The 11:11 Gateway of 2015

The 11:11 Gateway of November 11th feels to me to be the most powerful of all gateways. Perhaps it is because it is an Angelic Gateway and I am absolutely connected with the Angelic Realm, as most of you are as well. It also occurs in an 8 year, which is symbolized by Power. Much is being shared about this particular Gateway and I share what this might mean for each of us. It is further empowered by the New Moon, Diwali (the Indian Festival of Lights) and a massive solar flare. Diwali welcomes Laxmi, the Goddess of Abundance and this welcomes a greater Abundance in all our lives. Diwali is the welcoming of the Light, as is the 11:11 Gateway.

As we physically step through this Gateway, we upgrade our own Light in a powerful way. Doing Ceremony is powerful. Meditate and as you become more peaceful, see that a beautiful golden gateway appears before you. Archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim, the Dominions, the Virtues, the Powers, the Principalities, the Elementals and all other Angels greet you and encourage you to step through. As you walk (or fly or glide) through this beautiful golden gateway, you are greeted on the other side by a shower of golden Light that purifies you of all that is not Love, and beyond this gentle shower is a land that glistens with Diamond Consciousness. Other Angels take and show you things that are just meant for you. This is a definite shift in consciousness for you. Not limited to 5th Dimension reality, you enter a multidimensional Awareness of who you are. You are adorned with the sacred garments of your Divinity as you welcome a new, yet familiar, upgrade in your expression. You are a Beacon of Light and Love upon Earth. You shine your Light wherever you go and in whatever you do. You let go of your seeking and become the Knowing of your Divinity. There are no more questions or questing. You have finally acknowledged the beautiful being you are.

The time is Now for you to be all of who you are in complete Knowing and Faith. You emanate Love wherever you are. It does not matter if you consider yourself a Lightplayer (not worker) or not. It does not matter if you perceive yourself to be less than or what mental perceptions and intentions you have. You are Light and you are beautiful. The Transformation you experience stepping through the Gateway is true and anchored in your being. You are Divine and you carry this Essence within you, touching all.

Take time to ground these New frequencies onto Earth and within you. Rise up and be who you are without the nagging old beliefs that you are not Divine. As you look at yourself, with all your challenges and successes, be proud of what you’ve achieved in such a short while. Embrace fully New Life, even while you continue to gently let go of the old. As you welcome this influx of Light into you, you step more fully into being the Earth Angel you are and realize that you are an integral part of the evolution of humanity and Gaia. It is still a choice. You may continue to deny the Beauty of you or step more fully into the Truth of you. You might complain that it must not be true for you, because you still have challenges and doubts and fears. Yet, if you look deeper, you will find the powerful Authenticity of you. Minimize the doubts by embracing the Light you are. After all, what is it that keeps you returning to this Truth, even when you are in such doubt? If you go deeper, you realize that even your doubts and fears are overridden by Divine Love. You are at a point where you simply cannot stop the flow of Love, no matter what your thoughts are. It is impossible to stop the ocean waves and it is impossible for you to stop the current wave of Ascension into being much more than your intellect would have you believe.

Remember that in Ascension, we stay in our bodies and on Earth. It is for us to bring the high dimensional Light here so that more awaken and Gaia rises in vibration. Of course, there are those who choose to leave Earth, yet this does not necessarily mean they have abandoned their purpose; they simply are choosing to help from another plane of existence without the distractions of living on Earth. For those of us choosing to stay, we agree that we are the ones grounding the higher dimensions onto Earth through shining our Light brightly. Walking through this 11:11 Gateway helps us do that.

We have been preparing for this through all the releasing we have done mentally (old beliefs and constructs), emotionally (past wounds and old worn-out victim energies along with ancestral karma), spiritually (the release of separation) and physically (our physical bodies are shifting). Most of us have experienced many “ascension symptoms.” These have all been a release of old energies we had not yet released completely (remember that we release in layers, going deeper each time) to make room for all the Love this 11:11 Gateway brings for us, if we’re willing. These include dreams (some judge them as nightmares; yet they are not nightmares; they are old energies releasing), disrupted sleep, discomfort around the 2nd and 3rd chakras especially, headaches, wildly swinging emotions, feeling hot then cold then hot again, nausea, vertigo, intense ear ringing, buzzing in different parts of the body and other phenomena. These are not only the releasing of the old, but also are increases of Light Codes/energies to prepare for this Gateway. Flow with it all.

A way to anchor and ground the high dimensional energies we are receiving (remember that the energy of the Gateway occurs before, during and after, for there is no time as we know it on Earth) is that when a situation comes to your attention, rather than reacting to it (which is the old way and you probably react in an old way as well), take a breath and see that there is a new way to respond. Often it is in a way opposite of the old way of reacting. For instance, if you are one who avoids certain situations, you may instead choose to actively engage and see it through.

This 11:11 Gateway strengthens the Divine Feminine and Masculine merge within us that has been slowly occurring for a while now. This is necessary, as it helps each one of us manifest our creations into physical form. We also move deeper into the absolute Heart-Knowing of our Oneness, which has been mostly an intellectual concept.

Be patient as the energies of this Gateway take a while to integrate. Address what emerges from you to attend to; for there are great opportunities to be much more than you previously thought possible.

Stay awake and present so that you do not fall back into old patterns and keep everything fresh and new. It is only when we go back to sleep that we’re lulled into the old ways of being. Trust that this Gateway is the opportunity to rise in our full Divinity, which affects all aspects of our being and life.

As you step through this Gateway, each Archangel blesses you with the essence they carry. Archangel Michael offers you Strength, Archangel Raphael offers you healing/wholing, Archangel Amabael offers you Love, Gabriel offers you a powerful voice, Metatron offers you Light-Body activation, Raziel offers Clairvoyance and Prophecy and Melchizedek offers you an upgrade of your chakras along with Rainbow Healing. There are more Archangels ready to greet you and offer you their gifts. Take each one in Gratitude and place them in your Heart. You are so very loved.


Peter fox 11th November 2015 11:41 am

Wonderful,Kara- Thank you SO much!

Kara Demonet 11th November 2015 1:03 pm

Thank you, Peter!

spiritdiver 11th November 2015 3:19 pm

Hi Kara,

Your message as always so resonates. It is through great feelings of humility and faith through yesterday, today and over the last several years that I stepped into this incredible gift of light we recieve, such a blessing we are experiencing.

I recognized it again in the Sun's light, as i stepped outside to praise the New Moon and this day.
I heard, and noticed it in the birds flight, and hearlding calls over the last few days.
In my 15 year old Son's hug it is felt, as if my baby again..
Holding on, not pulling away too quick.
In innocence it IS seen.
Found in my dogs devotion and cat's purring eyes.
Felt it in and though me
Connecting me to the Earth below.
We are loved and rising together, always.
Recognize and recieve it now.. all we have known IS
In our hearts made manifest now.

So in awe and grateful always, always is my response for what I feel it means to accept the Divine gift, the encouragement and love.

Thank you All, that IS.

Kara Demonet 11th November 2015 6:51 pm

How extraordinarily beautiful you express the Love that you are, Spiritdiver!


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