Double the Pleasure: Sirian Universal Merkabah And The Lion's Gate

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more intense, we are being infused with two great “leap-forward” cosmic events. One is the Sirian Universal Merkabah that began infusing our own Merkabah, upgrading it in order to rise in vibration, on July 17 culminating July 29/30. On July 26th, the Lion’s Gate phase began, taking us to approximately August 12th. This particular Gateway opens a new vortex on Earth and brings forth new Light Codes for Earth and us.

This also is connected with Sirius. Many are seeing the Sirian Universal Merkabah as the astrological alignment formed by Earth and Water signs; which are infused with the Divine Feminine. It brings grounding (Earth) and a transformation from emotion to spirit (water)...grounded spirit. They are one and the same.

This is a perfect time to have your intentions on your highest visions and dreams, transforming fear, lack and powerlessness, both personally and globally. If those are old programs that you identify with, this is a powerful time to release them and replace with the Soul Essences of Love, Courage, Power and Abundance. Remember, where you place your focus is what manifests. Be ever vigilant of your thoughts in the next few weeks, for they are manifestations of your beliefs, so release them and replace them with the aforementioned Soul Essences. And then live courageously, fearlessly, abundantly and powerfully. It’s up to you. This energy doesn’t happen to you; it happens because of you and your choices.

Some things to notice: how time has gone from linear to non-linear (like this Note). So instead of things going from A to B to C, etc; we notice we are letting that go and only doing what we are guided to do, following our own rhythm and guidance, and letting go of the old order that things have to happen in a particular sequence. Some days seem to flow effortlessly; other days it feels as though things have stopped. The “stopping” days are when we rest, integrate and become clear about what we are intending. And those “stopping” days are often when we’re exhausted, headachy, nauseous, anxious, etc. as our physical bodies integrate the higher energies.

Many rush to their doctors, thinking something is wrong. If you will just be with it and flow with your own energy (or lack of it), whatever is going onusually dissipates in the following days. This is all part of the process of integrating Heaven on Earth, and transforming our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline.

The Lion’s Gate brings with it a boost in energy. It assists with more cleansing, if that is required, as well as a higher state of living in the New. Remember, we’re creating the New step by step. If you feel lost, ungrounded or don’t know where you’re going, this is perfect. Just trust the process. In these two weeks, you may be challenged, based on your current consciousness. Reflection helps you connect to what changes still need to take place. Ask, “Where do I find my Joy?” and do more of that. Gone is the suffering, working hard, striving, making things happen, etc; these are of the old and didn’t bring results anyway. What does bring results is putting your focus on where you flow and are in Joy. Again, it’s all about feeling; not about thinking.

Both the Lion’s Gate and the Sirian Universal Merkabah bring forth high dimensional Rays, emanating from many different dimensions. These Rays bring an infusement of energy to upgrade our Christ Consciousness, especially as we intend to receive them. Two of the best ways to receive is through meditation and ceremony. As you go into meditation, activate your Personal Vortex or Merkabah with the center focused at the Heart. See it surrounding your body and connected to the Sirian Universal Merkabah and then intend to receive. Ceremony for the Sirian Universal Merkabah is to be done July 29/30, when the energy is exact and culminates in its most powerful position. 

Since we have begun the Lion’s Gate. you may actually include walking through this Gateway during your Sirian Universal Merkabah Ceremony/meditation. That sets the intention to receive. You may intend that the Rays come into you from both places. Being an active participant enhances the energies and aligning with the Rays (they are different colors than the normal rainbow) helps you empower your aspirations, visions, intentions and dreams.

Intend that the high dimensional Rays go where they are needed the most for your highest evolution. As they come into your body, they, along with your Merkabah, ground the energies within you and thus affect every aspect of life…as long as you’re willing to have your life shift from the old to the New. This is definitely an initiation into a higher state of Grace. The Rays assist in helping dissolve certain issues in your life. Remember to align your thoughts with this energy, for wherever you are aligned is what you manifest. If you align with “life is hard,” then that is what you empower. If you align with “life is unfolding gently and easily in perfect ways for me,” then that is what you empower. The Sirian Universal Merkabah and Lion’s Gate and Rays only empower what you are aligned with. Why? Because we are no longer manipulated by outside forces. We must choose.

As we accelerate upon our chosen Path, anything that is not Love will surface or resurface. We release in layers, so don’t be surprised if things that you thought you were done with come back for another release. Know that your emotional and mental bodies (the 2nd and 3rd Chakras) will be more aligned with the higher vibrations. This means that whatever is out of alignment; those old emotions, beliefs and thoughts; will be brought to your attention for clearing. Being in Nature, meditating, and Earthing are all ways you can help yourself stay in Balance.

The Lion’s Gate is connected to the Galactic Sun and brings forth big Light as it opens a vortex on Earth. It is assisted by the Sirian Emissaries of Light; who are here to help in our evolution. This vortex of streaming Light takes us higher than the 5D; which we have already entered. We are all feeling it now and this will increase till its culmination approximately August 12th. What is the effect? There is/will be a recalibration of consciousness, which further disables 3D duality. You can help by letting go of dualistic thoughts and words and by shifting from judgment to that of observation. Dualistic thinking is anything with a polar opposite such as hate/love, good/bad, pro/con, ugly/beautiful, etc. Remember, the Truth is Unity Consciousness. Drop your labeling and step into observing without attachment.

For those who are still attached to 3D may find themselves in a lot of chaos; they may complain of how bad the world is. In fact, complaining and negativity are definitely of the 3D. There will be more of this as the 3D continues to break down. Don’t get pulled back in that energy. Just observe, detached.

As you move up vibrationally, you will move more into detachment from events and peoples’ drama. You will feel more creative, coming up with solutions and new expressions than ever before…things you simply had not thought of before. You may feel energized and still have days of exhaustion. You may be motivated to refine your diet even more to bring your physical body up in vibration, which helps the crystalline process. Just follow your guidance with this in each moment. There may be some disruption in sleep patterns and an energy that is similar to anxiety (a shift in energy levels).

While the culmination of the Sirian Universal Merkabah is July 29/30, the apex of the Lion’s Gate is 8/8/13, culminating on or around August 12th. These dates (even while time is non-linear) are perfect for Ceremony. May we all remember Who we truly are.


kay 31st July 2013 9:53 am

Thank you, again, for sharing your insight and information, Kara. Those moment by moment choices/intentions are a wonderful form of ceremony. I keep asking myself how does it feel to be healed and whole, and then I just go ahead and feel it and the joy that comes with it.

bluefeatheryone 31st July 2013 11:01 am

"If you feel lost, ungrounded or don’t know where you’re going, this is perfect." Yay! LOL. So I'm where I'm supposed to be? ;) Ty for the message, Kara. <3
Kay, I too am reflecting strongly the last couple of days on healing and wholeness. <3
Much love to everyone...

Kara Demonet 31st July 2013 7:38 pm

Well yes, Blue, you are right where you're supposed to be...for now. It changes based on your consciousness. :smitten:

Kara Demonet 31st July 2013 7:41 pm

Kay, the moment-to-moment choices/intentions are truly a ceremony for they empower your direction just as ceremony does. I love how you work with the feeling of Wholeness and it is so.

Love, Kara


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