Love and the Equinox

As I write this, tomorrow is the New Moon/Equinox. Certainly much is occurring within us and within Gaia. With all that is happening, I refer to it as the Grand Awakening. This Grand Awakening will shake folks (literally) out of their comfort zones and complacency. Those of us who have already awakened, awaken more to who we are and how we may serve others from a place of Divine Love. We are in a very accelerated Moment of receiving and sharing high dimensional Light downloads. I say “sharing” because as we receive more Light, we automatically shine it out for others; not in a controlling way, but we shine because that is our nature. As we honor the Love that we are, we do not push, seek or strive, for these are a part of the old. The New is about allowing and accepting

Rather than complain, resist or react to outer events, welcome it all without judgment. When you are in Acceptance, the upgrades integrate. When you fight against anything, you set up resistance and the dualistic nature of 3D takes hold. Duality is a judgment of “this is good; this is bad.” etc. Don't go there. As you embrace these downloads of Love, you rise higher in consciousness and are more aware of what is still playing out in your life based on old beliefs and patterns. One belief that many may still have is that “I have to work hard in order to be abundant.” Replace this old belief with having Joy, Passion and Ease in your consciousness and watch what happens. 

Take care of all 3D business you have created. This is important as completing all things begun in 3D helps you anchor the New. Take Responsibility for all your creations. Pay your bills and take Responsibility for all in your life...own it. Just don't own others' choices; simply take care of your own.

Our bodies are transforming. Many experience this as sleep disturbances, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion and many other manifestations of Transformation (notice I do not use the word “symptoms,” as symptoms indicate that something is wrong or that you are sick; this is old and limited thinking). Words have Power; they are energy like everything is; words create. I personally have experienced all the above manifestations along with others for years now. I flow with it all. Yes, our physical bodies are changing and processing all the shifts we've experienced emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every part of us is accelerating vibrationally. We are shifting from being told what to do and who we are to being powerful sovereign beings of Creativity. This is quite a shift and our physical bodies feel it. We are adjusting from giving our Power away to truly knowing we are the creators of our lives...there is no-one else to blame or credit. We are IT! Meditate, connect/merge with your Soul and Source, keep your vibration high through who you are with, where you go, what you eat and what you read and watch. Honor your Integrity; be who you say you are. Honor your Discernment; there are many illusions and lies attempting to seduce you back to sleep. Stay awake and aware. Stay in the Moment and do not judge whether something is “good” or “bad;” all is transforming. Be of Divine Service for others, be in Nature, walk a Labyrinth, and be kind to yourself and others, including all the 2-leggeds, the 4-leggeds, the 6-leggeds and the 8-leggeds...all of Nature benefits from your Love.

As you move more strongly into recognizing your multidimensionality and Unity Consciousness, you may notice how everyone and everything around you is a mirror. Why? Because we are all One. I have noticed this getting stronger. One example is that when I observe others' writings, they seem to mirror what I have written in the past or what I am experiencing in the Moment. I find it all fascinating. We are closing the gap of separation. Every person and event mirrors something to us; whether we are conscious of that or not; and all that we attract holds a message within it. Once you realize that we are all connected; even to governments and 3D constructs; you realize we are also helping transform the old and empowering the New.

When you meditate, you empower your Heart, which empowers Source, Soul and your Heart-Knowing as you. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower chakras (ego) and the higher chakras (Soul); just as you are a bridge between Heaven and Earth. There is no separation between Soul and ego, as in Truth and when all is aligned, ego is the expressor of Soul. As above, so below; as within, so without. Being multidimensional, we navigate through all dimensions and see how all is related. There is no real separation between chakras, mind, body and Heart. Yet, let your Heart lead. Heart leads through feelings and Intuition (Guidance). All flows as One.

While I have shared above that we navigate through all dimensions, I refer to the higher dimensions. Any dimension lower than the 5th Dimension carries great duality within it. The 4th Dimension carries old karma, old thoughts, patterns and beliefs passed down through ancestral lines; entities that can mess with you; all that is not Love. The higher dimensions are of Love only. Of course, if you want to clear yourself of old 4D dynamics, going into the 4th Dimension can be helpful; protect yourself fully if you do so. Personally, I stay away from this dimension. Follow your Guidance with this. If it doesn't resonate, use your Discernment and ignore what I have shared, for I honor where you are along your Ascension Path. And perhaps this is just meant for me.

You are not your family; you are not dualistic. The Truth of you is that you are Love and One with and as Source. As you follow your own Guidance (Soul's Guidance), you are perfectly guided for your highest evolution. When you are creative, spend time in Nature, and meditate, you open your Heart and you find only Love and only Oneness. Be still, feel and Be. Stop all your heady busy-ness. Open your Heart, feel the Peace and be Kindness and Compassion. Let your Heart lead your mind.

As we move into the Equinox, Heart-know that the Soul Essence for the Equinox is Balance. As we honor all that we are and stay balanced, we honor all of life. We live and give in a balanced way. What does Balance mean for you? For me, it is all about grounding Love in all I say, feel and do. It is being congruent Heart, mind and body as I follow the absolute Guidance of my Soul. Balance is expressing Love/Source/Soul mentally, emotionally and physically. It is walking my talk. It is Divine Service. It is staying in the present moment. It is keeping my vibration high and being aware of the words I use, so that I can serve as a Lighthouse. It is staying out of drama and chaos. It is recognizing old patterns and beliefs when they surface within or around me. It is being authentic and honest. It is being accepting of all peoples, even if they appear to be different than me. It is loving myself unconditionally as I love others. It is being grateful for all in my life; the simple and the challenging. 

I love my body by feeding it only organic food and pure water. I listen to her when she tells me something is out of Balance or I am downloading high dimensional Light that is too much for her/me. I love my mind by always honoring my Guidance, by reading only uplifting books and I love the Wholeness of me by meditating, possibly inspiring others through sharing and practicing self-care in all I do and feel. I could go on and on about Balance as me; I won't, for it is up to you to create Balance in your own unique way. Since the Equinox is also empowered by the New Moon, how will you create more Balance in your own life?

All that I choose to experience only brings me closer to Me. All that you experience brings you closer to You. Love is who We are. Be Love!


Cheri 22nd September 2017 3:35 pm

Hi Kara, thank you so much as always for caring and sharing your higher wisdom and guidance as this is your service and it is beautiful. I feel too that we are reaching that place of unity where we finally realize we are all source experiencing self and I love that!! It is amazing and I am really picking up on the playfulness and joy inherent reaveling itself as source creator within me.

Some of us are and have been working in service on cleaning up the 4th dimension and the myriad of timelines, emotions, thoughtforms and other misqualified energy. I personally find it fascinating as a great opportunity of growth through the lightbody experience and integration of the denser energy. I have never held fear about it or felt a need to protect myself as it is in reality all just aspects of self and distortions within the DNA and our energy fields.

Cheri 22nd September 2017 3:58 pm

Nothing in either dimension can resist the power of unconditional love as it integrates light and dark, love and fear and all the other aspects of polarity and duality necessary to experience all of creation and brings it into perfect balance within us.

It is the gateway to the higher dimensions and the discovery of our fascinating galactic heritage which is amazing in its myriad of expression and discovery of the diversity of species and experiences within us. The emotions are indeed intense but transitory and that is all they are if we don't hold onto them.

We are just healing cellular memories although it appears so very real and threatening to us when we are unaware of what's truly happening within. So know no fear, we are eternal. Our mission here and now is to heal our biology. It is a process and it takes us all in service together to get it done on all levels!!

Thank you Kara for letting me share with love to all of us participating and clearing in the lower dimensions making room for all new experiences of unlimited potential within us all!!


Kara Demonet 22nd September 2017 10:41 pm

Hi Cheri,
Thank you for sharing your Source-Wisdom and thank you for all you do in Divine Service. :angel:

Rahul 2nd October 2017 8:51 am

Just today in the morning i realized that i can not do meditation anymore in the way i used to do. I felt its opening gateways to some dimension which i dont need. Old pattern thoughts arising which frustrates me. Even i felt that there are other entities present in that dimension who are giving me thoughts to carry out there work and i was feeling very uncomfortable. And in the evening i read your article where you described this as the 4th dimension. Thank you kara for confirming me once more. And i want to know that can the other entities get me if i simply expand my energy field in the universe and shine my light upon earth?? To tel you the truth i am scared. Thank you.

Cheri 4th October 2017 12:29 pm

Hi Rahul, I just wanted to offer any help I can only from my own experience. My experience with the 4th dimension is that it is filled with thoughtforms that we as individuals and a collective have created. We as awakened individuals are each being asked to heal this part of ourselves which is interwoven in the fabric of 4d reality. Nothing can touch you if you are aware which you are. Right now everything is coming up to be healed and integrated into the light. And as a being of light you can attract some percieved darkness which is presenting itself to you to recognize and heal. The emotions are very heavy like fear because they are from the darker or lower frequency spectrum.

I think you are feeling a change in the death grip that the controllers had within our DNA brainwaves (in delta, alpha and gamma) which might be why your meditations have changed. The DNA was entrained to vibrate to the lower frequencies evoking great emotion and resonance with the lower frequencies within us.

Cheri 4th October 2017 12:49 pm

I approach everything I see and hear in 4d with great compassion knowing that all is just energy it has no power over anyone who is aware like you and most all of us who have awakened to the awareness of anything beyond our 3d perceptions. The energy can only attach to us so to speak if we resonate to it through fear or hate or in total ignorance acting out of pure emotion wreaking havoc within ourselves.

All will rise to a higher resonance and right now there is an evolutionary mandate pushing everything to the surface to heal. It is triggering our emotions. Some are memories of emotions felt in other timelines that we existed. Which just need to be acknowledged, briefly felt and healed.

Just trust your soul, nothing but wonderful things lie ahead for us, however we all have to go through this process of healing our biology and emotions. You will not be led into any darkness that is not yours to heal. 4d is the realm of feelings and emotions to integrate. The changes you feel is just the energy passing through us to be transformed. This is my experience, I hope it helps!!

Cheri 4th October 2017 12:50 pm


Rahul 5th October 2017 1:50 am

Hi cheri. Thank you so much for giving your time on my problem and helping me. Yes what you said felt very true to me. And the best way i discovered within myself is to create beautiful pictures of the new world and my new life rather than entering the 4d and keep on clearing old patterns. May be the dreams i am creating may not come true but it takes me to a new higher dimension and frees me from this old 3d. So i would realy prefer to be a dreamer now. However again lots and lots of thanks for sharing your light with me. Can i share my thoughts with you as i am very alone and none to share my ascension journey. Thanks cheri.

Cheri 5th October 2017 2:37 pm

Yes Rahul, I am very happy to share with you in our journey!! Most of us are alone right now or in the process of getting disentangled from karmic relationships and old business clearing the way for all new relationships of higher resonance and unity. It is so important that we share and support each other as there are so relatively few of us and we are spread out all over the place having our individual experiences haha!! So I will try to send you a private message but if that is blocked for some reason, feel free to send me one!!

PS: Being the dreamer is a beautiful thing and so necessary to the creative process!! So keep on shining, you are a beacon!!

With Warm Regards

Rahul 5th October 2017 10:38 pm

Thank you cheri for accepting my request. It realy kills me inside when i find none like me. This has been a issue since childhood. But then my inner voice says that there are people like you who also are different from this logical world and one day you will find them. Nowadays i am finding myself very free from this world and feel to leave evrything behind and explore the world. The old spiritual model taught me that you have to leave this world now and go to the soul world and rest. I kick on their face. Hahaha. I love planet earth and i will stay here whether in physical body or in light body and i will always try to make it beautiful. I will always dream of a beautiful earth. Sounds childish !! Hahaha.

Cheri 6th October 2017 12:23 pm

Ok Rahul, I sent you a gmail and we can communicate now through our gmail accounts!! Will talk to you soon!!


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