March Gateway: Equinox & Lunar Eclipse

In just a few days on March 19th at 10:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (4:30 UTC), we have an Equinox. This occurs in the middle of a powerful Gateway, which began with the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on March 8 and concludes with the Lunar eclipse/Full Moon next Wednesday, March 23rd. The Equinox is a full embodiment of the Divine Feminine, empowering the Balance of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine). This Equinox symbolizes all things new in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is a complete Balance for the Southern Hemisphere.

During this time, we (and continue to) receive many Light Codes that heighten our consciousness. Because of so much Light entering us, feeding our cells and DNA, much also comes to the surface from the depths of our subconscious in order to love, transform and release…to make room for more and more Light. The Divine Feminine/Source leads the way, empowering all that we set forth on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. It is a shift from the old patriarchy to the new matriarchy to the complete Balance of both. The old patriarchy is replaced by the Divine Masculine; that energy that supports the Divine Feminine. Did you know that Archangel Amabael (Divine Mother Mary) taught both Yeshua and Mary of Magdala how to embrace their own Divinity and Source-Selves? The Goddess takes Her rightful place again, leading the way. We feel this as our Soul-voice. Our Soul leads our separate ego and helps our separate ego become One with our Soul. Through this, our High Mind is activated, which is a blending of Heart and intellect, for one without the other is incomplete. The High Mind then offers the gift of being able to articulate the feelings of the Heart and Soul.

Our Christ Consciousness is expanded and empowered during this time. Christ Consciousness is not based on the man Yeshua, but is actually Source Consciousness. While Christ/Source Consciousness is enhanced within us, we feel it through our Awareness, which helps us make choices that are aligned with Source and Soul, rather than being based on separate ego desires. Thus the Light Codes and Christ Consciousness further support our Ascension; the bringing of “Heaven” to Earth (not Earth to “Heaven”). As we balance and integrate it all, we are both strong and vulnerable; powerful and open. To be vulnerable is to be open-hearted; that is, to be Love, our natural state of being. Vulnerability in the old meant that we were fragile and had to protect ourselves from lower forces. Because we are so much Love now, we may realize that Love is more powerful than fear and there is no need to protect ourselves. Still, many are in different phases of their Ascension, so may be guided to protect themselves. Do remain vulnerable though; that is, open-hearted. There is nothing to fear. Love embraces fear, soothes it and transforms it. That is how powerful Love is; that is how powerful we are.

Some time on the day of the Eclipse, open up and receive the Light Codes of the Divine Feminine/Source. Open your chakras by spiraling them open and afterward, spiral them closed. This brings Light into them and into your endocrine system. If you are guided to be with others or be by yourself, it matters not, for we are all connected as One, regardless of where you are. Simply follow your guidance and invite the Goddess into you. When one receives, we all receive. Do the same on the Lunar Eclipse.

There are so many changes taking place, as the sands are shifting. Wherever you place your attention is what becomes solid (for now). If you are focused on the negativity of the old, that is what solidifies, so keep your thoughts and feelings as high and as positive as you can. Remember that fear and any lower energies are illusions (illusions are things that shift) and only Love is real. The Awareness you upgrade goes through many lifetimes. This means that there is wholing in all your lifetimes, as well as the integration of your gifts from those lifetimes, even those you are currently unaware that you have. The changes you experience are your Awareness expanding as well as an integration of Light Source Codes within you. By being in Allowance, all this occurs, so let go of any resistance you have to any perceived changes…allow and flow.

During this time of the Gateway (March 8 through March 23rd), observe what you feel. If it feels uncomfortable, ask if it is because you’re shifting or if there are some old emotions surfacing. It is natural to feel uncomfortable with changes, as we do with anything new. And then it takes time to integrate the New. The New, by the way, is definitely not for the ones who like things to remain the same, for that just won’t happen in the New. We continue to shift and expand into being more and more, so your comfort is in staying centered in your Heart, while shifting occurs continuously. If your discomfort is because old emotions are surfacing, go deeper and find the belief that is creating the emotion and release that. When you release the old, you make room for the New to enter. If change is scary for you, hold your Inner Child and separate ego in your lap and love and assure them that all is truly wonderful. Your Inner Child will then assure you that you are safe, loved and Divine.

With this Gateway, we ascend to yet another new level of New. How this feels is unique for each person, yet generally speaking, one is more aware and senses may be more acute. Intuition is increased and a deeper connection to Soul is phenomenal. There is a merging of Soul and ego, more Heart and mind blending (High Mind) and clear guidance. As this occurs, you are in Divine Service, for Divine Service is not necessarily a career or job, but how you express yourself in every moment no matter where you are or what you do. Service is essence. There may be a form, yet it is not necessary, for simply being authentic is enough to shine your Light. It is a living meditation in that there is no separation between your meditative life and your everyday life. Therefore, this is truly a time to integrate Love into every atom and molecule that you are. From this place of Love, you will be inwardly guided to take action in some area; whether that is a form of service or an act of Love; simply follow what your inner guidance (Soul) is moving you towards. When you are all of who you are, so is Gaia.

The period we are in, between Eclipses, is quite powerful as anything we intend creates life. Be sure to intend from your Soul’s Guidance and not from your separate ego’s desires. Oftentimes, a person who intends something is coming from their intellect and from lack; wanting something they perceive they don’t have. There is also an energy of wishing and hoping and these do not manifest anything. To manifest, one must be clear of all lack energy and intend from the Soul, as well as Heart-know that what they intend is already within them. Do you feel the difference? If you are not clear, nothing will manifest except confusion. It is best to simply meditate on Clarity before you use intentions. If you still are in lack consciousness, intentions will bring more lack to you. Energy responds neutrally…it responds to who you truly are within. Wishful thinking and hoping simply bring more wishful thinking and hoping. The Power of this time will help you manifest whatever is within you. If you truly know with all of you that you are abundant and that you are Love, you will manifest more of what you are.

Since most of the world is still in the old, it may feel as though you are straddling both worlds. We are more New than old and depending on where you place your focus is what you empower. We are creating and at the same time, releasing.

Using the energy of the Equinox, we can further simplify and energize our lives. This can mean letting go of anything that does not inspire or is useful. Of course, this includes people, things and beliefs. Doing things mindfully helps greatly and this can be anything from changing the most mundane chore to something different. For instance, changing the way you brush your teeth or drive to work…as little as these things seem, it shifts the energy. Doing something you normally don’t do also helps. Be sure to laugh, play and appreciate all the Beauty in yourself, others and in the world. Begin something new.

The Lunar Eclipse of next week will help us be more introspective, as we go within with more Awareness. We can see how we express ourselves in the world, including with those closest to us. We can see where we limit ourselves and change it, if we choose to. Be gentle with yourself, for that helps you to flow with the energies. Earthing and Sun Gazing help you to ground to Earth and receive Light from our Galactic Sun through our own sun. Doing this brings much symbolic information (Sun Gazing) that helps us evolve. You needn’t know what the information is or what it means, for that empowers the separation between intellect and Heart. If you are meant to know, you will. More and more folks are using Light Language and many more will receive this gift. If you are not one, find someone who has this gift and listen with your entire being; feel it. These folks are sharing the Light Codes through their voice and by listening to them, we receive Light Codes. There are others who bring forth Light Codes through their writing, speaking and art as well.

Mostly, it is important to feel everything. Your feelings guide you. Use Discernment when listening to someone else and even with the information you receive. Trust that you are evolving and that all is as it is intended for your highest expression of Love.

To enhance all of our wholing and expansion, we will be visited by a green comet (wholing and expansion of the Heart) on March 21. Now, isn’t that just perfect to have this visitation during this Gateway?!? We could also have a meteor shower afterward as well. To me, this is a celebration of us and of Gaia.


spiritdiver 19th March 2016 11:11 am

Really beautiful Kara isn't it. Thank you.

Right as I read this message I am seeing and experiencing ing the most beautiful soft pink, and warm light. I have felt this more and more and now have learned to recognize it by feeling, of such love. Love going through me.

I also continue to hear codes from the birds. The dove or love birds among them are most constant and soothing, but all carry a distinct vibration. I don't know what it means but do feel they are reflected in and trough me. And it feels heavenly.

Yesterday we were visited by two ducks (a couple, male and female) they came back again today to refuge in our pool. Floating calmly on water, and also took to basking in the Sun's light on the side. Again I don't know what it means, yet feel such a deep connection and messaging coming through. Such a blessing.

All the best to you this Equinox and the start of this new season and year.

With love-In gratitude -

Lorelei63 20th March 2016 10:27 pm

I agree! This is a most outstanding and beautifully written piece. Thank you for the beautiful words and helpful guidance - this is a keeper. xoxoxo


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