Lion's Gate 2014

We have been preparing for another Lion’s Gate. Energies have been pretty wild, tossing us to and fro. We have had to be grounded and centered like a tree with roots going deep into the Earth, while our branches sway fluidly in the wind. This Gateway will begin August 8 and culminate August 25. What will accentuate the Power of this is the super Moon of August 10. So what is this Gateway about? It is Alcyone, Source Mother, pouring Her Love through the cosmos to enter us and Gaia. The energies may feel rather intense so if there are deep hidden old energies still within you, they will be revealed. Many may feel tossed about, so be the mighty Oak.

This is another step in our Purification, allowing our crystalline (clear) Truth to emerge more strongly. After the Lion’s Gate, we will continue to evolve and shift, yet the Gateway is most intense between August 8 and 25. Remember that you already have within you what needs to be empowered and lived. This energy is about bringing your grandness out of the closet…to live your life as an ascended master. It takes knowing Who you are and being Who you are step by step. Go slow and if an old inadequate tape comes up, release it and take a step forward in your Power. This is the next phase (of many) where we each move more securely into being ascended masters on Earth.

This is a great moment of transformation in which we have been working. So there, more than likely, will be many more changes and whatever is occurring in your life, be it welcomed or rejected, will manifest for your highest evolution. Many will make a change in their missions and if you are one who is or will experience something that you do not like, don’t resist it and take a step out of the drama. Always look below the surface and ask to see the pattern, old energy or belief that wants to be freed. If it is that you feel victimized in that you perceive something is done to you, release any and all victim energy. For victim energy tells you that you are powerless and that life happens to you without your consent.

Because we are all One, whatever you think and feel touches and affects all others. So this grand Purification will put you on notice to keep your vibration high by keeping your thoughts and feelings high. If by chance you experience negativity, move quickly through it. It helps to be the Compassionate Observer so that you can observe without emotion what is going on. Any time you react to something, you create resistance and continue to manifest things that you do not want. If you are fearful, you will create more situations to be fearful of. If you are angry, you will create more situations to be angry about…until you release the energy of the emotion.

Remember, you are a sovereign spiritual being. This means you are responsible for all in your life (for your highest growth and evolution…not for blame or guilt) and you can choose how you want to live…once you free yourself of being a victim. You can regulate your life by choosing how fast or slow you want to go. You can choose how you want to perceive life events and how you feel. This is quite different from the past, is it not, when we were subjected to the world “out there” telling us how to be and what to do? And this Lion’s Gate helps you choose.

You can flow or you can struggle. It is up to you. I can tell you though that it is so much easier to flow. Flowing is being in the Moment, in Acceptance of what is and you notice then that releasing becomes effortless, for you let go of the stranglehold you have on life. You let go of control; you allow. And all the while, you choose. That may sound contradictory. It isn’t and is how the New is. You create by letting go and surrendering, ever watchful of what needs to be let go of and what direction to go in based on feeling. No need to figure anything out or make something happen, for that is ego-control. Be led by your Soul. You already are being carried by Grace. Keep it simple and loving.

As you allow yourself to be moved forward (think of floating on a river), you relax and thus can see more clearly what change must be made. Once in a while you might run into an eddy or a branch. That’s O.K. Just remove it and continue your forward momentum. “Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.”

You might see the destruction, be it a personal loss or global event, yet know it is transformation nevertheless. All is merely a perception. And your perceptions can help you see what you still hold within that wants to be transformed to Love and Divine Order. So each time you have a judgment, know it is a perception that leads you to an old or New truth. Take a look at what you judge. Is it the government, the homeless, a culture, a person, an action?...all perceptions. The New pushes up and out the old. Then you have a choice, based on how you want to feel, to make about whatever is occurring. How do you feel when you are in judgment? How do you feel when you are in Acceptance of what is? How do you want to feel? And remember that how you feel radiates out to all others. What are you creating? If you find yourself feeling something you’d rather not, transform it using the Sacred Rose or Violet Flame. And remember that things happen in layers. So while you thought you had released something only to find it again later, this is why. It is the same with becoming crystalline and New. It happens step by step, layer by layer. Think of a Rose. The inner core (Coeur=heart) pushes a petal open one by one. And as you purify your life, you help purify others’ lives as well…with no expectation of how it looks or the outcome, for all have a choice.

The Light that flows in on undulating wave after wave will affect everyone and everything. Not only will it shake up and out remnants of what hasn’t been released and what isn’t Love; it will expand you in a huge way. Your energy field will become electric, your physical body will go through more changes and of course, your life will reflect these changes. As you receive the light, release it into the Earth. Use Earthing so that you do not feel as though you will explode because you’re holding so much Light. You might also feel very amped up and receive/give small electric shocks. Know that your electric system is being recharged and upgraded. Let the Light flow through you. Being in Nature helps, as does doing something creative. In fact, that is what the energy is for…to create.

One of the main energies with the Lion’s Gate is Freedom and with Freedom comes magical solutions and guidance. The way to truly access this is by being open and positive to receive and absolutely knowing that you are ready and truly are Divine. If, however, you aren’t ready and don’t believe that anything is possible, this could be a challenging time. And through any challenge there is an opportunity to see and know who you truly are. Be aware that if you focus on challenge, there will be much duality that surfaces for the sole purpose of releasing and aligning yourself with Love and with Soul, or rather, as Love and as Soul. If you find you are in an ego-battle, bring your ego close to you and hug him/her and assure ego that this is all wonderful and that there is nothing to fear; just as you would comfort a small child.

So, on August 8 hold the desire and intention to receive this blessing. Open up and receive with no hesitation and with Expectancy of receiving a huge download of Divine Love. Stay out of any negativity and be all that you truly are. (Be aware too that you may do this each day between the 8th and the 25th.)



Kara Demonet 9th August 2014 10:49 am

Thank you, Nikos!

mary3311 9th August 2014 8:50 pm

I have been reading / listening to so many messages all with this theme. I used to start to doubt whether I was one who had more to clear, but not process is in high gear. My key self message is ALLOW. My birthday is smack in the middle of the Lion's Gate energies... Aug 15...should be a dandy! :smitten: In the Catholic liturgy Aug. 15 celebrates the Ascension of Mary body/soul. My name is Mary Rose :angel:

Kara Demonet 9th August 2014 9:38 pm

Mary Rose; wow, what a most beautiful and loving name! I am well aware that August 15 is Archangel Amabael's (Mother Mary) date of Her ascension; I'm very connected with Her. And your birthday definitely will be a powerful one. I hadn't even thought of that (Mary's Assumption) while writing about the Lion's Gate. So with your birthday and Mary's ascension, it is a powerful time. The Super Full Moon of tomorrow empowers everything. So yes, all you have to do is to allow.

Love, kara :angel:

Yolanda 10th August 2014 4:16 am

Dear Kara, thanks so much for what sharing with us. It is very meaningful to me and really helps me in facing what arrives to me.

ShelleyT 10th August 2014 10:55 am

The heart/rose/violet flame.... Middle would seem to me to reflect....All the Mary's ...
Thank you Kara
Thank you Spirit Library for the week's recap...good idea..

queens4freedom 10th August 2014 11:07 am

Thank You for the heads up & confirmation, NAMASTE!!!

mary3311 10th August 2014 11:52 am

Thank you Kara for your acknowledgement... my birthday also fell smack in the middle of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. My hubby and I watched the dawn break in a designated park... my, that seems so long ago! It still astounds me how much astrology/numerology we are aligned with...the spiritual deck has certainly been stacked for us to awaken. I truly loved you message. Mary Rose :smitten:

Kara Demonet 10th August 2014 2:38 pm

I also celebrated the Harmonic Convergence; it's when things got very serious. 2 months later my husband and I moved to Maine (from Idaho) and gave everything away and I became pregnant with a very wise Indigo. Thank you for sharing. And now all is bearing fruit.

Kara Demonet 10th August 2014 2:39 pm

Namaste, Queens4freedom!

MareGrane 11th August 2014 11:13 am

This is a great affirmation. I began feeling this yesterday. Thank you.


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