Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013

Since the Lunar Eclipse of a few weeks ago, we have been balancing our Divine Male and Female within. We’ve been stepping more into our Power and with the Solar Eclipse tomorrow (November 3), we should have anchored this more into ourselves. It hasn’t been an easy passage and personally, I have had very disrupted sleep and daily headaches. Last night was the first time I slept through the night and woke with no headache! I know many of you have been experiencing the same, along with some big challenges especially in relationships, which fits perfectly with this balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. We can no longer be in the New and have relationships be of the old. The old relationship was possessive, controlling and fearful. This isn’t Love! It’s fear and is the product of the old male paradigm. In the New and with the balance of our Divine Male and Female, true Love is at the Heart, which is about Freedom, Respect and Flow. There is a true Heart connection and that is never about owning another or about having rules about how to be. So with this Solar Eclipse, let go of the old and allow all your relationships to breathe and evolve into the form it needs to evolve into, even if that is to let go of the other or a particular form that you have projected onto it. See the other (whether lover, partner, boss, child, co-worker, parent, friend, etc.) with New eyes and Innocence. Go deeper and ask yourself what your intention is within a particular relationship.

With this eclipse cycle you may have gotten in touch with deep anger. Of course! With the dozens of solar flares activating deep issues within, you too would “flare up.” You probably have felt exhausted with all that has been coming up and out of you, for eclipses are for the really deep work. Many have felt it difficult to do anything, but rather have wanted to Be; too tired to do the meaningless tasks that living in the world asks you to do. Know that it is most important to follow your own energy rhythm and take care of business when you are guided. This is an anchoring of Balance and Simplification. Simplifying life is so very important; rather than adding more and more to one’s life; it helps to live simply so that the New may enter your life. If you spend so much time taking care of all the stuff, you distract yourself from what is truly important; your Ascension. We have also been downloading a lot of high dimensional Light; especially for the upgrade of our Crown, 3rd Eye and Pineal Chakras (headaches). We have been “forced” to take care of ourselves and to let go of all the “shoulds” we place on ourselves.

Perhaps you wonder if with this Solar Eclipse things will come to completion. No; yet, do expect things to change. For those who have been diligent with their inner work, you will see more clearly the New World. It has taken a lot of detachment from getting distracted by what is going on in the world and placing focus on what it is we are creating. Many are choosing to leave the planet through transition and many are experiencing illness or accidents. And yet, it is all purposeful in evolving to a higher state of being; no matter what it looks like.

There is a lot of fear in the general population as they see the world changing before their eyes. Those who are ultra-sensitive may pick up this energy and experience this fear along with depression, grief and loss. Know that this too is a gift; as you have an opportunity to release it within yourself (especially out of your cells and DNA) and as you do, you help others, since in Truth we are One; connected to everyone and everything. Because we are not only clearing ourselves, but others as well, there may be some throat, heart and solar plexus issues that manifest as back pain, throat issues, headaches, ear pain and noise, blurred vision, digestive issues, sleeplessness, strange dreams and also know it is affecting our pets. Not only are we releasing, but we’re being upgraded as well. We cannot hold onto a single thing. So let go and allow whatever you’re experiencing to go; it doesn’t matter whether it’s yours or others (probably both).

We have also been having old memories float up in our Awareness; some of childhood, old relationships, and old situations. Within the memories of details, we have the opportunity to see the pattern beneath the situations. We are clearing on a deep, core level. And we are thankful for this, are we not? After all, we are different people now and those old memories and patterns don’t belong in our New vibration. As we release, we forgive and make room for new situations to come to us that better match our vibration and consciousness.

This eclipse could be the most powerfully transformational gateway of this year or many years. The last similar eclipse was in 1994. You might wander back to that time and see what was occurring then and let it go. Not only does this eclipse bring up a lot of the old on a deep level; it also brings with it new opportunities. Many are getting in touch with their latent gifts and are choosing something different in the way of purpose. Being creative is a way to really work with this energy as well. Creativity comes in many forms; it is the Soul expressing Itself and when we allow this, much moves in our lives. You might do something completely different. For instance, if you’ve always written, you may be guided to paint.

However the energy of this deep, powerful eclipse gateway works in your life, know that it can be an intense catalyst for deep change. Pay attention to your energy as it ebbs and flows. Honor your energy instead of pushing against it. In this way, you maintain your Balance and then anything out of balance will surely get your attention. Remember, life doesn’t happen to you; it reflects your inner state of consciousness. Life will definitely show you what needs to be let go of and what needs to shift.
I find it so interesting that the Solar Eclipse occurs during the Dark Moon. The significance of this is that we have an opportunity to look deep into our shadow-selves, for nothing is hidden and then we can see what is beginning…or at least see what is calling us to begin. The eclipse helps us see what’s behind the Veil and what we want to take a step toward; either in intention or commitment…or both. Ask for Clarity about what to release and what to begin.

Staying in Balance is important and allows transformation to be more gentle rather than difficult in the form of emotional outbursts. Know that whatever doesn’t feel good is a message from your Soul that it is time to let the deeper pattern go. We are moving ever so slowly and strongly into being nothing but Love, and fear has no place here. What brings up your anger, frustration, doubt and confusion is a manifestation of what no longer belongs. Remember it is never about others or events “out there,” for they are only mirrors reflecting back to you what is within.

Know that the effects of this eclipse last for a while and is further amplified by the 11-11 Gateway coming in about nine days. Expect a major leap in Awareness between now and then. It may feel as if your eyes have a layer of fog removed, so that you see things you hadn’t before…a beautiful gift indeed. It is much better to flow with the energy, rather than fighting it, so get out your surfboard.
Embrace the times you feel energized and balanced and love yourself when you don't. Know that with the Solar Eclipse and solar flares that we are receiving upgrades to our DNA, cells and electrical system, as well as to our chakras. Often times this can confuse us as it brings up old issues, so there is a bit of a mix of the old blended in with the New. Balance and Trust and focus truly help traverse this powerful gateway.

Know too that we truly are in the New. I know you know that when you go within and you don’t let the outer world distract you from this truth. The truth is that you are Abundant, Peaceful and Love. The “bad economy,” war and violence are distractions and illusory created by fear. Deeper cultural institutions like religion, politics and societal rules are all made of fear and duality also. And we are releasing these as well, freeing ourselves to be sovereign spiritual beings. Don’t let them sway you away from the beautiful ascending being of Love that you are. Stand in your own Power and know the Truth of you.


Peter fox 3rd November 2013 8:04 am

Lovely Kara,thank you. Surfboard here we go!!

nwinkle 3rd November 2013 12:01 pm

I love it! Thank you for this message! This is the first morning that I woke up without a headache too :) I will remember your tips and will visualize myself on a surfboard! Enjoy the ride ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Deeni 3rd November 2013 12:08 pm

Thank You, Kara.

A spectacular message!

Surf's up!

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

misterkite 3rd November 2013 12:26 pm

Truly inspirational and incredibly helpful at this time. Thank you so much, Kara.

queens4freedom 3rd November 2013 1:17 pm

thank you for the very useful information! you are a guiding light! NAMASTE!!!

Sandra Smyre 3rd November 2013 3:23 pm

Beautifully written Kara! Love to all during this amazing Solar Eclipse :smitten:

kay 3rd November 2013 5:38 pm

Spot on, Kara. Thank you.

Kes10 6th November 2013 9:06 am

Never knew about this site or Kara. Was reading about Mother Mary and eclipse and ended up here. CAN NOT explain to you Ms Kara just how comforting this has been and how clarifying in terms of all that's happening (rather what I'm reflecting - life is not happening to me). There is one sentence so specific to me, that my tears turned to a sort of comfort and subsided.

Thank You so much

Kes10 6th November 2013 12:48 pm

I have not read your bio till now, and when I read "Mother Mary" Divine Mother, and archangel Rachael... What can I say


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