The Beauty of Evolving Higher in Vibration & Consciousness

As you probably feel, we and Gaia have evolved to a much higher vibration…and it continues. This helps us take a leap in consciousness, which as you know, is at the core of all that life presents. It is why it is so important to meditate and merge with Soul, for one cannot shift their consciousness through thinking alone. It is done through shifting out of old patterns and aligning with our Divine Self; our Soul. This is the purpose of Ascension; to merge with Soul, so that all we think, do and be are of Soul; of Love. Change is essential, for we are shifting from being ego-driven to Soul-driven. Without these changes, one does not ascend. Yes, not all will ascend, for it is through Free Will and choice that one does so. Being spiritually sovereign means that it is up to each of us to choose our way. No one is doing it for us.

Because of this rise in Earth’s vibration, we also must rise in vibration and that takes staying positive, letting go of the fight (no matter if it is within you or in the world), and being a different person than we have been before. In other words, not being triggered by every little thing that happens and reacting to it, but choosing to look at circumstances from a different perspective and then responding. How would an Angel view your situation?

What does New Earth look like? Each being is free to be all that they are; they are Soul-merged. Everyone has more than enough, each is guided by Love and are in Joy, even when challenged (which is nothing more than an opportunity to evolve). This is what we are working towards and many are already living in this way. As each lives in accordance with their Soul’s Guidance, step by step we build the New Earth together. It takes each of us to change our behaviors and patterns and perceptions. We do this by following our Guidance in all ways. Those who choose not to raise their vibration and consciousness may find life very difficult, for there will be a great disconnect  between themselves and Earth’s continual rise in vibration. Our emotions, thoughts and physical bodies are all energy. What we feel and think affects everything else. If one knows that all is in Divine Order, without questioning why a certain thing is happening, then they rise in vibration. If one flows with what is, they raise their vibration. If one is in Joy, they raise their vibration. Do you see why it has been so important to make changes from being separate to being One…from being in fear to being in Love/Joy?

Everything we choose and have chosen takes us down a particular path, for we are creators. When we are focused on what is missing in our lives or anything negative, we create more of that; when we focus on the positive, we empower that. Of course, when we first surrender to what is, that which we are resisting loses its grip and then it is easier to then focus on the positive. In this way, we raise our vibration, which positively empowers our consciousness. It is all up to us. Remember that Love is much more powerful than fear, so when we are Love, we raise our vibration exponentially.

Know that everything is a stepping stone. We are not to stop at any particular place or truth. If we get so fixated on one thing or way, we stop our growth. This is all a part of the shift. Many cling to what they’ve always done or how they have been, and this keeps them stuck in an old pattern. Our purpose is to keep shifting, being in the Moment. In each Moment you will be guided. Follow it; it is Guidance from Soul. Plans may change, what you have always loved may shift; be it food, your work, an activity, friends, etc; let it be. We are to be free. We may want a particular structure or schedule and yet, that keeps us stuck. So let things shift and be spontaneous.

We are stepping beyond the rules of old Earth with its “shoulds and supposed-to’s.” We are free. We do not have to be held to our ancestry, our gene pool or our limited beliefs…passed down to us through cultural and familial mores. Think for yourself.  We are receiving new gifts as we let go of everything.  Letting go is not pushing away; it is allowing that which no longer serves you to be dissolved. That which is purposeful for you remains. As we step beyond the old Earth and its rules and cultural patterns, we unveil higher Truth. Our vibration and consciousness thus rise aligned with our Souls. There are upgrades to our current gifts and new ones are being presented. Our DNA is shifting and dormant Soul Codes are awakening…all designed to raise us higher.

There may be times when you need to disconnect from others and from your busy-ness. Often it is that when one is so busy with life and others, they miss the subtle, yet powerful, voice of their Soul. It truly is a gift to be in life and at the same time, be in the Moment with Clarity and Awareness. Then one can see where they are guided to be or not be.

When you are guided to slow down and rest, please do so. You may create a forceful slowdown if you do not listen. This is especially true if your fast pace is stressful in any way. The inverse is true as well. If you are not sharing your gifts enough, this too creates stress. There is a happy Balance to be created and by following your Guidance in each moment, you will be guided to that Balance. For many, this is letting go of control. If you have a belief that says “I need to do this” or “No-one else can do this but me” or “I’m supposed to do this,” let it go, for then Divine Order can create miracles through your Trust. Many are wondering what is next or what happens if they let go. Trust that you will be led by Soul (you).

You may be experiencing some physical adjustments now. Some experience dizziness or vertigo; this can occur as you are being attuned to higher vibrations. Also know this can happen as you travel unknowingly between dimensions. After all, you are a multidimensional being. You may also have visions of past, present and future all at the same time. If you are experiencing digestive distress like bloating, nausea, Solar Plexus discomfort or are in fear of dying, this can be due to the upgrade of your lower three chakras. If you are guided to see a health professional, follow your Guidance. If you experience discomfort in your upper chakras, such as in your head, this is you expanding multidimensionally. And if you are experiencing heart palpitations or discomfort, this can be your Heart Chakra being expanded and upgraded. Be sure to check within to see if this resonates with you, for you are your own authority. And when around others who may be vibrating lower than you, be sure to have boundaries, so that you do not take on others’ energies. We are in an intense time of shifting, releasing and upgrading. As we release old patterns and beliefs mentally and emotionally, the physical body must do the same. As we receive the higher vibrational energies, it also affects all parts of us, as there is no separation between our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual bodies. One affects the others. Think of a mobile. If you cut one piece off, there is a shakeup before balance is restored once again.

In October we will have another period of rapid acceleration. For those who have not made the necessary changes, this could bring some pain, for there would be an even greater disconnect between the new energies and their bodies. This period of acceleration brings with it a sense of detachment at first or feeling nothing is truly changing. And then the energy comes in and truly opens us up more and shows us just how much we have shifted.  During this time, each will experience new gifts or Awareness designed for wherever each is in their own Ascension. In the period of lull, take an inventory of the changes you have made and what still needs to shift. This will prepare you to receive the new influx of energy gracefully and without resistance. Remember that every little thing you are experiencing is for your evolution.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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