Playing in the New World

It is true. We are in the New World. Or I should say, the New World is in us. Bit by bit it is anchoring more and more through our perceptions, changes and awarenesses. We must, of course, let go of the old way of perceiving life and this can be a challenge. We are so used to having life dictate to us how things are that we need to be reminded that it is us who does the creating. After all, we are sovereign. Remember? We are sovereign and that means that no-one else is in charge but us and us alone. Alone may give you the impression that we’re alone; separate. This is not the case. Everything you are; your thoughts, actions, feelings go out to everyone else and theirs are connected to you. So you see, we’re not in a vacuum; we are in Unity Consciousness, which means that while we are choosing for ourselves, we affect everything around us and thus are touched by everything around us as well.

Now, more than ever, it is essential we keep our vibration high and in that way we are not brought down to lower energy levels and we, in turn, affect everything by keeping our vibration high. We are moving forward individually and collectively. So our complete focus is on Love and a more expanded expression of us in all we do, think and feel. This expanded expression is Love.

Love is who we are. Love may be saying no to certain people and things. Love is strong, sovereign and powerful. Love is Truth. Being Love doesn’t mean being a victim or a doormat. Love is action based on inner guidance/feeling. Our old patterns are gone…unless, of course, you haven’t let them go. The past is complete. If you are still dictated by the past, take a second look; are you really? Think of something you used to love to do or eat or see or experience. Perhaps think of a dream you used to have. Is it still valid? Do you feel the same? Many of you will see that what used to be simply does not hold your attention or vibration any longer. Each one of us is creating our world moment by moment based on feeling. I ask in every instance, “How do I feel?” I’m sometimes surprised when I discover that what I used to enjoy, I no longer do. I move away from anyone or anything that does not inspire or in which I do not vibrate highly. This is my compass; my feeling-state. And I know that it is never wrong. Sometimes I just wait so I can truly see how I feel, rather than doing anything just because I used to.

We are creating the New World a little at a time. Our bodies are reorganizing themselves based on our new perceptions and feelings. Sometimes we hardly eat; sometimes we eat a lot. Is it possible to live off our Sacred Breath? Many are looking at long-held beliefs like “You need food and water to live;” “When you get old you die;” “Getting old is a fact of life;” and many more long-held beliefs. What is important to know is that as we question our deep beliefs, we can play with them to see what is valid for us. If we choose to let go of any of them, we free ourselves to create lives that are truly magical; one without beliefs/boxes that we have allowed to dictate our lives. We are building the New step by step, so if you choose to let go of a belief, by focusing on the essence/feeling you want to experience, a new form will eventually be manifest. And this shifts as you do. Nothing remains the same.

While we are adjusting, we still may be experiencing a shift in our physical bodies. Whether that is a release of the old or a regeneration, it does not matter. It is what it is. However, do know that the hardest work is complete. What is key is Trust. Trust that things are unfolding perfectly for you. Trust that whatever and however you’re dealing with in present life is always for your highest evolution. Trust that you are not alone and are guided. Cling to nothing and trust you are safe.

Know that as we continue to evolve, we will continue to refine our lives according to essence/feeling. It may feel like going through the eye of a needle and that you are “forced” to adhere to a very thin line of consciousness. This applies to taking action, your daily routine, the foods you eat, the people you are around, and much more. Stay in the Moment and pay attention to how you feel, for that is your guide. Ask if you are willing to stand in your Truth; your Power and Authenticity as a spiritually sovereign being of Light and have every aspect of life reflect that.

We are being presented with plenty of opportunities to see if we are indeed standing in our Truth, Power and Authenticity. It is very obvious when we are not. When and if you find yourself dwelling in past behaviors or shrinking into smallness when confronted, you can stop and then change how you are right then and there. Does this take Courage? Yes, it does. When in situations that pull you down vibrationally, remind yourself of who you are. There is no-one else to please, for that is of the old. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself and others is to be true to you.

Remember, we create life from the inside out; not the other way around, which is how old life was. In the New, we do not plot or plan to get a desired result. We come from our Hearts always; from our Truth. In the New, we let go of results or how we wish it would be and allow Divine Providence to be revealed. We have taken a great leap forward as higher dimensional beings living on Earth, so everything will reflect that truth…or not. If and when it doesn’t, change right then and there. As each day passes, you will see how much you’ve shifted and how strong you are.

Between now and the Equinox, more Truth will be revealed. You will see where you are still allowing duality to rule your life and you will see how far you’ve come. And the Equinox will offer another huge leap forward in your Awareness of where exactly you are, with no illusions or wishing; just real Truth. You will reveal yourself more profoundly and see others’ truth. So important is the gift of seeing Truth behind the façade of words and images. This is seeing with the Heart…all is revealed. You are already doing this and this Intuition and Clear Sight will be more and more enhanced with each passing day.

Think of the biggest challenge you have that you haven’t faced head-on yet. Think of your greatest fear. You soon will have the opportunity to face it with Courage and let it go, which allows it to transform into something that is for everyone’s highest purpose, even if it doesn’t look like it. When you let go of how you think things should look, you allow the energy of transformation to bring it to a completion of the old and a birthing of the New. Anything out of balance will be brought to your attention. Don’t try and fix or save anything and take a step back; out of the energy; and watch. Then, you can be objective and you can make necessary changes, if that is what is needed.

In the last Ascension Note I spoke of this time as being one of miracles and magic. This continues because it is what the New is, if we let it. We are being guided to higher purposes and a higher, more evolved way of living life. What is it that you are called to do or be? If you don’t know, you will in Divine Time. You can set your intentions on how you want to experience life, for this aligns with the energy, which creates the form. You don’t have to be detailed; just get in touch with the feeling that makes your Heart soar.

Every day is an amplification of energy, awaiting your command. Yes, like a magic genie. Wake up each day and choose how you want to feel. Leave out the details, for they actually inhibit the energy to create magic. Energy is dormant until you use it. Stay awake, aware and focus on Love, Peace, Joy…or however you want to feel. Don’t look for results to prove something; just allow yourself to dream and play. Do it like a two-year old does. She/he just likes to play without results. As you let go a little of your seriousness, you loosen your grip on the old. You truly can play while being fully awake and focused, for the energy wants to play with you!

Remember, what you focus on is what is created. If you don’t focus on what you want (in the form of feeling/essence), you open to what others want for you. Whose life is this anyway? Are you a creator or are you being created? The answer to this will give you some real important feedback.

May we each live in the potential of our greatest Self.



Paula Boylan 18th March 2014 8:45 am

Thank you Kara.

So much of this post resonated with me. Then I got down to the last paragraph where you wrote "Whose Life is this anyway?" and I was moved to comment.

I am stepping out and creating my life now...after a decade of inner directed growth. After years of developing content and waiting for an inkling the time is right, I sense the time is here goes :)

The Irresistible Free Offer (on my site) which I designed as a way to thank others for gifting me with their email address contains an e-book entitled "Whose Life are you Living". The angels have been speaking with me all morning and this was a whisper to share my offerings with this community. It is time to get out and create.

Should anyone be interested, it can be found here:
Many blessings for a successful equinox. These are powerful times!


Kara Demonet 18th March 2014 9:23 am

Paula! This is wonderful! You're stepping up and expressing your Soul and your Soul is whooping it up in Joy! So glad I was somehow able to nudge you along; even in the tiniest way. I will definitely check out your website!

Much Love to you!

mochakoda 18th March 2014 11:59 am

Perfect timing, perfect words. Thank you!

COBALT 18th March 2014 1:06 pm

Yes, quite perfect. In God we trust.

Peter fox 18th March 2014 2:37 pm

Wonderful,Kara-thank you. What a relief to know the hardest work is over.
Here's to letting those genies out!

Deeni 18th March 2014 3:20 pm

Thank You Kara.

Fantastic message.

Much Love and Light to All. : )

halcyonmusings 18th March 2014 6:11 pm

Weeeeeee! Just lovely, thank you.

ANGEL222 18th March 2014 6:43 pm

Signed up Paula Boylan. Great site! Have a blissful day. Thanks Kara. Feel as though I am a million light years away from my bliss, and don't know how to find it.


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