my partner for several years and nothing has changed (outwardly). But suddenly I am experiencing issues of trust with my partner out of nowhere.On one hand I feel like my intuition "must" be picking up on soemthing which I shouldn't the same time, I am berating myself and feeling guilty since my partner has given absolutely no evidence to suggest I have reason to mistrust him. Where does this leave me? Questioning my ability to trust my own Self and that scares me.I've been calling on my highest self for access to Truth (vs. Illusion) and commanding release of all that no longer serves me (old crap) and visualizing my heart bathed in peace, love and light. I hope it passes soon.

Kara Demonet 20th February 2013 10:09 am

Thanks for your comment, E. It feels to me that it is old energy within you that is wanting release, rather than having to do with your partner. So there is no need not to trust your intuition. Anything that comes up may or may not do with another person; and yet, certainly it has everything to do with us, so trust that.

It sounds like you are moving up in vibration and when that happens, we have an opportunity to release what may have been hiding within ourselves. You can also ask your partner about this intuition.

Thank you for writing.
Love, Kara

shapeshifter 20th February 2013 11:04 am

Trust issues have been surfacing for me too and your response to E supports my own conclusions. Trusting one's intuition seems to project outward as issues related to trust.

When the inner issue is addressed the outer issue seems to resolve as well.

Kara Demonet 20th February 2013 12:48 pm

So true, Shapeshifter! Nicely put. "When the inner issue is addressed the outer issue seems to resolve as well." It surely does resolve! And if it doesn't, it's the other person's "stuff."

eeliza 20th February 2013 4:32 pm

Thank you both Kara and Shapeshifter. I am feeling that this deep heartache (literally) that I have been experiencing recently is directly related to my intention to fully align with the shifting (shifted) energies and downloads over the past couple of months. Most likely some of it it my own and some of it belonging to others as we are connected to the whole. I will continue feeling my way through it and "trusting" that which needs to be released will be through my acknowledgement, acceptance and (self) love...and that which needs to be revealed (from within or without) will come to light as well. I also wonder if this heartache is part of the merging of the solar plexus and heart chakras as one..and that might also explain the feeling of powerlessness (vulnerability) which is manifesting as outward projections of mistrust on others. I appreciate your support and insight. Blessings to you both and all of precious Humanity as we move through this remarkable time individually and collectively.

zorro 20th February 2013 7:10 pm

“ Remaining in old life just doesn’t seem to be an option any more. This movement calls for great Courage and a Willingness to take a risk and jump into the abyss. “

Yes, Kara, this is such a great transcript, and this just might involve a little “improv” on our part in response. The cosmos is doing that all the time anyway, although we are not always cognizant of it.

zorro 20th February 2013 7:21 pm

Let me improv for a moment, channel if you will, another living spirit focalizing “spiritual blasting” on this site, Jamye Price. Ok, Is she psychic or what? All that talk about “blasting” in the newness? “This is preposterous, Sir!“ Yes, perhaps, but I always wondered why she always says “As We Are Ready to Blast”. Is she Major Mudd of kids TV fame re-incarnated on SL?…I.B.B.Y.! I’ll Be Blasting You was his motto…and I just as soon channel another living spirit I know in the flesh as a dis-incarnate one I also knew in the flesh at one time, but not necessarily in the flesh now, so why limit our knowing?” Anyway.., “As we sit to blast, “blasting out of our comfort zone”, let us be thankful for the telltale reminders blasting into our consciousness from the outer cosmos, live chunks of past experiments stuck in an old matrix, blasted into a future time-line to shake awareness of the times we were in then, and the time we are now in, a time of future possibilities, a time when we have less need to face the stage, and more inclination face each other around the “Round Table",

zorro 20th February 2013 7:24 pm

Kara, I have longed for these times. This is really going to be something to behold!

shapeshifter 20th February 2013 8:27 pm

Kara and eeliza,
I appreciate your responses.

betsy. 24th May 2013 8:54 pm

Thank you, Kara, for this message. I resonated with so much from it, as well as from the comments. Thank all of you for sharing. Much love to you!


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