Ebbing and Flowing

Wow; it’s all so exciting…being in the New! The energy is palpable! It might feel like being a stranger in two strange lands; neither here nor there. Being in the New still has its challenges/opportunities. There is a tension between the old and New Lives. Do you notice it? While we are anchoring more of the New in each moment, depending on where our focus is, the old life continues to attempt to pull us back into duality and limitation.

This creates indecision. I love this quote from Wanda Vitale, a dear friend, “…we give ‘what is’ very little attention and instead, focus on the energy that creates ‘what is’…life is inside out.” And in those few words is exactly how we anchor the New…focusing on the energy within; based on feeling. When feeling constricted, ask if you’ve stepped back into the old. When feeling expanded, do more of the same, as you are in the New.

Indecision comes when we are straddling both worlds. It can come from knowing we are abundant to thinking “how can I afford this?” And this is the tension I speak of. We cannot have it both ways; we’re either abundant and in Trust or we are not. So our job now is to let go of the old self-talk that tells us we can’t or that we are limited. And the only way to do that is to trust that we are much more than any old self-talk that may still linger within. When that old self-talk surfaces, be aware that there is still limiting energy within and release it, replacing it with the truth. Perhaps an affirmative statement saying, “I AM____” will help you to know the Truth. And in time, you won’t be straddling the two worlds, but will be firmly living in the New Now.

Every thought you have creates. Be aware of what you think; especially pay attention to how you feel thinking it. Do you feel expanded or restricted? Once you identify the feeling, go back and see what you were just thinking. You see, our thoughts are connected to our feelings, which are connected to our physical bodies. Think positively and you affect your entire system; your vibration rises and you anchor the New within you. No thought is right or wrong; one simply leads to a higher vibration; it’s your choice as to how you want to feel and what you want to create. And thus, you create life from the inside out.

There are those of you who feel expanded and free, while there are those of you who feel squeezed; pressurized. Feeling squeezed comes from getting too focused on the past, clogging your head with too much information, still giving your power away to those you think have your answers, and you may feel depressed and sad, thinking how hard this all is.

Good news is that if you are in the latter, you have the Awareness that all this is happening. The more you focus on the New and let go of the old, the better you will feel and then you’re on an upward spiral…switching from a downward spiral into despair. Again, it’s your choice. You are not a victim; you get to choose your thoughts!

Also know that because we are existing in the New Now and Unity Consciousness, we very likely may be picking up on global consciousness and this is exacerbated by the tremendous solar activity. This is when it is important to strengthen our resolve to ascend and put our energy and attention onto what we want to create based on how we want to feel. This takes Commitment and Strength, yet remember, we are spiritual sovereign warriors and it is entirely up to us.

Slowly we are moving away from the letting-go phase of Ascension and moving more into the New. We truly are grounding the New into ourselves and Gaia. One of the things you may notice is how you no longer tolerate certain behaviors and patterns. Pay attention to when this occurs, for it is telling you how far you’ve come. You might wonder, “This never bothered me before, but it sure does now!” You needn’t judge it, for that places you back in the old duality. Rather, observe it dispassionately as you make a new choice more aligned with where your vibration is presently.

What is helping us evolve presently, and is embedded in the solar activity especially, is grand downloads of Light. This not only upgrades us, but it also brings to the surface where we are still lagging behind. Our physical bodies feel it the most and this can come in a myriad of ways…whatever you need personally. So it is best not to even list them here, for they are personal and unique to your own evolution. I urge you, however, not to focus on the “symptoms,” but to simply observe and keep your focus on what you want to create more of. Focusing on symptoms puts your attention there and then you actually create more of the same, for that is how energy works…whatever you focus on will be manifest.

Do know that there are those who have completed a "level" of Ascension. And as they hold so much Light, others are helped by this; another example of Unity Consciousness. These folks are now moving to their next Ascension level (truly though, there are no levels; just infinite expansion). This is why we keep being prompted to be authentic, so that we share our Light with all others by simply Being ourselves. In this way, we help the masses, while continuing on our Ascension evolution.

We truly are entering a time when all is possible. There is no such thing as “impossible,” for we are already seeing many miracles and breakthroughs. Every cosmic event is aligned with Source, and helps us expand more in Love and Light. There is no such thing as a “bad” cosmic event, although there are plenty of folks who want to convince you there are “good” and “bad” occurrences. How can there be such duality in the New? Everything is designed for us to expand in Love. Everything! So let go of viewing things as good or bad; for when you do, you perpetuate duality.

Detachment is so very important now. This shifts us from duality and judgment to Acceptance and What Is. And this frees us from the constraints of the past. Be kind to yourself and flow in Grace with What Is. This helps you let go of any attachment to how something “should” be or feel and certainly allows us to step away from judging, which holds us in duality and negative, small-minded thinking.

And because we are straddling two worlds, thus experiencing the highs and lows of the ebb and flow of energies, detachment is of great import. It takes being the Compassionate Observer, being in the Moment, being in Allowance, being grounded and taking care of ourselves in the best way we know. This includes sleeping when tired, eating and drinking light, gentle exercise, meditation and purposely engaging in the Light coming into us by being willing participants.

Because we are in a time of possibilities, why not stretch outside your comfort zone and switch things up. Take one thing you do and do it differently. Go someplace you’ve never been before, eat something you’ve never eaten, change your routine; making even small changes enlivens the energy and states to the universe your intention of opening to being more. Love your resistance if it comes up, be O.K. with feeling a little off-balance and vulnerable, and shake off the cobwebs of rote behavior and complacency.

Being in the New feels very strange and uncomfortable at first. Yet if you stick with it, you experience the miracle of truly being free. In the New we don’t get answers to how, what, why, where or who; as these are questions of the old. It takes radical Trust to be in the New. We have to be willing to let go of the need to know what we’re getting ourselves into.

There are no scripts, no how-to books, no assurances and certainly no-one to tell you how it will be, for we are in a new land; we are explorers, putting one foot in front of the other and discovering who we truly are. We, nor Earth, have ever been here before. So allow yourself to be one of the New Explorers with no preconceived ideas and no roadmap. We get to make it up as we go, based on how we want to feel.

So take a step off the edge and know you have wings to soar into the New Frontier.


Peter fox 17th February 2014 7:26 am

I'm stepping off the edge,Kara. See or speak to you soon- probably mid-
air!! Great message, thank you.

chloe 17th February 2014 10:03 am

Your messages make me feel SO much better! just the pep talk I needed.
For anyone who hasn't found your books yet, I highly recommend them.
Lots of love to you!

chloe 17th February 2014 10:17 am

Sorry about that, Ascension Notes, not books!

Kara Demonet 17th February 2014 10:52 am

Thank you, Peter.

Kara Demonet 17th February 2014 10:54 am

Chloe, thank you! For a minute I thought I had written books in my etheric life! :D

So glad my notes touch your Heart!

love, Kara :smitten:

Debra A 18th February 2014 4:50 pm

I have really been moved by your writing. You seem to nail what my peers and I are experiencing at the time. Thank you for your honest ability to get after what is truly going on.

Kara Demonet 24th February 2014 1:23 pm

Thank you Debra; I truly appreciate your comment and blessed that you and your peers resonate with what I share.

Love, Kara


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