Flexibility, Birth & Freedom

Since the Full Moon, we have been rising in vibration, preparing for a huge burst forward on the Summer/Winter Solstice. You most likely have felt the intensity. I have noticed I feel the energies physically first, especially since I have released so much…and the same may very well be true for you too. These past several days have brought up much exasperation and wondering if indeed we have changed at all. It may feel as though we are waiting for something. Trust that we have changed and the waiting isn’t really waiting at all. it is a knowing that we are all moving and integrating in phenomenal ways. Everything happens in Divine Order and Divine Time, so if you feel like you’re waiting, trust that all is occurring perfectly. We want to hurry things along and yet there is no “pushing the river.” We must be patient and ever-vigilant with what our lives are showing us. We keep releasing and to remain in Observance is best so that we don’t attach to the old energies bubbling up and focus, instead, on how we feel. Analyzing everything does nothing. only feeling matters. As we feel, we have more Clarity. as we think, there is confusion. And still, in these times, we might not even know what we feel. If this is the case, be patient and focus on how and what you want to feel. This helps move you through any perceived impasse.

Feeling uncomfortable. that is, not feeling like yourself, feeling different, not able to relate to folks you’ve always been able to relate to, exhaustion in the morning, headaches, “Ascension hangovers,” overwhelm, anxiety…these are all a part of the shift from the old to the New. Let it be O.K. for truly we are much different as we move into the New and more out of the old. It has been very important to slow down, which is a challenge for many. When one is busy doing this or that, it keeps them in the old with no or little time given to just Being. And Being is essential, for it is then that one can see and feel with more Clarity. In the old, we thought staying busy was spiritual and wore it like a badge of honor. that running here and there was how you stayed connected to life and without this busy-ness you were lazy (an old program). Now we are prompted to let this frenetic busy-ness go, so we can truly feel each moment and each step we take in full Awareness.

A few days ago I cleared my main Altar. I re-found my Angel Cards and so took and put them in a little bowl where I could see them first thing in the morning. The first day I randomly chose Flexibility. the next day Birth and today I chose Freedom. How perfect this is! It takes being flexible in order to release the old (the old really doesn’t want to let you go), and from that there is Birth and from Birth there is Freedom. Many of us are experiencing this Freedom as our lives shift away from old world responsibility to being able to choose freely what resonates. And when it is not clear, just be still, Be, and have Patience. And you may feel all things together…anxiety and Freedom, anger and Love, busy-ness and Being. This is all a part of the transition, so do not judge yourself if you still experience some lower emotions…bless them and release and then put your attention on how you want to feel.

~Breathe deeply, as this does much to clear and center you in the Moment. Stand or walk barefoot on the Earth whenever you can, as this grounds you and helps your body acclimate to the higher energies infusing your cells~

Let go of any preconceived ideas of what New Earth is or will be like. New Earth is a consciousness within you. As you rise in vibration, your view of the world shifts to match your new vibration and consciousness. If you are one who sees the brokenness of the world, surely there is brokenness within you. So address all that you perceive is broken within and then your perceptions shift. It is said that when one is whole within, they experience their lives as whole. When one is truly One with all, there is no judgment of anyone or anything that is different than oneself. You can say that you are One and you are whole, yet unless this is fully integrated, there will still be separation in your life. And it is all evolving, slowly step by step. The best way to help others and the Earth is not by “sending” Light, but by being all of who you are…you are the Light. you are Love. you are Whole. You send out waves of who you truly are not by consciously sending it, but by the being the Lighthouse. Others receive who you are. it’s a vibration. not an act.

I know I have spoken about not limiting yourself with labels. You are not an empath. you are empathic. You are not a teacher. you teach. You are not a 5th dimensional being. you are multidimensional. Any time you assign a label to who you are, you limit yourself. Go beyond any box you place yourself in, for indeed describing yourself as this or that, you then stop your growth. It was fine in the old. now, set yourself free by dropping any labels by which you attach yourself to. We are meant to expand, explore and move beyond limitations. That is what is meant by being multidimensional. Ascension is about Expansion. not to limit oneself by claiming you are this or that. you are much more than any description.

To master something means that you are at the top of your game. and in Truth, you don’t stop there. you continue to evolve. Master is an ego-term. So let us just say that we are evolving. We might become so very adept at something and yet that is not a stopping place.  We will continue to evolve and change. In fact, anything that is a label is static. labels stop the growth the minute one claims to be this or that. We reach levels and then there are more levels. Think of this as mountains. We reach the peak of one mountain and see there are more to “master.” So we begin again. not from the beginning, but from the place of Wisdom we find ourselves. The Wise One never claims to be anything, for the Wise One knows that life is a continuous evolution.

We needn’t prove who we are to anyone. Others know you by who you are vibrationally. and you cannot pretend to be more or less than you are. You radiate the truth of who you are without doing a thing. Yes, you may be guided to serve in a particular way, yet you needn’t tell others how great you are, for they will intuit it. That is how every single one of us is in our Power. By being authentic, others who are vibrating similarly will be attracted to you. So the key is to be authentic and to continue to raise your own vibration by releasing the old you and allowing the New You to be created cell by cell. Through your choices you either raise or diminish your vibration. This may be a question you can ask yourself when faced with a choice or confrontation: “Does this increase or diminish my vibration?”

When old emotions come up, do honor them. Emotions are stuck energy. You can help to move them out by doing something creative…dance, drum, sing, write, speak, paint, sculpt, play music, be in Nature, connect with others at the Heart…there are so many ways to express and shift the energy. In the old, we would do things to distract us like drink, smoke, overeat, have sex, watch TV or anything that would distract us from the particular emotion. Yet what happens to the emotion? It goes right back into hiding and continues to manifest drama and chaos in life. When you make the choice to create, you transform the emotion into Soulful Choice. Your True Self loves Creativity, for it is how Soul is expressed. When you create, be aware of how you feel, for it is through feeling in which you create anew.

By Being, you are more apt to be in touch with your Intuitive Guidance. It is always there within you. Meditation helps strengthen it and then living your meditation by being aware in every moment as to what is important to attend to is the point of living in the New. Being distracted by mundane lists of things to do or by a myriad of activity, you may not be so in touch with your Intuitive Guidance. But rather, you allow life to happen to you as if you have no Power or choice. And certainly this is not true. What are your top priorities? Do you allow activities or others pull you away from them? When you honor yourself by making you the number 1 priority, life shifts all in your favor.

For many of us, we have gotten used to the constant energy flow and have ceased to wonder what the heck is going on and have moved into Acceptance. For those of you who just stepped onto your Ascension Path, please be assured that all is in Divine Order and you are guided in Love. We continue to receive Light frequencies, which empowers our inner Awareness more and we continue to balance New life with old life. We may feel sad about so much loss and at the same time be at Peace with everything in our lives. We continue to live by example even as we straddle both worlds at the same time. Yet, do trust that the New World is becoming stronger as we become stronger. And remember that you are home. Earth is our home for now. We are the Wayshowers. we are the ones who have chosen to bring Earth and all her life to a new way of Being. Celebrate you. honor you. for you are magnificent!

Keep walking your talk and being the Lighthouse you are. This is a phenomenal time to be alive!


ShelleyT 10th June 2015 11:42 am

Oh the energy & intensity .... Looking for cover...

debs go lightly 10th June 2015 2:37 pm

Thank you Kara, this is so beautifully inspiring and energising!

Much love to you, Debs.

Deeni 10th June 2015 3:23 pm

Thank You, Kara.


Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Nitebloom 11th June 2015 7:51 am

So beautifully written...really resonates.......well i use to be a starseed....and other things........but those labels were shed a long time ago.......lots of deep wisdom in your writing...written in an approachable way...


GAF 11th June 2015 8:41 pm

Kara, you've said some wise things here and some not so wise things.

Some of it is wise at a certain level and I can tell by what you say that you understand that part. So - crawl before you walk, walk before you run. One part of the process ends up being a stepping stone to the next part of the process. What worked in kindergarten no longer applies to masters level college courses, but it's just exactly what you needed at kindergarten level. You embrace each stepping stone, then release each to move on to the next. Fine and well.

But, the subtle is VERY significant. The devil's in the details as the old line goes. I could go over subtleties of your overall message but I'll speak to what you said about emotions. You said some wise things, but you started this off by saying "Emotions are stuck energy."


It's like you wiped out all the wise things you were about to say just before you said them. You already set up an unhealthy prejudice about emotions.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:42 pm

No, emotions are not STUCK energy, they are ENERGY. It's up to you whether they are stuck or not. If you stuff, deny, judge, or delay emotions then THAT becomes stuck energy. Fear is the only thing to watch out for and it can manifest in a myriad of ways, but through your healing you'll release those fears. But past that, enough with prejudging emotions.

Emotions are energy. Energy is meant to flow.

Emotions have something to communicate to you.

You have also spoken of be-ing. Feeling and expressing each and every emotion without judgment, in the moment, right along with the event that it belongs to IS be-ing.

You also speak of how be-ing helps you be intuitive. Indeed. Emotions and spirit have a close connection - we communicate, in both directions, with the Divine through our emotions. So, denying or judging emotions is keeping you from be-ing and also from Divine connection.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:43 pm

I have done an awful lot of transmutation work for this planetary ascension effort and there is no way I could have done it if I still had stale, old, stagnant personal emotions hanging around from events long ago. I would not have been a clear channel of energies, both in and out of this planet if I still had old personal blockages from past emotions. I had to get current / up-to-date by allowing all those emotions to finally surface and release during my own personal healing and ascension process.

I also could not have done what I have for the planet if I then (although "caught up" on old emotions) turned around and denied or judged or postponed my current emotions.

Folks like myself kept physical level destructive forces from happening by transmuting that energy through our personal emotional energy field. I've felt rage, hatred, anger, you name it. We didn't change the emotion into some "higher" emotion, we felt it, we expressed it, we released it, just like we would on a personal level with our own emotions.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:44 pm

As a specific example, over two years ago, we transmuted destructive forces. How it felt for me personally was like rage and anger and it was directed at Gaia. It was kinda strange to feel ticked at Gaia. I've had choice words for God, my HS, ETs, etc., but Gaia? She IS my soul purpose, my soul assignment, my whole reason to be here, to help her, so yes, weird to be ticked at her. But I've been around the block a few times and I knew better than to deny how I felt and I knew those feelings were there for a reason. I went with it. I got ticked royally at Gaia... for days. Chewed her a new one.

So how that helped Gaia was like - instead of Gaia getting punched in the nose (the physical level destructive forces we were fending off) we instead threw harsh language at her and bothered to really FEEL that energy, which wasn't just gonna evaporate, it had to be transmuted so it was transmuted from physical harm to emotional expression through us.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:47 pm

Much better and yet it was dealt with and not simply ignored and allowed to manifest outwardly / physically as planetary destruction in some way.

The same can be related to human bodies as well as Gaia's physical body. We can either feel and express our emotions or we can stuff 'em and that will eventually cause physical level health problems / dis-ease. Our physical body is an outward expression / manifestation of our energy. Block up the energy, block up the physical body.

But to say that some or all emotions are automatically "bad" or "lower" or automatically stuck, like emotions = stuck. Nope. I call b.s. :)

GAF 11th June 2015 8:48 pm

And, just to share something, so people can start to know these things... Planetary ascension WAS the goal here. Yes, I meant to use past tense. It's a runaway train now, it can't be stopped, not finished and yet basically a "done deal".

Planetary ascension is what we came for. Preparing oneself personally for ascension was meant to be a stepping stone to assisting Gaia.

Unfortunately, many people, who were actually on path (and had / have been for years or even decades in some cases), made it all about them (not in a particularly wonderful way) and seemingly wanted to savor every last little wrung-out drop of the old and kept / keep clinging to it and kinda forgot that this was ultimately about Gaia's ascension, not merely their own (which was just a step towards and an eventual tool to help Gaia). I'm not speaking about everyone who is currently on path / in process because some have semi-recently awakened to all of this. They're fine, they just need to stick with it... for their own sake, to serve their own soul, which is absolutely appropriate.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:52 pm

Some have awakened in recent years and have flown right on by many who had years of a head start.

But, I'm here to bring the good news that while there were many still in resistance mode (even though perhaps already having "committed" to their completion) Gaia was getting her assistance from the forerunners. She's set. The forerunners weren't just "first". Forerunners were allowed to move forward in about 2009 with personal ascension work (although some were ready years before) because we were running out of time and had to get Gaia taken care of. Sure would have been nice to have WAY more people sharing in that heavy load of healing / transmutation / anchoring of higher light, but it's all good, it's all God and even with very small numbers, it got handled.

I bother to talk about this because many who are still in process just see forerunners as being "first." It's not a race. You are not pitted against the next person to see who can get there the fastest. It's about the COMPLETION of your inner work.


GAF 11th June 2015 8:53 pm

It's doesn't matter how many people you are ahead of and how far, if you don't COMPLETE, you don't ascend. Period. The goal is completion, not about "Oh, well, I'm so much better off than others or how I used to be". COMPLETION! Finish what you've started.

Anyone still working on their own personal stuff right now (feeling the hammer of energies since last fall, joining the choir of "I thought I'd already knocked this out and yet here it is again") missed the opportunity to actually assist Gaia. They most certainly can later help 3D Earth and Earthlings continue to raise their frequency - after they heal themselves, the FIRST PRIORITY!!! It can and does work in parallel / tandem but don't ever forget to keep the main thing the main thing - your own healing is your top priority, but Gaia herself has already been taken care of.

And no one has to take my word for that, just ask. Ask God, ask Gaia. You have to want to know the truth about something (if you really want the truth you'd best be receptive to it when it knocks on your door).


GAF 11th June 2015 8:55 pm

You then have to gain some awareness of it (which you do now have some awareness about Gaia being set because I just brought this to your conscious awareness) and ask, ask, ask and you can know these things too (and much more), even though you may not have been involved with it yourself.

Sit in that now.

Gaia's ascension is as good as done.

Doesn't that feel good to know?!

Now you can continue with your personal work, content in knowing Gaia is fine.

I could say you just have yourself to be concerned with, but that's always been the case - UNTIL you COMPLETE your personal healing and ascension work, it's still all about you. Make it "all about you" in a good way, be self-centered, as in "centered on self" and do your inner work, which is yours and yours alone to do - flow with it, the up and down / masculine and feminine cyclic components of the process by pushing when it's time to push and resting when it's time to rest. Learn to know the difference and quit trying to control the process that you committed to. Flow with it.

blissbunny 12th June 2015 7:17 am

Thank you Kara this sings to me. <3 I needed to read this today. I can feel the Peace, truth and wisdom in your words @-}--


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