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We all are on our own Ascension Path uniquely created for and by us, based on where we are consciousness-wise. This reminds me of a Facebook post I saw where someone claimed that there were so many realities on Facebook that it confused her. I realized that this person was not checking into her own guidance, but rather seeking information from outside sources. Actually she is right in seeing so many different realities, because we truly are operating from our own consciousness. It reminded me that we are all in whatever phase we are in to evolve.  While some are experiencing a whole new life, others are still releasing, while others are still choosing. Ascension is always chosen by Soul first and depending on whether a person is Soul-guided or ego-driven will indicate where they are. For sure, many do not want to see their comfy lives change. even if “comfy” also includes pain and drama. What I share today is a generalized view of where we are potentially. It is your choice to see if this fits for you, if this is a gentle push or if it just doesn’t resonate at all.

Freedom…we have reached another new level of this Soul Essence. Freedom means different things to different folks. It can mean Freedom from or Freedom to. I choose the Freedom to be more. This brings with it Freedom of Expression, a freer way of being, a freer Abundance and lots more. Mostly it means the Freedom to be who we came to be as guided and chosen by Soul. Certainly Freedom also brings Awareness of when separate ego reminds us that it is still here. Well yes! Without ego, we are not in the physical. The enlightened ego is the Soul’s expression in the physical, through our minds and through our Hearts. Fear is not a stopping place when we are truly free. it is a resting place to review what created it and then Freedom offers an opportunity to be more…to walk through the fear to the other side in Grace. Do know that fear is something created by old beliefs to hold us back in the old and small.

The Solstice and all the solar flare activity and the Full and New Moons have propelled us into this new phase of Freedom. This new and expanded Freedom represents a powerful life change into Authenticity. When I speak of Authenticity, I speak to being Soul-merged. Being Soul-merged means that we are being authentically us without the push-pull of ego vs Soul and head vs Heart. When folks say, “I do what my gut says,” remember that this speaks to the Solar Plexus, which is the intellect. Therefore, the gut guidance is nothing more than following the old beliefs of the intellect, since the intellect only knows the past. To be truly free is to make any changes that aren’t in alignment with our Authentic Selves.

Part of Freedom is to be free of attachments. Attachments are really addictions based on need, which is an old belief that we need something “out there” to be whole. An attachment is to anything or anyone to which or whom we think we cannot live without. Of course, this includes compulsive, unaware choices that include those things we usually see as addictions like food, sex, love, shopping, T.V. etc. We can also be attached to how we think things should look or be. There are other things too that can be attachments, like taking ongoing selfies, posting all the negatives in the world, and there is a big attachment to duality in which a person obsesses about “this is good. this is bad.” Attachments can be subtle or glaring. Some you know about and others you may not be aware of. One way to tell is to stay conscious in the Moment, because when you go into ignorance, you become unconscious and do things without any Awareness. So stay awake, folks. it is the only path to being truly free.

When you are fully awake you have the opportunity to change anything that is not congruent with Soul. We can instantaneously change any thought or behavior in the Moment. This takes staying awake and aware and being in charge of what choices either raise your vibration or lower it. Since we have become absolutely sovereign, it is not enough to just go with anything that presents itself, as if you have no choice. We are responsible for all that we allow in our lives and it is completely up to us to choose the path we want to be on without going with something just because it’s there. Some will, of course, continue to choose paths that don’t do anything to evolve them and they will be presented over and over again with similar choices until they “get it.” Some will even choose what they know isn’t “good” for them, because they don’t believe they are powerful enough to choose something different. I see this a lot in relationships. One chooses to be in relationship and then at some point complains about the other person. Remember, it is never about the other one, except for them to hold up a mirror to what you aren’t seeing in yourself. At the point of recognition, there is a huge “Aha!” and that person makes a giant leap forward. As well as attachment, there is an old energy of neediness, whether a person claims it for themselves or not. Remember that you need no-one to fill an empty space within. Once you realize you are sovereign and fully whole within will you attract another vibrating at the same degree, and then there is great Love and Expansion for the two of you. You attract what you are and you have the choice whether to surrender to that choice and learn from it or choose not to engage.

We are poised to be absolute creators of our lives. This is what it means to be free and completely awake. There is no more of life happening to you, for this is victim energy. there is only creating life based on your consciousness and conscious choices. As you upgrade your consciousness (the degree to which you know you are Divine) within, you are then aware of your choices and you will know what to do based on your Heart-feelings (not gut reactions). We are now in a place where we are much bigger in our Authentic Selves than we have ever been before. Right now we are integrating the Truth of us and so it is most important to stay present and cognizant of our Divinity. This means to not only know this Truth, but to Be this Truth. It takes being in the Moment and having all your choices aligned with your Higher Knowing. It takes asking the question, “Does this help me evolve or keep the old in place?” each and every time you are given an opportunity to choose. Do not respond automatically, but take your time to choose what you want. This is Manifestation in its highest from. It may feel a little uncomfortable not to just react in the same way instantaneously, because this is all new. Feeling uncomfortable when doing something new is natural. In time, it will be very natural once the New is fully integrated. Truly know there is a new way of choosing what you’re willing to accept and what you are not. there is a new way of Being, rather than automatically doing what you’ve always done.

Yes, we’re in a new place of integrating our I AM Presence. that of being newly born as Soul. As part of this integration, it is vital that you slow down and take care of yourself. Let go of pushing or seeking or intellectualizing. Instead, focus within, place your hand on your Heart and breathe in the Beauty all around you. Take time out to just Be. Follow your own energy and you will find that all is accomplished. You will find that you automatically find yourself doing certain things in Ease and in Joy. You won’t think about it or plan it. you will simply find yourself doing a certain thing. This is because your Soul is you and all is truly effortless without thinking about it. In this space of Being, you can look at everything objectively, including your past. You will receive reminders of who you were and then you rejoice in who you are now. The relationships and events of the past no longer have a hold on you. They are a memory and in fact, you can change your perspective of how you see them. Look at each one and discover the gift that each presented.

If you choose to follow the energy, it will be clear as to what is easy and what is more difficult. Ease opens you in Grace and Flow. Difficulty. or the perception of difficulty. immediately puts you in a space of hardship and resistance, which then creates a difficult life for you. Pay attention to your inner knowing. your Intuition. and to the feeling around your Heart and you will know which way to go. At any time you can change your mind and change your perceptions, as well as your choices. Do you want struggle or ease? This is Manifestation. As you choose everything with Awareness, you see that you are manifesting what it is you want, for wherever and whatever you focus on, you manifest in a myriad of forms and experiences. It is all so simple when you follow the energy.

As we let go of our reaction to the external, we empower our inner consciousness. We choose based on our inner knowing. What you focus on becomes your reality and continues to be created and manifest based on that focus. When you choose to focus on something else other than where your focus has been. for instance on Love or Joy or Peace. you then create your new reality based on that.

Isn’t this so amazing? By shifting our focus, we create a whole new experience. See how powerful we are now? Once you let go of the old way of being controlled and manipulated by outer circumstance, you truly are free to be much more than you ever thought possible. Focusing is not just wishing. It is aligning with the New mentally, emotionally and physically. It is taking action on your choices. We are writing a whole new story. a story that continues to grow and expand as we do.

Do you find yourself excited about life? Are you seeing much more of Nature’s gifts, as if seeing them for the first time as a young child does? Are you marveling at the Simplicity and Beauty that is present all around you? Do you have any doubt that it is because you have wiped your eyes clear of the dust of old life and are seeing clearly what life is offering you? Every time you marvel at something, you are making a choice for Love, because this is a focus that creates and manifests in your life. Life truly seems miraculous and magical when you look at it that way. with no expectations or attachments. just the Freedom to see and Be Love.


Ladybugs_leaf 10th July 2015 9:50 am

I am so grateful for this article today. I truly needed to read these words, so thank you!
And to answer all of the questions at the end -- yes, yes, yes and yes! :)

Kara Demonet 10th July 2015 3:19 pm

Thank you, Ladybugs!
I so appreciate your comments and so very glad this Note has helped you.
Love, Kara

keryndawer 11th July 2015 3:35 am

This is so BEYOND fabulous in every way Kara! I've read it several times as it is overflowing with profound wisdom, life-altering Truths, and revealing insights. I very much see it/feel it all happening in my own life in miraculous ways, unfolding just as you describe. I am much more aware of it all though when I read your words. Thank you for continuing to keep my eyes, heart and mind all open to the myriad changes happening so fast now. Your words lift me , lighten me and illuminate me.

Blessings and Love,

Gary B 11th July 2015 5:46 am

In 2012 I was going through some crazy experiences. As it continued into 2013, I turned into a detective just like Richard Dreyfus in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I had to know what the heck was going on with me. In June of 2013, I found an ascension note you wrote on the 6th of that month. It was "Being Ascended." It changed my life and answered so many questions. You amazed me then and continue to still amaze me now with your insight.

Even with all of that, I sometimes still move (choose?) into being unaware (asleep) and become that victim you mention as of late........... and many times feel you are writing about events in my life.

Thank you for the wonderful reminders and all you do.


Kara Demonet 11th July 2015 9:30 am

Thank you, Keryn! So blessed that you are evolving in perfect ways. I so appreciate you and your sharing! :smitten:

Kara Demonet 11th July 2015 9:34 am

Gary, thank you! It certainly takes staying awake and aware without slipping back to sleep, where there isn't much of worth in all that duality.
Much Love to you.


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