Eclipse Energy

As we move into the energy of the eclipse, I want to say that, as with all eclipses, it doesn't matter whether you physically see the eclipse or not, for energy is energy; Light is Light; it affects you wherever you are. The energy of this eclipse will be with us for at least many months. It's just that when it is occurring it is most potent. Eclipses bring change, so not only does this affect you, it affects all on Earth and Earth itself. High frequency Light Codes are coming in and are now entering us even before the actual eclipse. This eclipse most likely affects our Heart; the core (coeur) of our being. Within our hearts is the Hieros Gamos: the sacred marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. This helps dissolve any separation we might hold within.

This is a time in which we have the opportunity to anchor higher dimensions (possibly higher than and yet including the 5th Dimension); it depends on where you are consciousness-wise. It is an opportunity to shift out of old programs and patterns unless we are afraid to let go of them. Keep things simple and observe any unexpected events. Keeping things simple means to let go of working at anything and rather, allow things to unfold on their own. We are not only giving birth; so is our Earth becoming New. As we become more crystalline, more multi-dimensional, we are able to hold more Light. Even our chakras, which are aligned with our endocrine system, are upgrading. This can affect our physical bodies, so move away from thinking something is wrong if you are experiencing some sort of physical phenomena and realize this is all a part of our new birth.

There is a balancing of our mental body with our Heart, for they had been separate for eons till now. Meditation greatly helps with this, as meditation strengthens the Heart, so that it leads the mental body and not the other way around. As our Hearts and minds merge as One (partners), you very well may feel this in your High Heart; your Thymus Chakra, for it is here in which Heart and mind are One. This is in fact a sacred marriage of the Heart and mind as well as the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

The higher chakras closed when we bought into separation, which led to density and a blockage of Awareness. This is all shifting now. Of course, we are more than our chakras, since we are nothing but energy/Light. Realize too that not only are all our bodies one unit in that one cannot experience their mental, emotional, spiritual or physical body as if in a vacuum. Each affects the other. Likewise with Gaia. We are connected with Her as one of our bodies. We are not separate from Earth; just as we are not separate from the Stars, Moon or Sun.

If there is any kind of blockage in our connection to the Stars or Earth, we do not receive and integrate the downloads of high dimensional Light. We can use the Power of the eclipse to ground us to Heaven and Earth, which serves to open us up as conduits of Light, so that it flows through us into Earth without impediment. You can visualize a tube of Light that connects you with Source/Central Sun and have it flow through you, connecting all your chakras and connecting to Earth's Crystal Cluster in Her Heart.

As we birth the New as us, we become more and therefore can be of greater service. When we do what we love, it is amplified; so that we are of greater Divine Service. It doesn't matter what we do; if we love it, then that Love flows out in waves and touches, wholes and transforms all. As we move more into being New, our lives reflect even more of where we hold ourselves back. Do not curse the dark, but embrace and be the Light. Cursing the dark only empowers it.

What change will this eclipse inspire? Where do you want to see a great shift in your life? Can you allow something to die (transform), so you may birth something New? What will you create? Can you be thankful for all that has been and all that is not yet manifest? How will it feel to be completely free to be more? How do you see this eclipse affecting the Earth; you? How you answer these questions aligns you with your highest vision for yourself and the world.

Being free means you are the creator of your world. It means taking full Responsibility for all in your life. It means standing tall and strong in your own Power; not someone else's. You are a sovereign being of Light. As such, you have no fear and you are not separate from Source and yet you do choose to step away from the 3D Matrix of duality. You are no longer a puppet, being told what to do and how to do it. You need not comply with anything outside your own knowing. It is O.K. to disagree with the status quo; in fact it is sometimes necessary.

This eclipse presents a breakthrough. What are you breaking through? And what about your society/culture? How does your society/culture dictate who you are and what you do? Do you see that there is a breakthrough to a different way of being? If you can be focused on how you are birthing a New You, your choices also help the larger society make choices. Remember though, that all is not what it seems. Change might not be what you thought it would be and yet, if you allow it the space to transform, it can be more than what you thought it would be! Be patient. Be in Allowance. Don't get distracted by what you judge to be “bad” or “good,” for these are illusions of duality. Energy is neutral; it awaits your focus. Where is your focus? Is it within or out there in the land of illusion?


Cheri 21st August 2017 3:07 pm

Hello Kara!! I really love your postings and spiritual musings. It is a beautiful aspect of yourself to share and I just want to thank you for that!

I am so looking forward to my upcoming nuptials and ready to say "I DO" to who "I AM" :)

With Warm Regards

Kara Demonet 21st August 2017 6:46 pm

Dearest Cheri,
Thank you so much! I so appreciate your Appreciation! I love your I DO to who you are! May you be blessed with nothing but Love.

Love, Kara


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