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Hello again, precious ones. As many of you might know, I took a trip to Costa Rica. My main intention was to experience life completely different from what I have grown accustomed to and that was my experience. Besides the plethora of Nature (I was in the jungle as well as on the Caribbean Sea), a vision I had continuously was that there was a large flower on my Crown, which is what I saw as a more powerful opening and activation of my Crown Chakra in order to receive more Light and Love from Source. As a physical manifestation of this was an experience I had. I was by the back pond looking for the baby Caiman I had seen the day before. I felt the wind pick up and a few large drops of rain fell. I intuitively felt it was best to get upstairs to where I was staying. Hurriedly I climbed the stairs and just as I was about to step inside, an incredibly powerful wind came; it was so powerful I could hardly close the door. What ensued was that the roof was ripped off (Crown) and then it began to downpour (when it rains in Costa Rica, it falls in buckets) thereby flooding my space. The symbolism of the rain was not only a thorough cleansing, but the complete immersion in Spirit (water= emotions transformed to Spirit). It was truly a powerful and wonderful experience. My hosts were truly a wonderful couple who had moved to the Caribbean coast from Israel and live very much in tune with Nature and are completely organic. (I was delighted to learn that it was rain water that I showered in.) My internet was not working, so this was a complete let-go of all that was familiar.

Now for the energies that are currently present and upcoming. Today is November 1, which is an 11:1 and serves as a small gateway of more Light in order to live fully in the New, strengthening the disentanglement from old life. This is empowered by the big solar flare we’re experiencing with probably more on the way. These both heighten the spiritual energy that flows through our Sun from our Galactic Sun, lighting up our Hearts so that we are more and move living in and from our Hearts. This Light has the potential to inspire as well as activate living in the New more powerfully and more grounded.

If there are some old issues that just don’t seem to move out and transform to Love, realize that they may be a part of your ancestry. While you can think they don’t belong to you, they do; for our DNA carries ancestral energy and is why our DNA is also being upgraded with the downloads we are receiving. There is a release happening of ancestral drama and fear, so we are clearing not only ourselves, but our ancestry as well, which helps our new DNA be further activated. Much of what we’ve been experiencing is our ancestor’s pain. Once we clear the past, including the lives of our ancestors, we are free. There is an exercise that may help, if it resonates with you. It is to bring all your energy that is in the past and future right here in the Now. It also clears our ancestral karma. It is a timeline clearing…

Being in the Now is one of the most important things to do for you to manifest and heal (whole). If your consciousness in not in the Now, pieces of your energy are in the future or the past. This means that it is almost impossible to create your future or let go of the past. When in the Now, you are your creator and are in charge of your life. This also helps release others’ old energies, like generational beliefs, karmic contracts, ancestral karma and generational energies and patterns…

When you’re not in the Now, parts of your chakras and aura are inactive and unavailable to you. Your energy is not in your body and nothing can be created from this place. It’s hard to be present with others or at work, and you may feel scattered and spacey. You’re not in charge of your energy. Of course, if you’re downloading, you do feel these things and this is because your old energy moves out to make room for the new energy downloads. However, being in the Now also helps you integrate the new energies. This exercise also helps to release old and ancestral energies, both in the past and future. It also brings forth the gifts of the past into the Now.

Exercise To Bring Your Energy To The Now

•    Sit up
•    Breathe into Heart Chakra and deep breathe until you feel relaxed. Find your Divine Flame in your Heart and expand it throughout your being. 
•    Bring your attention to your 1st chakra. See a grounding cord attached there and follow it to the Earth Crystal at the center of the earth where it anchors itself. If your grounding cord looks old or damaged, replace it. With your breath fill your body, chakras and aura with the Divine Light of the Earth Crystal Cluster.
•    Repeat: “In the name of the Holy Presence I AM, I am ready to be fully awakened and enlightened now. I accept responsibility for living in and aligning with Divine Truth, Love and Will according to the Divine Plan of Light. I am only willing to connect with etheric beings Who are likewise of the Light and in alignment with the Divine Plan.”
•    Continue with: “I now call forth the Source Light.”
•    Now invoke your Soul and any other guides/Angels you currently work with; if you choose
•    Visualize a straight horizontal line; this is your time line. It extends to your left and right into infinity. It holds all past and future lifetimes (yours & your ancestors')
•    Place it in front of your root chakra. On top of the line place a small golden sun right in the middle of the timeline. This is the Now
•    Exhale out through your root chakra with the knowing you are releasing any past or future energies held in that chakra into the golden sun
•    Now visualize the sun dividing into two pieces that simultaneously roll out to the right and left (past and future). As the parts of the sun roll in both directions, each part releases the past and future energies from the chakra into their appropriate time frames.
•    When the 2 parts of the sun have gone as far as they need to go to accomplish their task, they automatically roll back toward the center point. They bring with them any energy & gifts that belong in your body in present time that was in the past and future.
•    Now, move the timeline to the front of your 2nd chakra and repeat the above
•    Continue with all your chakras. (The timeline will be above your crown chakra)
•    Now, move the timeline and sun into your aura, at least a foot in front of your body and know that the sun picks up all out-of-present-time energies from your aura and deposits them in their appropriate time frames in the past and future. As the two halves of the sun roll back to center and become one sun again, they bring back any energy that belongs in your aura in present time.
•    Place the timeline and sun in a rose and release it to the universe
•    Fill up with Source Love.

A powerful gateway will occur on November 11. It will present a choice to either live in the New authentically or remain in the old life of duality and judgment. Depending on your choices, what you choose will anchor you more strongly in the New or the old. It will present such choices such as being with people you resonate with or staying in your present situation where you play a game in order to belong. This may very well include jobs that are not a fit for you any longer as well as your residence. As we move closer to this 11:11 Gateway, it is important to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, for they create life in a more powerful way. It helps to stay as positive as you can with no complaining or gossip and to visualize all others as Light, including yourself. Allow yourself to flow with what is so that you dissolve any resistance to moving forward. This 11:11 will be more powerful than at other times, for we are being called to task…to live as our New Selves. Purification will continue, as the New is strengthened.

We are called to stretch without relying on our “comfort zones.” This means catching ourselves when we are repeating old patterns and choosing to be different in that moment. There will naturally be some ebb and flow between the old and New, so just observe it without judging yourself or others. Since our physical bodies are shifting as well, there may be some more sleep disruptions, vertigo, nausea and some other phenomena. See these not as irritants, but as confirmations of your shift. Know too that your very cells respond to what you feel and think. The more expansive you think and feel, the more your cells respond to that and help the Ascension process and progress.

We continue to have very powerful times and many are experiencing new opportunities that match more truly to their new vibration. Remember that if your dreams and passions aren’t manifesting the way you think they should, they may not be aligned with your new vibration, do not help you evolve or it/they aren't in Divine Time yet. Be patient and vigilant; keep clearing while you choose to be New. Do trust that we are New and have entered another phase of Being. What you may experience is an upgrade to your physical body. There has been much clearing of the old, so if you are one who has experienced some major (or minor) shifts in your body, trust it is all for your body’s evolution. You can ask your body what it needs also. We are moving closer to the Power of 11:11, so there will be some big clearing in order for us to receive the new codes for our bodies. And then after 11:11, we will definitely feel lighter and more new. If you feel you are floating in never-never land, let that be O.K; for much is happening below the surface. Just keep your vibration as high as possible and trust. Observe how you are creating, for there is so much Creativity energy within. So, on one hand you are clearing and at the same time, creating anew. Life can feel rather obscure presently and there may be some stressful moments. What is the stress telling you? Personally, I am quite proficient at letting of what doesn’t seem to shift. Yet recently, my Intuition guided me not to let go, but to see it through. As I did, my experience shifted to something I couldn’t have imagined in a beautiful way. Always follow your Intuition, even if it is different than what you have done before. Your Intuition becomes stronger when you honor it and when you meditate.

Being multidimensional means that we experience life in multiple ways all in the same moment. You can meet someone and at the same time, feel them and perceive them. We feel their energy at the same time we observe them physically. The same is true for ourselves. We can experience the shift within while we also experience the everyday stressors. Being the observer helps us through as old parts of ourselves continue to emerge and as we also see how different we are. We can see clearly the delineation between the old and the New; duality and Unity; yet not be attached to any of it. You may not understand why much of the world cannot seem to move from the old to the New. Yet if you can flow with it while remembering who you are and not get lost in the old, you bring much Light to those old institutions. (I definitely experienced this disparity while leaving Costa Rica and entering the U.S. via Customs.)

We are still feeling the effects of the lunar eclipse, Equinox and the super Full Moon. While we kept waiting for some great event to fully separate us from the old, it all happens gradually and doesn’t happen to us; we must do the work in our own lives. You will most likely feel the build-up now to and through the 11:11 Gateway. Things are amping up and becoming more intense with each day as we move closer to 11:11. We are connecting to very powerful galactic energies. There are great possibilities that we will experience very soon.

During the 11:11 Gateway, we will also be more in touch with our Sirian Guides (watch for the color blue around you) and a full Balance of our Divine Feminine and Masculine. This is powerful and it helps us manifest our creations. See why it is so vital to observe your thoughts and emotions at this time?

While it certainly seems it all is taking so much time, think about it. How many lifetimes have you spent here on Earth? What experiences have you had? How phenomenal it is to be here now! We are so blessed that we have chosen this time to be on Earth; to be the ones who are shifting Earth and humanity.


debs go lightly 2nd November 2015 3:18 pm

Hi Kara, thank you for your message which is wonderfully helpful as the energy increases it's intensity. What an amazing experience you had in Costa Rica! Such a relief that you were unharmed, but what a powerful manifestation/sign of your energy changes!

Kara Demonet 2nd November 2015 5:55 pm

Thank you so much, Debs! It was an amazing experience in Costa Rica; one of many; although I must say that that was one of the most powerful, besides meeting a few vipers (deadly poisonous) on a hike in the jungle. Of course, snakes are also pretty powerful symbols, aren't they? And yes; I was safe through it all.
Love, Kara

MareGrane 8th November 2015 1:04 pm

Dear Kara,
Thanks so much for the very clear message and how to: This truly puts everything in perspective for me being in the NOW which is the hardest thing for me to do. I'm sure for all of us.
Blessings of love and light, Mary


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