Flying More into the New

As I was standing outside I was watching some fledgling birds furiously flapping their wings in preparation for flight. This is how many are experiencing the New. Yes, the New is here and yet we must know and feel it to be a part of it. We have received many downloads of Love/Light and unless we use this Light to take flight, it remains dormant within us until we are ready to truly fly. What is it that holds us back? Mostly it is our attachment to old life, so we continue to act as if the New really isn’t here. I am here to tell you that it is time to take flight.

Our cells have transmuted to higher states of being, our 12-strand DNA is activated, we have let go of much density and yet many hesitate; not quite believing that the New is here supporting us to fly untethered beyond the constrictions of the 3D paradigm. We are ready! What it takes is to know it within; not just believe it, for knowing is of the Heart and believing is of the limited mind. It takes each one of us to expand beyond our histories and expand into the Light that we now are. Many still cling to the old and familiar, afraid to leave unfulfilling jobs or relationships…afraid that the New isn’t really here or isn’t real. When you know and when you trust, let go of clinging to your branch, flapping your wings as you cling, and fly, freeing yourself to be more. In the New, you do not need proof, for all is based on Trust. So let go of what the old tells you about your limitations, let go of your attachment to the outer world illusion, let go of what holds you back and set yourself free.

All of us have experienced what is called “ascension symptoms,” and many attach themselves to these symptoms, paying no attention to what created them in the first place. It is the same with attaching to the surface of any situation and then choosing to blame others, circumstance, the economy, politicians, childhood and what have you in order to stay right where they are. All that is required is to take just one small step in the direction that your Heart is gently telling you to go. Don’t ignore that voice; it is of your Soul.

At the same time, however, we are moving along. None of us are the same persons we were even a month ago. It is like we are living in the New and the old all at once. Some things are easy to let go of; others not so easy. Be patient as you move with intention forward into the New. Choose to be in the New. Choose to let go of the old. Take full Responsibility for all in your life, for it is truly a choice as no-one is a victim (unless you choose to view life as a victim…that life happens to you and not created  by you). Truly know that you have enough Light now to fly and be supported by the Grace Wind beneath your wings. We have been honored by the high dimensional frequencies that have flowed into our bodies…truly a gift that we have asked for (consciously or unconsciously). And yes, we certainly have felt this as we have experienced our bodies shifting, adjusting and changing. This Light is Who we are; so be that which you are.

We have not had many breaks from the downloads of Light that we have willingly and purposefully received; and we’re in another period of receiving more. What especially is amplified is the Heart of Humanity. As we receive upgrades to our own Hearts, because we are connected to all, the Heart of Humanity is also amplified and upgraded. It is why there appears to be much upheaval throughout the world. As Gaia’s Heart is expanded, the old must leave; as it has with us individually. The real difference is that we are aware of what is occurring, while many in the world are not and so fervently create much resistance to change and thus more pain for themselves. We are receiving wave after wave of Light…much like a tsunami. You can use these waves to dissolve anything that stands in your way of leaving your branch. Like a fledgling, you may circle your old life, touching in from time to and as you become stronger, you will leave the old altogether, creating your own New Life.

Something that is occurring now with the Heart expansion is that the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra are being upgraded and merging into the High Heart. If this is happening with you, you may have some Solar Plexus discomfort along with some Heart activity (perhaps in the form of palpitations or short-lived pains). What this does is transform your ego-emotions into Heart-feelings and expands your perception of love to Agape Love/Unconditional Love/Compassion as your High Heart becomes stronger. You can facilitate this by placing your hand on your High Heart (between your Heart and Throat Chakras) and breathe into your High Heart. This makes a beautiful connection between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This month brings more expansion into the New. It brings a strengthening of your New foundation, from which all is built upon. The foundation is made of those essences you choose to experience; especially essences of Joy, Freedom and Passion. Of course, you know all essences emanate from Source; Mother Love. When you bring forth whatever essence you choose to experience, much happens. Your perceptions shift, you see the world through the eyes of Love; much as Source sees all; with no judgment of what is good or what is bad, but from the higher perspective of Divine Order. You more easily see the perfection of everyone’s chosen path, albeit different from your own. You cease to lump everything into a category and instead view everything and everyone without separation. Instead of competition, there is cooperation. Instead of different countries and cultures, there is One Earth and One People. Of course, this takes staying awake and monitoring your own and others’ thoughts and words. From this Awareness, you choose to empower the New or empower the old.

Being Compassion is to see everyone’s point of view and accepting it (even if yours is different). And this helps you be clear about what you choose for yourself. You no longer see what benefits only you, but what benefits the Whole. As you take into consideration the Whole, you make choices based on a higher perspective. You let go of your attachment to how others will react or respond and simply follow your own Guidance based on feeling and essence. How do you want to feel? Be that. Do know that attachment to anything is a great gift, for it will show you where you hold yourself back. This attachment energy shows up in areas in which you don’t want to see change. You might see it if you begin a sentence with “I wish that…” Instead, accept what is in the here and now and know that no matter how things appear, all is in Divine Order.

The main purpose of Ascension is to express the Divine in all you do…every thought, feeling and action. Each person is somewhere on this continuum between ego and Soul. Now, you will see even more clearly where you need to expand and where you need to let go. Remember that the Divine is not attached to a certain outcome or wishes things were different or a particular way. The Divine knows that all is not as it appears and that things continue to shift. “As Above, So Below.” The more you come from this heightened state of being, the more you bring the New not only into your own life, but with all of humanity and Gaia.

Know that the concept of “timeline” is limited and so you can let that go (if it resonates), for we are not stuck in any timeline; we can go as fast as we choose or as slow. As a part of this dissolution, ancestral karma is dissolved as are contracts and old beliefs. We truly are free to choose our experience; not in form, but in essence and feeling. We can see a situation in judgment and separation or see the bigger picture and the gift of expansion below the surface. Do you see the higher purpose of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras being merged and upgraded to the High Heart?

There are some glimpses of the New. And in fact, as you observe the antics of the old world, you can clearly see behind the scenes and into the New. For instance, relationships. Many have become so attached to the term Twin Flame and are quite confused and question the validity of Twins if it doesn’t live up to one’s expectations. First, Twin Flames begin in one’s own Heart; it is not something or someone “out there” that will rescue or lead you. Remember also that whenever you coin a term, you put the energy in a box, so that it cannot be fully expressed. So when a person “finds” their Twin they place the entire relationship in the box called “Twin Flame” and have certain expectations like “happy ever after, etc.” Many Twins come together briefly, for it may not be in each person’s highest unfolding to be “happy ever after.” Many Twins are not in the physical, and some Twins do come together for a higher synchronistic purpose. However long a partnership lasts, True Love is infinite and continues on while the form may change. Whether a relationship is a Twin Flame relationship or not is not the issue; what is important is to know that relationships are quite different in the New. They are based on Freedom and Support, rather than on any rules old society may dictate. If it is for each person’s highest evolution to be in relationship, whether for a minute or a lifetime, all is in Divine Order. Each relationship in the New is based on the inner Wholeness of each person. There is no need, no rescuing, no demands, no rules…for the New is lived moment to moment in Joy, Passion and Freedom.

There is much more that we are seeing as we step more firmly into the New. The most important thing is to honor yourself, be yourself and keep your vibration high. Take care of you by following your body’s guidance and know that all is in Divine Order.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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