The Current Eclipse Cycle: Endings and New Beginnings

We are in a very powerful Eclipse Cycle. The Solar Eclipse was a huge shift for many…even if you didn’t especially feel like much was going on in your life. As I shared in the last Ascension Note, it was particularly powerful for relationships, including any old patterns that are still lingering in the deeper recesses of your subconscious. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will reach deeper into your being to shift any old energies, especially relating to how you are with others (including yourself).

One of the new ways of being is to let go of any need you have for closure. The separate ego likes things to be neat and tidy and have everything in a category. In the New, things flow and ebb. Energies fluctuate, so what you think is complete may move into a different form of expression. It is important to just allow things to be without closing the door to anything, for it could be that that door opens once again to a higher expression…or not. Whatever is for your highest evolution will occur. Let it be what it is without ego-definition.

However you are experiencing this Eclipse Cycle, know that you are exponentially rising in vibration and consciousness; becoming Soul. This is definitely a time of a powerful initiation into the higher realms of being. There will be times of great Clarity and Bliss along with periods of doubt, confusion and challenge. Flow with it all. When you experience times of perceived darkness, see what wants to be let go of; and when you are in Bliss, be ever so grateful, for Gratitude amplifies your evolution. When you flow with no attachment to how you think or want things to be, you evolve more in and as Love.

This is our most powerful shift yet (each shift is stronger than the last). There is more New than old and still we continue to transform and continue to increase in Light and vibration. During the Lunar Eclipse it will be important to be near water, even if it is to simply incorporate water in a ceremony. As you do, you empower the new Solar and Lunar codes, helping you to be New in many ways. These codes affect your entire being, especially physically since our bodies are mostly water as is Gaia. As we complete this Eclipse Cycle, we take a giant step in creating Heaven on Earth; both personally and globally. We are anchoring higher dimensions into ourselves and onto Gaia. And we may be more aware of receiving guidance and teachings from other high dimensional beings of Light. Of course, it is up to us to integrate these higher teachings into everyday life. You will be guided as to how to do that in profound and subtle ways (and sometimes not so subtle). So continue being in the Moment, free of desire, so that you can hear and feel your guidance.

As you receive downloads of Light (often these come when you are in that in-between state of sleep and sleeplessness), intend to receive through your Crown Chakra, then intend the Light to flow into your Pineal Chakra, and from there down your Ka Channels (there are 16 of them that flow down your aura). Your Ka Channels distribute the Light into your cells and DNA…into your entire body mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Be sure to stay grounded and centered during the day to integrate what you receive.

If others around you, who may not be awake, become angry and emotional, realize that they are receiving these downloads too; yet do not know what is happening. It is best to remove yourself from the situation and not become entangled in drama. When one receives Light and is not aware or awake, the Light hits their old issues creating an inner conflict. You can hold space for them and be Compassion, yet you needn’t explain or attempt to help them, for they may not understand anything you share. It is almost impossible to communicate with others who are not vibrating at the same level as you. Know too that these shifting times are affecting the Earth’s weather patterns, as we all can see. This Earth transformation will continue. Be Love and know what is occurring, without dramatizing the effects in “ain’t it awful” scenarios.

The water aspect of the Lunar Eclipse will most certainly empower your Creativity and you will explore new ways of being and interacting in your life. For those of you who are ready, there may be new projects and directions you are guided towards. And you may see many doors closing as well. If you find yourself in an “in-between” place, be patient and trust that in Divine Time you will be guided. Allow your multidimensional self to be more integrated. This means that you may let go of black and white perceptions and linear thinking. As you ebb and flow in Grace, you integrate your multidimensional body more and this raises your consciousness, which creates your New Life. Definitely this Eclipse Cycle has the potential to take us higher than we’ve ever been, which can indicate that our lives can change in amazing ways…if we are ready and willing to truly embrace a new way of living. Truly living in the New is more about being in the Moment, free from the past and future. This is Freedom. The past is the old; the future is created in the Moment without preconceived ideas or expectations. And really, the only place you can experience this Freedom is by being present right now.

While many have spoken of this particular time as the last opportunity to let go of 3D duality and the true beginning of the New, this is linear thinking and is way too exact in its “endings/beginnings/timetable.” We are doing this personally and how long or short it takes is up to each person. Yes, we have let go of so much and there are more layers to be revealed. And certainly there is no definitive time as to the ending of 3D and the beginning of the New, for we are moving forward sometimes in baby steps and sometimes in giant leaps, and oftentimes we feel like we’ve even taken a step backward. I want to say that we never go backward, yet we often are in a place of stillness. And it is in the stillness that can be most challenging, for then we must focus on what we are intending to create as well as have Patience and Trust while things are seemingly at a standstill.

We may be sad in the grieving of what and who has passed and that is perfectly fine. Some folks move quickly and some take their time; there are no rules or “supposed-to’s” as to how we proceed. We may grieve our own symbolic death; we may fight letting go, thus resisting further movement; however each being does it is perfect for them. And so we continue to let go and let be, and we continue to move forward without really knowing what we’re moving to. This is the way of the New…trusting the unknown; trusting in Soul’s Guidance.

I find it fascinating that the Christian celebration of Easter is the day after this Eclipse Cycle is complete with the Lunar Eclipse. I don’t see Easter traditionally, but rather as a symbolic birthing and it fits in with this Eclipse Cycle of endings and new beginnings. It speaks to an opportunity to leave the old behind and begin a new way of living life. We can use this symbolism to move forward in the New. It can be seen as an expansion of our own Source Consciousness and a time of seeming miracles. Miracles do have the potential not to be seen as “miraculous,” but rather commonplace in the New. And certainly, we experience these perceived miracles in everyday life, if we are awake and aware.

So let us be all that we have prepared to be and honor our birthright; that of being Love; One with all of life and the true mystics of Earth and beyond. Oh, we are so much more than we have believed ourselves to be, and that is the essence of Ascension. We are Divine; we are creators of life; we are all that and more, for we are Love.


Peter fox 27th March 2015 11:13 am

Beautiful and very informative Kara- Thank you and happy eclipse season!

COBALT 27th March 2015 11:33 am

A thorough and exquisite description of my experience thus far.

Deeni 27th March 2015 12:00 pm

Thank You, Kara.

Ditto, Peter and Cobalt.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

debs go lightly 27th March 2015 2:23 pm

Brilliantly helpful Kara thank you. Love to all as we go through this magical time.

Kara Demonet 27th March 2015 2:35 pm

Thank you Peter! :angel:

Kara Demonet 27th March 2015 2:36 pm

Thank you everyone! I very much appreciate your comments of Love!
Kara :angel:

FresnoHye 27th March 2015 5:05 pm

Thank you so very much!

ShelleyT 29th March 2015 4:45 pm

Thank you for a very clear synopsis of what is going on energeticly....Chapter & verse for me... Never heard of Ka sort of a cosmic fog right now...


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