Merging with Soul

The Sirian Universal Merkabah and Lion’s Gate (also a gift from our Sirian partners) has brought a boost in New high dimensional life. The energy of the Lion’s Gate continues through the Full Moon (bringing a further download of this Light) on August 20 and culminates around August 26, when all the Light we’ve gathered is released onto Gaia. This gives us ample time to integrate these energies for release of deeper not-Love patterns (anything holding us back in the old) as well as an empowerment of the Soul Dreams we have; of what we want to experience in our New Life.

The current energies are very uplifting, even among perceived challenges (opportunities). Old life simply seems obsolete now and so many are wondering how to make the shift from old, limiting life to creating a New Life. It takes being in the Moment and making a choice to be Love or to fall back on whatever we did before, which definitely will not feel good. It might feel like “How do I do this; I’ve not been here before?!” If you stay in your center of Peace, stay in the Moment, you can choose Love (often that is Silence) or old reactions when faced with a challenge. You can also create the New by choosing Soul Essences to integrate and Be, which create New Life. (Joy, Love, Peace, Respect, Timelessness, Abundance, etc.) So it’s your choice; do you react (separate ego) or respond (Soul) to life’s challenges (opportunities for growth)?

If you are still called to make changes in your life, please do so, for things will just get more  uncomfortable till you do. Why? Because your Soul is practically demanding you merge with It; your Divinity. Some want to know how to merge with Soul. First, realize that you are always connected to Soul at the Soul Matrix within your Heart Chakra. Yet, the New requires merge; not just connection. Feel the difference? Merging with Soul dissolves separate ego into Soul. (We do not get rid of ego, for it is through evolved ego that Soul expresses mentally, emotionally and physically.) Getting rid of ego is not the way, for then we cannot express Soul.

To merge with Soul, breathe into your Heart Chakra in meditation. Find your Divine Flame within your Heart and expand that throughout your Being (your physical, mental and emotional bodies, your Chakras, aura, DNA, cells, electrical system and grounding cord). Then bring your attention back to your Heart Chakra. Call in Soul and merge in whatever way you’re guided to. Do this as often as you are guided. Meditation in the Heart is truly the only way to merge; otherwise, if you stay in your head and just read words, you are strengthening separate ego; not Soul. As one friend called it, “mind candy.”

The energy of Now is for empowering what you want to experience in life. If you empower a New Life for yourself, that is what you create. If you empower fear through complaining, intellectualizing everything, making excuses as to why you “can’t” change something, old life is what is recreated. Again, the choice is yours. We are all powerful creators. Let go of the end result; let your Soul create the highest manifestation for you. As you merge with Soul, you then realize that all your choices, words, feelings and actions are aligned and are Divine. And your evolved ego then expresses that. Do you feel the difference? When we are following separate ego, we push, we control, we get upset when something doesn’t work out the way we projected. When merged with Soul, we allow Divine Time and Divine Order to manifest what is for and aligned with our highest evolution.

Many are realizing that their old missions aren’t working any more. So, let go and in time you will be guided to a mission aligned with your evolved self. How can we expect life to remain the same when we’ve evolved vibrationally? There is so much Light available to us now that life seems magical; with magical solutions, new Awareness and clear guidance as to what to do next. Are you listening? It is so important to just Be, to be still, to be silent and not push through. Ride the Grace Wave. Surrender to what is and Clarity will guide you to next steps.

You may also realize that we are shifting from healing (fixing/saving others…so ego-based) to wholing (realizing/knowing that we, in Truth, are Whole and there’s nothing to fix). From this Awareness, those of us who are healers will undoubtedly see their practices change and shift according to their consciousness and vibration.

Throughout the Sirian Universal Merkabah and Lion’s Gate Portal (I see them as One), there has been a huge shift forward. We are holding more Light than ever before. Our Light Body has, and continues to, expand. In fact, it might be challenging to keep up with all that life is offering you now. This is a clear sign that you must expand your consciousness to keep up with your life, as created by Soul (your consciousness). By merging with Soul, you do this.

Life isn’t going to slow down, so it is you who must either resist it all or expand into it. This is the ultimate surrender. If you feel like you’re a great big balloon about to pop, expand into your New Self. Surrender. Resistance to expansion or change will undoubtedly bring misery, depression, anger and/or feeling victimized. The Universe is demanding you grow and shift. It can be gentle or rough; your choice.

As you open more to your Divinity; your all-knowingness; your omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience; you experience pure magic. You may be astounded by the miracles taking place (although miracles are becoming more and more commonplace, so eventually whey won’t seem like miracles at all). As you allow everything to unfold and expand, letting go of everything (letting be), the balloon-you is released; unfettered to soar to ultimate Freedom; free to be all that you are with nothing or no-one holding you back in the old. What must you still do to allow this to happen? Do you see how merging with Soul can help ease this passage?

Our highest destination now is to merge with Soul; becoming Soul. From that place, there is no doubt that all your answers are within; all your guidance is within. No-one can do this for you. It is up to you. Everything you read, every activation you partake from someone else may or may not be for you. This is where Integrity and Discernment are key. A true teacher/guide/mentor will always guide you right back to yourself. Those of you who have made the shift know that all is up to them.

hey know they are spiritually sovereign; they know they are their own wholers, their own teachers; their own guides and mentors. They rely on nothing outside of themselves. This is a huge shift from the old, when we depended on others to tell us who we were and what to do. Yes, it was a dependency; an addiction to giving our power away to someone else, who we were sure had our answers. Gone are the days of the guru. This is the New.

It has taken great Courage to make this shift. It has required us to remove our attention away from reading about something, analyzing it and intellectualizing it to feeling it and then being it. When a person is congruent mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and merged with Soul; being Soul-guided and driven, then they will have reached one phase of Ascension. Some have been on this journey for years and lifetimes and some are just beginning. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey or wherever anyone else is. Follow your own path; let go of what anyone else is doing or not doing.

So, this is where we’re at for now and then on or around August 25/26, there will be another portal of Divine Light that takes us even higher. Can you handle it? As we receive, we then channel this Light and dimensional expansion onto Gaia. Yes, we are the intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.


octavia30 15th August 2013 9:41 am

Just when I feel that "yes, I get it" the fear of the future, what if's, shoul'da could'da's come roaring back. Why is it so hard for me? I get so frustrated. Why is I so difficult to stay in the moment? I guess need some serious discussions with my soul.

Peter fox 15th August 2013 10:23 am

As usual Kara you come up with the goods at exactly the right time! Clear,consice,insightful,inspiring and completely attuned to what seems
to be going on inside. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

zorro 15th August 2013 9:12 pm

New High Dimensional Life

Shifting to Wholing

Ample Time to Integrate these Energies

The Energy of Now is for Empowering what you Want to Experience in Life

Opening More to your Divinity

Merge with Soul

“…Oh, forgive me, please…just counting my blessings here.

The more you name, the more that come to mind!

Funny how that works. Naming every little Miracle is Getting a Momentum on the Magic and Merging increases with conscious recognition of every little Miracle!”

Inner Marriage leads to Magic and Momentum!


cyndy 17th August 2013 12:08 pm

That's good Zorro, that is really good. I have had lists of MMMMMMM's going on in my life.


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