Evolving...High Mind and Relationships

We have entered another higher level of Ascension. This brings with it the opportunity to have mind and Heart be One, which creates the High Mind. This is truly thinking with your Heart. Thinking with your Heart means that words come to describe your feelings of essence…Love, Trust, Respect, Honor, Integrity, etc. As you focus on an essence you create words that lead to a rise in consciousness. As you might know, our mentality and feeling-level of the Heart have tended to act separately as Soul and separate ego. Now we have the opportunity to have them merge, so we don’t have those separate thoughts of duality, even while we focus on the Essences of the Heart. Of course, this is the potential and most will find themselves somewhere along the continuum of feeling/Heart, separate ego and High Mind. So give yourself some space to have this evolve. You needn’t be hard on yourself if you still have lower mind’s thoughts of judgment, separation or duality. Recognize it then let it go and replace it with Love. essences of Heart/Soul. As we move more into High Mind, we see that the lower thoughts transform into essence thoughts. That is, judgment becomes Compassion. anger becomes Acceptance. hate becomes Love. All this is an upgrade of our Source consciousness.

We are completing another phase of upgrade, where we received yet another boost of Light/Love. and an Awareness of what has been hiding in the form of old, limiting beliefs and patterns. Many are experiencing a complete emptying out so that they wonder if they exist at all. We must let that be O.K. even if it is uncomfortable. We have always wanted a nice box to fit in, yet with the New, we ae asked not to try and replace an old box with a new one.  We cannot, for any new box is nothing more than recreating the old one. only in a different form. Take this time to surrender to nothingness and if that is something you’re not ready for, then focus on how you want to feel. You can use statements like I AM Love. I AM whole. I AM Prosperous. I AM Power. I AM creating and manifesting my dream, and so forth. As you surrender, you actually are empowering your Authentic Self. your Soul. As a result, you can hear your Soul Guidance more clearly. From there, it is up to you to follow your Guidance or remain in your lower mind and comfort zone. I can tell you that following your Guidance will always take you to where you belong, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable because it is not what you’re accustomed to.

For those of you who have surrendered to being your Authentic Self, you might not know who you are or you may seem so different that you think you have lost it. Well, in a way you have lost it. “It” being the lower, separate ego-mind. This can feel rather uncomfortable, because we want to identify with something. So if you feel blocked, depressed, alone, disconnected, lacking in Passion or Joy, please know it is O.K. It is a period of separate ego merging with Soul and that is exactly the purpose of Ascension. We don’t want to rid ourselves of ego. for in its rightful place, ego is the expressor of Soul mentally, emotionally and physically. When a person transitions out of Earthly life, there is no ego in which to express Soul. for then that being is pure Soul with no vehicle for expression.

Oh my, we are holding so much Light now that separate ego may be freaking out and clinging for survival. You see, separate ego thinks it’s dying. What really helps is to not only surrender to what is, but to go into meditation and call forth separate ego. It usually appears as a toddler. You can hold your ego, rock it and assure it that it can come along. that there is nothing to fear and that life will be so much better and that it can let go and be loved. and that it doesn’t have to work so had to protect you. "Surrender, little  ego."

You can also visualize Light in all of your cells to flush them out of resistance and open them up to creating the New within your physical body. As you know, cells have memories. Even while they are recreated every seven years, unless they have a new program, they will simply recreate the old program over and over again. Therefore, helping our cells realize that we are creating a new body is essential. Our cells have consciousness. The more you practice being in the New, the faster the cells embrace the New and create Wholeness in a physical sense. As they release the old programming, they release toxins and therefore, you very well may experience illness as this transformation occurs.

As I have shared before, we continue to focus on relationships. These are all kinds of relationships: family, co-worker, romantic, friends…in any form that you connect or disconnect from. They all shine a light onto what has not yet integrated. Whether the mirror is something you don’t like in yourself or something you love and admire in the other, it is all about you. If there are fears or insecurities or judgments or lack, this is an opportunity to get in touch with what others project on to you. Projection is what a person does when they are not aware of what is within them. The higher purpose is to get in touch with what they project onto another and that other then mirrors back what the one who projects is not aware of. Most of the time, they will not accept that it is a part of them and then blames the other or, in the case of something admirable, thinks they could never be as wonderful. In either case, the essence of Acceptance and Worthiness are important to integrate, as Acceptance helps them see themselves clearer and Worthiness helps show them the gifts they hold, as mirrored by the person they have on a pedestal. As we accept Responsibility for all we experience, we move into more Oneness and more Authenticity.

As we view all our relationships, we ask if we are communicating from Love, Honesty and Integrity. When we communicate (both speaking and listening) in Love, Honesty and Integrity, we get in touch with any area within ourselves that still seeks approval from others or are in judgment of others or in manipulation in order to get what we want. Therefore, there may be a return of some relationships, or the patterns within the relationship, so that we can clear the pattern within ourselves. Then, of course, we can make a choice as to if it is in our highest evolution to be in that relationship or not. Even if you see that you are on different paths or vibrational levels, the important Awareness is to discover what the other is showing to you that is a mirror to what is still within you. This can be from other lifetimes, in which you will recognize the person and not know why there is such a strong connection, or from someone in this lifetime. Remember that this does not just pertain to romantic relationships. When you can see the Beauty and Perfection of the other, regardless of your choice, then know that you have healed/wholed that part of you and have integrated your own Beauty and Perfection.

If you feel victimized or judged or anything that is not Love, then know the other is merely shining a light on that pattern so that you can transform these lower emotions, patterns and beliefs into Love. When you can understand the higher purpose of all relationships, the sooner you rise in Compassion, Love and Freedom. Attachments dissolve, so that you are free to choose, rather than coming from a place of compulsion or because you’re “supposed to.” (In the New, there is no “supposed to’s.”) If you find yourself repeating old patterns, don’t judge yourself harshly. Rather, be in Compassion for yourself. It takes time and effort to let go of patterns you’ve had for lifetimes. You will continue to create situations that highlight the pattern that wants to be dissolved until it is transformed into Love.

Because we are integrating the High Mind now, setting boundaries for yourself is easier. You will be able to communicate more clearly and you will be more honest with your desires and what is and what is not O.K. with you. Integrity is alignment with your Higher Self/Soul. Of course, you may choose not to do these things if you decide not to be in relationship with any particular person. So this is not set in stone, for only you know what direction to go in. Much is revealed now, which makes your choices easier. When things are hidden, it is difficult to know which direction to go in. however, you will feel something is amiss, which is the Beauty of the High Mind. No-one can lie or withhold anything from you without you intuiting it. You will feel it, regardless of not knowing the details. So be in Discernment and when in doubt, do nothing. Be in Observance. This is true for everything in life. not just relationships.

Absolutely everything is for your highest evolution. Never doubt this. Whether you feel alone and disconnected or loved and accepted, wherever you are is hallowed ground and is right where you need to be for your highest and truest unfolding. Open up and receive the Love that constantly is flowing to you.


Deeni 27th May 2015 9:19 am

Thank You, Kara.

What an absolutely wonderful message. My Soul Thanks You.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Peter fox 27th May 2015 9:45 am


Kara Demonet 27th May 2015 9:59 am

Thank you so much, Deeni and Peter!

debs go lightly 27th May 2015 4:30 pm

Thank you Kara, this is so wonderful.

Much love and light from Debs.

Kara Demonet 27th May 2015 9:36 pm

Thank you, Debs!
Love to you, Kara


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