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It is always such a delight to be surprised by things, rather than have an expectation about something. For me, the Moon phases surprise me, as I don't follow Astrology, Moon phases, the calendar, etc; so when I happen to see the Moon, the stars and other beautiful things in the Universe, I am delighted, blessed and my Heart swells with Joy. Isn't this the way everything is in the New? We are surprised and delighted by even the tiniest miracles. This is seeing through new eyes; as when old patterns, attachments, expectations, beliefs and other old ways still linger within, it is not possible to see with new eyes. We then move into expecting things to be as they always have been. It is so much fun to not have predictability in our life, perhaps having no expectations is not such a fun thing for some. Do you like predictability or do you enjoy being surprised? This will tell you a lot about yourself.

We are in an energetic phase where we can view our deep core beliefs, as well as transform through anything limiting. It is up to us to discern what serves us and what doesn't. When we let go of predictability, we open to new ways of seeing things and we learn new things; things we didn't know before. So much is being revealed now, if we choose to see with new eyes and be open to the New. For those who are ready, there is a merging of chakras. They are not separate from each other. For me, I was told that my Solar Plexus (Will and Power), Heart (Love and Compassion) and High Heart (Joy) are merging as one chakra. What a beautiful blending of Power, Love and Joy...being Love and Joy in all I choose to do, think and be. Ah, this explains the Solar Plexus and Heart pain and the itching over my High Heart I have been experiencing! When we experience changes and upgrades, they are specifically designed for us by our Souls and cannot be lumped generally, so it may be what you experience or not; no-one else experiences exactly the same. It is best to not seek out generalized “symptoms,” but to be in Acceptance of What Is.

Many believe our Ascension is coming to completion; at least the sometimes difficult passage into Ascension. However, while we have an Opportunity to complete much, there is no beginning or ending of Ascension. It is infinite, as we are; as all the universes are. There is no time, for in Truth, all “time” is Now. Humans have made up time and this includes the past and future. Is this another illusion when we know that only the present moment is real? All truly is based on personal choice, so powerful are we. If you believe things are completing, perhaps they are for you. If you trust that we continue to evolve, then you will. We are all products of our belief systems. If this is true, then how is it that universal energies affect us? Or do they? For me, they do; I feel it when I download. The universal high dimensional energies are available for us to integrate them for whatever purpose we choose. Many pay no attention, so the energies remain dormant in them. The higher energies are neutral. They may be used to enhance and help us or not; it is up to us.

Some of us did not have nurturing adults in our childhood. I speak specifically of mothers, since mothers have a very powerful role in our lives. If this is the case for you, it's important to  mother yourself. What kind of mother are you to you? Are you a nurturing mom or a critical and cold mom? Go within and ask your Inner Child to come to you. Ask him/her what he/she needs. What nurturing does he/she want to receive? Hold him/her in your arms, rock him/her and tell him/her how much she/he is loved. Do this often.

The purpose of merging with your Soul/Higher Self is so that every thought, feeling and action is of the highest vibration, thus helping you to thrive; not merely survive. Becoming One with your Highest Self, you act from a higher perspective. The Soul needs no healing, yet the separate self does. This includes your subconscious; all you've experienced; all your limiting patterns and beliefs. The purpose of the separate ego is to become the ascending ego...the expressor of Soul mentally, emotionally and physically. You know when you have integrated Soul by how you feel. You feel loving and expansive. When thoughts originate from separate ego, it feels constricted, old and not loving. When integrated, your guidance comes from your Soul/you. Guides are helpers and cheerleaders. Those of the higher dimensions do not interfere with your Free Will and will wait to be invited. This includes your Soul. Guides you invite must match your consciousness. You may say, once you invite your guides, “Only those of the highest Love and Light be present now.” Merging with Soul, you also merge with Source, and you greatly evolve to be more than you ever thought possible. Becoming One with Soul takes practice. Usually it does not take just one meditation. Do honor your separate ego. Treat it like a toddler; otherwise it feels rejected and will try to interfere with your merging. Like you do with your Inner Child, love it and invite it along to be a part of your journey. It wants Love; not rejection or punishment. Merging with Soul enhances life; it does not take away your experience as an incarnate Soul.

Being spiritual is not simply in one's intellect or a belief; it is being Love in all you think, say and do. A spiritual being would not think of harming any aspect of life, including the tiniest insects to that smallest pebble. This is being Love. If you see with a higher perspective, you see that all is in Divine Order. Duality is transcended and you truly understand that there is no right or wrong, good or evil, love or hate; for you understand that all is in perfect Divine Order. As you see through New Eyes, your Awareness is heightened and therefore, your perceptions and consciousness are elevated. You then attract what you are. At first, it is a practice and in time it becomes automatic; this is when you are integrated. Remember that there is a higher purpose to everything, even while separate ego may distract you into the duality of right/wrong, this or that, us and them, etc. Be patient and ask often where your thoughts and feelings are. Adjust when necessary.

Realize you are not alone. Your Soul guides you through your Heart-feelings and the ongoing high dimensional energies continue to infuse you. Through guidance and energies, there are many changes occurring within you and all around you. What you have assumed as true may reveal themselves as illusions. What you have been programmed with may not be true at all. You are asked to see clearly through everything without relying on past information. See with new eyes and with Innocence. Everything is shifting. If you have a need to be in control, you cannot be, for you cannot control anything or anyone. See from a higher perspective; see with new eyes. Stay grounded and centered in love as the world transforms. Do this without judgment. As you accept things as they are, you surrender to Divine Order. When in Acceptance, you help move the Transformation forward. When you judge, you bring forth resistance to Transformation.

Know within your Heart and trust that you are always guided. You are guided to people, events, books, movies, articles, etc. Be aware of what each is helping you see. Everything you are guided to has a message and everything that you are unconsciously guided to has a message for you; there are no mistakes. When you experience physical manifestations, trust that it is for your your highest integration. Everything you are is shifting higher...your mind, your Heart, your body, your chakras and your life. Be in Acceptance as you take just one step at a time. Do not be in a rush; honor each moment as you honor yourself and your process. 


Holly 7th November 2016 2:30 pm

Thank you so much Kara. As I read your words the energy carried me to a lovely space. I had been in a space of wondering why I'm in heaven yet experiencing such pain, then as I read your words I was carried to the expanded awareness that changed pain to gratitude. Thank you so much Kara. Just beautiful, you're beautiful!

Kara Demonet 7th November 2016 3:39 pm

Dearest Holly,
Your comments fill my Heart! And you felt the Love energy beneath the words. So happy you transcended pain to Gratitude.

Much Love, Kara


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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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