Creativity: The Path to New Life

The powerful Source Light emanating through the Sirian Universal Merkabah continues to flow into us and Gaia. It’s not stopping, but is expanding in power, bringing more Light and more of the urge to make big changes in our lives, as well as urging us to step up more in our Authentic Selves; merging with Soul. While I spoke of the Sirian Universal Merkabah being activated in July, its power continues.

It is creating more of whatever we’re focused on. If it’s healing we want and we think it comes from outside of us, the pain continues. Looking outside of ourselves is the old way; the 3D world of dependency and powerlessness. The Light of the Merkabah is pushing us to embrace our Power; our sovereignty; our mastery. If you keep looking out there, waiting to be saved, you are resisting this expansion into Soul Life.

It may feel as though we no longer have choice, and that we’re being pushed to rise in Christ Consciousness. It may feel that way; and yet, we still have choice based on how we want to feel. There is no waiting to be rescued; it takes us taking a step and making a choice.

As long as you are taking a step,whether large or small, into New Life, you are not resisting; you are flowing with the energies and not against them. The Light is urging us to make creative, aligned choices. When we move with the Light, there is much urgency to create. This creation can be writing, painting, dancing or whatever new steps you are guided to take.

It takes shifting our daily routine and doing something we normally don’t do; or more of what we have already chosen to do based on our intuition. It takes expressing gifts we haven’t shared before; it takes trying on new solutions to old issues; it takes being fresh and new…like a toddler who is examining her world for the first time. Creativity is the expression of the Soul and forms a stronger merge with Soul; becoming Soul. This energy is calling for us to step up and expand into the energy, to ground it and be kind to ourselves.

Ascension doesn’t happen in a glorious moment; it is built step by step. It takes being extremely aware of what makes your Heart sing and what does not; letting go of what does not. No excuses; no reasons as to why you can’t move are suitable any more. No more “Yes, but…”. Therefore, there are many who want to jump off the ride and state, “I’m done! I’m going back to old secure life!” They find out that old life doesn’t fit anymore. It’s like trying on a pair of shoes that no longer fit.

Sure, you can tough it out, but eventually you’ll throw those old shoes out and get some that do fit! And speaking of shoes, you know how often new shoes have to be broken in; they’re maybe a little stiff; a little tight? Well, it’s maybe how New Life feels at first. Why? Because it’s new and we haven’t adjusted yet. Of course, once we adjust, there will be more movement, more growth and more expansion, because we are infinite. Ascension is infinite and there really isn’t a stopping place. So look at your life. What doesn’t fit anymore? What is calling you to let it go?

Realize that we have been slowly moving toward where we are right now. I remember a bunch of us, after going through the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, looked at each other and said, “Uh oh; now the New Age is really getting serious. It’s moving past the airy-fairy stage and asking us to get real!” And now in this year, it’s like the Universe is saying, “S—t or get off the pot!”

All of the cosmic events have been supporting us in our Ascension by bringing in more Light; more Awareness; more of everything and saying to us, “Here; this will help you move out of the 3D construct; here, here is more Light to help you move forward.” It is us who have said, “But I don’t want to go on that ride, Mommy, it’s scary!” And so we cling to the skirts of familiarity until we muster up our courage to let go and get on that scary ride.

With each step we take into the unfamiliar New, we let go and dissolve something of the old. It’s as simple as that. You take one step and another appears. You turn around and you see that the steps behind you have disappeared, leaving you in the New Now. Something personal: I have had a toothache. What I have noticed is that it gives me instant feedback. When I am writing an Ascension Note or sharing on Facebook or channeling a Soul Transmission, the pain is gone.

If I read something that doesn’t resonate or am anywhere but in my Soul Love, the pain returns. Wow; never have I been so happy to have a toothache! So I wonder; what pain, physical or emotional, do you experience when you’re out of the Flow? Can you see it’s a message to be where you flow and let go of where you don’t? Any kind of pain is a message to align you once more with where you belong. Creativity is one such avenue to New Life. I remember reading what sin really means: “off the mark.” If you can visualize a rocket…every time it veers off-course, it has a built-in correction system to keep it on its path. It’s the same with us. Pain is our own inner correction system.

As I have shared so often, now is the time to put your focus and attention on what it is you want to create. Creating is key here. And as you create anew in whatever way you choose, you empower what you are creating in the New. It can be any expression in which you feel energized, expansive, joyful and passionate about.

Creativity allows new solutions and new energy to enter your life, which takes you higher. Creating is your Divine Service and may not have anything to do with your career. Or does it? No matter what you do, inject it with Creativity. Create new solutions, create new behaviors and perceptions. Feel your way through. Try something new and see how you feel. Believe in yourself and as you tap into a more expansive you, you will be amazed at what you create and manifest. Create from Soul Essence.

In other words, ask yourself how you want to feel? Do you want to feel more of what you already feel or do you want to feel something completely new and different? Creating in this way helps you expand into Soul-Being. It allows you to shake off the last remnants of old 3D life, which is based in fear and limitation. You know this isn’t the Truth of you. Fear and limitation are lies.

Know that whatever you choose now will affect you either expansively or in an old limited way. Use the ongoing flow of Light from the Merkabah. And then on the Equinox, we get another big beautiful push forward. Now is the time for you to choose…Love or fear; expansion or limitation; duality or Oneness; Soul-life (conscious) or ego-life (unconscious); New Life or old life. The time is now to decide what you want to create…remember, you are a master of creativity.


Peter fox 13th September 2013 5:15 am

Dear Kara- I thought you might be interested(and highly amused!) to know
that in the last five years I have had four teeth extracted for toothache which actually didn't exist! Every time I had a tooth removed the "pain"
moved to the next one along. This,too,is my "indicator" of state of feeling
and/or sign that further unwanted karma is being released- this doesn't
necessarily relieve the pain but it certainly helps knowing what is going on
and it always takes me to a higher place. I think that each and every one
of us experiences seemingly "weird" things that are actually "normal" for
us. And everyone gets to win- in this case I keep learning and my dentist
has made a fortune on implants! Lots of love x

Sandra Smyre 13th September 2013 2:46 pm

Thank you Kara for this great message. I have had alot of joint pain and couldn't figure out what it was saying to me. Then along comes my 50th reunion and people I hadn't seen in 40-50 yrs start popping up. The last reunion I attended I got very drunk, ended up with alcohol poisoning and probably p----d alot of people off. So I began making amends for that behavior and when I'm in that mind frame, no pain--go figure! Am cleaning up the wreckage of my past, which I didn't even know existed. Don't drink anymore either so life is much richer. May we all grow in Christ Consciousness and meet in the 5th! In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

Kara Demonet 13th September 2013 4:45 pm

Thank you for this most beautiful sharing, Sandra. All that truly matters is this Moment. Isn't that just so sweet about New Life? The old is gone, unless we hold it close to us. And we truly are rising in Christ Consciousness in the higher dimensions.

Much Love, Kara :angel:

Kara Demonet 13th September 2013 4:48 pm

Peter, I totally agree!


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