Eclipse and Equinox Fun Times

We are in a rather intense and powerful transformational time, as you well know. A week ago we had a partial eclipse, although the Power of it was anything but “partial.” Next week is both the Equinox and another eclipse. Suffice it to say that there is no rest period in between. This is a time where many who talk about ascending and those who are acting on being New will separate.

Do not avoid or run from any experience. Look deeper and see the message it has for you. Follow it to conclusion. This will raise the hackles of any separate ego that is left within you. There may be a lot of ego kicking and screaming. Take a few moments; if you find yourself rebelling, defending, reacting, denying, running from, resisting, or angrily opposing; and go within and hold your separate ego and tell him/her how loved he/she is. This will help your separate ego become your ascended ego; the expresser of your perfect and Divine Soul. When the separate ego becomes the ascended ego, you will find you no longer fight what wants to be born. It is only when we resist and fight that we are torn between two worlds. This eclipse cycle, along with the Equinox, will most definitely highlight where you are in conflict: Soul vs ego. For those who have become One with Soul and ego, the Love you experience is powerful and it is becoming more so.

As we move forward into even more powerful energies, realize that all you experience is only for your evolution and do drop the duality of good and bad. With the many Earth movements, don’t rush in to save, for Gaia is transforming too and all is in Divine Order. She does not need saving and neither do you. She and you have the Power to rise in Greatness. Yes, it will/is be different, yet that doesn’t mean it’s good or bad; it is just different. The New may not look like your preconceived ideas either. Let go of any expectations and ideas of how things should look based on what you’ve been told. As you focus on yourself, your consciousness will create your New World. So let go of any complaining, hoping and wishing; remember that what you focus on, you manifest. If you focus on “ain’t it awful,” you create more of that. If you see the Beauty in all events, regardless of how the world describes it, you create Beauty in your New Life. This eclipse season will enhance this focus; whatever it is. The energy is neutral. It is we who get to decide how to use it.

Perceive any chaos (chaos is a judgment call) as evolution. If necessary, change your perceptions and become an observer in life; attached to nothing or no-one. This non-attachment and non-judgment is all a part of your continual Awakening. It is neither good nor bad; it simply is. Allow things to flow through you. You needn’t know why, when, how, where or who. All is simply helping you to awake more, so that you are acutely aware of who you are and how you are evolving. In Transformation, first is the destruction of the old and then it builds anew. Think of the Butterfly. It dissolves in the cocoon. Its DNA changes completely and a new form is created. The Butterfly is not a caterpillar with wings; it completely dissolves and then builds an entirely new and different form. Out of the ashes emerges the Phoenix. We are the Phoenix and so is Gaia. There is nothing to fear and all to accept. (Fascinating; I just got a new piece of information for me. I AM no longer the being I thought I was in previous lifetimes; I only carry that essence. I AM a completely New being. This was just illustrated to me by two paintings a dear friend painted of me. Thank you, Robin.)

If you go through a rather intense destruction, you might slip back into forgetfulness and duality. Old patterns and thinking may resurface. Aha! This is perfect; you then get to see what is still operating within! You can release it and replace it with how you want to feel (a Soul Essence). You can then be in Gratitude for that intense experience.

So, as many things dissolve in your life and around you, don’t sink into “ain’t it awful” and “how can I fix this?”, because this keeps the old in place. Rather, see all as a profound blessing of evolution and a higher Awakening. A wonderful reminder is in the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Our hero arrives at his place of business to find it burning to the ground. He simply walks away and knows it is time for something new. To be that aware is the potential we all have, especially now.

Those who have been doing their work all along, find this time to be exquisite! Those who have delayed making the changes they’ve needed to make but haven’t, may find this time extremely difficult. Only you know who you are. Those who are experiencing exquisite times will experience more; those who are clinging to the way things have always been may get the wind knocked out of them. For those who are ready, you are poised for a huge shift forward. There will be more downloads and not just during sleep. Time is speeding up. Well actually, there is no time, for we are in a timeless phase (and it will remain to be timeless) and so it seems that “time” speeds up. Stay grounded. This is vitally important. Clear your chakras daily. Meditate in your body, so that you bring the high multidimensional Light into you; and you don’t float elsewhere. Ascension happens in your body right here and right now. You can sun gaze and practice Earthing. Doing Ceremony also helps you stay grounded. And you can perceive the 3rd Dimension chores as grounding tools; like paying bills, doing dishes and laundry, shopping and other things that call for your attention. In this way, you are not rebelling against 3D, but are allowing it to work for and with you. Ignoring 3D responsibilities only adds stress to you and this isn’t a time for stress; it’s a time to stay alert to everything. Stress puts you to sleep.

If you perceive an obstacle, perhaps change your perception to Opportunity; what is it then showing you? Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Then release victim energy. Remember that life doesn’t happen to you; you create absolutely everything and it is all a gift of Awareness.

Be O.K. with where you are. This requires Patience and Trust. Take a step when and if you are guided. There is no such thing as being stuck; that’s an old illusion. When you honor where you are, you may see that there is still something you need to learn and complete or you are completely aligned and in Peace with your current situation…feel into it. There is no pushing or controlling in the New. Things will unfold according to your consciousness. If you don’t like your life, go within and see what needs to shift and then take a step when and if you are guided. Take your time, for things shift as you do. If you feel light, you will feel lighter as we move through this eclipse phase; if you feel heavy, look beneath the surface to see if you’re holding onto a particular belief or pattern. If you feel confused, be still and have Patience, for Clarity will come. If you feel stressed, identify your stressor and let it go.

Once you are complete with your Purification, be mindful of the many blessings and so-called miracles in your life. (What we call miracles are becoming commonplace.) Watch for new opportunities and new directions or expansion in what you are already doing. If you become invisible to others who haven’t awakened, that is to be expected; they simply can’t see you. You may hear voices; real voices; not within voices (you will always hear those). Just notice. Watch for feathers that end up where you wouldn’t expect them to be. Be thankful for everything and more will come your way. Be aware that you are guided constantly. Your Guidance may not come in human words, for Guidance comes to you as Awareness of even the little things. This is a time of deeper living. Surface and reactive living is of the old. Pay attention to your Intuition, for it is strong now and becoming stronger and it is your guide. Don’t be afraid to let go of jobs, places or people that you no longer resonate with. Stay steady and grounded. In this way, you don’t miss a thing.

When you stay grounded, you stabilize the energies. They integrate within you, upgrading cells, DNA and all your bodies and chakras. Within the flux of energies, one wonders how to keep focused. One of your opportunities is to stay focused on the New while all may be swirling around you. You can place both hands on your Heart and say, “I AM aligned with Soul now.” You needn’t be thrown to and fro by the wildly fluctuating energies. Be the eye of the storm. Remember that you have the Power to be in whatever state of being you choose. And know that you can be as busy as you want or as still as you want. It’s all up to you. Break through to new expressions of being. Know what gifts you have within you and practice/use them. When you immerse yourself in your gifts, a great sense of Peace and well-being washes over you. If you struggle, you are not in touch with your gifts, for being in the Light of your Soul, there is only Love.

Feel everything. If something doesn’t feel aligned, then make a change. Know that as you shift, your world shifts. Let go of anything with which you no longer resonate. This includes labels by which you define yourself, gifts others have known you by and anything you have done or do. Try on new things if you’re not sure of what direction to go in. You see, your purpose is in flux as well.

May your days be blessed with Bliss and Ease, for that is the way of the New.


Peter fox 18th September 2015 6:20 am

May your days be blessed with bliss and ease too- Thank you so much, Kara.

gretchendreisbach 18th September 2015 10:28 am

Thank you so much for these words of wisdom and guidance, Kara Beloved!

SO on point!

This Crescendo is so off the charts!!!

Onward into GLORY ALL!!!


Gretchen Grace Dreisbach

cyndy 18th September 2015 12:20 pm

My perception of chaos.
Chaos is the space of change that has not yet harmonized or syncronized.
Synchroncity is the agreement of time.
Harmony is the agreement of space.
We seem to have some very fast moving energies trying to find the the agreement of time and space.
The phoenix is rising.

zorro 19th September 2015 11:17 am

"May your days be blessed with Bliss and Ease, for that is the way of the New."

Words of Life shape the chaos into something beautiful. I heart you from here. All points of agreement connect now. Let's create the New Way for a New Earth.

cyndy 19th September 2015 1:53 pm

Convergence and confluence. Extreme joy possible.

debs go lightly 19th September 2015 3:41 pm

Thank you Kara, this is a whole new level of amazing! Wishing you peacefulness and joy.

Much love and golden light from Debs.

zorro 19th September 2015 8:00 pm

Cyndy, Debs, Kara and others...connected!

debs go lightly 20th September 2015 4:24 pm

Bless you Zorro, we are all one, we are the rainbow!


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