Transforming Fear to Power

One of the most important things you can do is to release all fear. Having fear; no matter what it is related to; blocks you from being a powerful creator. Creating your life is your job in the New. No-one else can do this for you. There is no blockage; there is only fear of your Power. Fully accepting your Power to create and manifest is what is waiting for you. Nothing automatically happens; you (being the sovereign being you are) must take a first step toward that which you want to manifest...after you claim your Power. In fact, often taking a first step also activates your Power to create. Much is related to fear: all of the lower emotions like worry, doubt, shame, anger, control and all the others. Release the fear and step into your Power to create and manifest.

You are not alone in transforming anything; in fact, there has been a powerful whirlwind of energy available to you for any Opportunity you choose to manifest. While it helps you evolve, it also helps you release the old that you still may carry. This whirlwind can feel like being lost, feeling ungrounded, disconnected, sleeplessness, depression, headaches and other emotional and physical phenomena. This is true whether you are releasing or integrating. To access this Light, simply intend to receive. If you are still carrying your old wounds around, this Light can help you release and transform them. Your old wounds fester, affecting all aspects of your life, if they are not released. These wounds can be the result and perception that parents, past lovers, children, friends or anything in which you took on the perception of woundedness, did something to you. Once you release the wound, go deeper and find where you carry victim energy. This is the belief that things happen to you and not for you.

The New World. Do you think a brand new Earth is going to appear? No. The Earth remains the same, as you do...only different. It is your consciousness that shifts. The New Earth is here now. Being New means you see and experience through eyes of Love; not in the old way of seeing things in duality (good/bad, beautiful/ugly, right/wrong, etc.). When you are clear of the old, you see things through your Soul; your perfect self; Love. When you flow with Awareness, your consciousness shifts higher. There is no judgment or anger; there is only Divine Order. There is no resistance to perceived challenges; you flow through them with Grace. Suffering occurs when you attach to something; when you judge something and when you resist something. When you accept What Is as Divine Order, you flow. If it doesn't feel right, go into it with Awareness and find what you are to learn or change. 

When your consciousness expands, you experience Bliss. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life, you feel Bliss deep within. Your frequency remains high and continuously shifts as you embody the Truth of you; that of Soul; your most perfect self. When you accept the truth of you; that you are Love; you ground this Truth into every aspect of life. It may not yet feel comfortable, as it is so new and continually shifts. As it moves through you (through all your bodies, cells, DNA, electrical system, etc.) eventually you become comfortable with all the shifting, yet you will not create another comfort zone matrix, in which you stop expanding. The New is always shifting and expanding, so the only place to be is in the present moment so you may observe all from a detached place.

When you are detached, you flow. In the old, being detached meant you didn't care. In the New, Detachment is different in that you actually are more loving; you just don't get caught up in drama or judgment. Peoples' energy doesn't stick to you. You hold all in Love without the old desire to fix or save. You allow others the space to create their own lives without the need to tell them what to do or who to be. You do not compare yourself to others, knowing and trusting that each being is a powerful creator, as you are. If you find yourself wanting to fix or save or compare yourself to others, go into that energy and discover where you still hold fear and then accept it and release it. Know too that grounding this New within you feels different than grounding in the old. In the old, grounding solidified you to all of who you thought you were. In the New, grounding helps the New You be more anchored as you.

You may wonder how you fit with those in your family (especially) or friends or groups when you seem to be the only one who is evolving. Stay true to you and remind yourself that dimming your light to suit others does not help you or them; it keeps all in the status quo. You can be with others and still be who you are. The more you are your Authentic Self, the more your Light shines and the more your consciousness expands. You will find that your gifts grow, as opportunities do, and you will not have a tendancy to dip into 3D any longer. The higher you go, the less duality is a part of you. So the only thing to do is to be yourself and do whatever helps you keep your Light bright and your vibration high. Don't expect others, who may not want to shift higher, to be drawn to you. Some will reject you. Those who are ready to shift will be attracted to you. All is in Divine Order.

You may notice your physical body shifting as well as your mental and emotional bodies. What you used to like to do or eat or drink, who you liked to be with and many other things, may not appeal to you anymore. Your daily patterns are shifting. You cannot expect your physical body to act in the way it used to. Rather than fight or resist this, accept it; flow with the changes. Follow the rhythm of your body by tuning into it and asking it what it wants. When you feel disoriented or unsure, flow with what is being presented; you are merely expanding into being New. Stay in the moment and gently let go of the way you used to feel physically; this helps you flow with the changes.

You are not alone in this. While friends and family may drift away, you are surrounded and cheered on by many in the physical and beyond, who are choosing a new way of being too. Gaia is doing this as well; you may have noticed. She is letting go of lower energies. All is in a state of Transformation...dying to be born anew. There are those who blame lower energy entitities, like greys and lizzies, for the negativity that seems to be prevalent now. Don't buy into this. This is victim energy. You alone are in charge. You can choose to dwell in lower or higher energies; the choice is yours. If you do find yourself buying into the negativity, you can clear it by remaining positive, meditating, burning sage, using Roses or Rosewater or chanting positive mantras...or whatever you are guided to do to transform the energy. You are Love; are not a victim. If you work with guides other than your own Soul, don't connect with any being who just shows up. They could tell you they are so and so and they may not be who they say they are. Instead say this, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those that are lower in vibration must leave your space. When your energy is nothing but Love, you will not be drawn into negativity nor will it be drawn to you.

As you shift in more positivity; i.e; consciousness; you attract wonderful opportunities to be more. You do not have to control this or do anything to make this happen, as all occurs in alignment with who you are within. This is the purpose of clearing and claiming yourself as Love. When you are clear, you are nothing but Love and all you attract is of this vibration. It cannot be otherwise.



Cheri 29th January 2018 1:59 pm

Hi Kara, this is really an excellent article, thank you!! It is true that the only thing we can do is work on ourselves to raise our vibrations and detach from the old frequencies and patterns that we still have cellular resonance to, stuck in some old timeline just waiting to be lovingly acknowledged and released as healed forever within the old time matrix that is finally collapsing and dissolving right before our very eyes! Only the inner work changes our outer perceptions. And slowly we are seeing the new world evolve right before our very eyes.

We have to detach from this savior mentality looking for something outside ourselves to come and save us. We are seeing this amplified strongly in our community right now with these common themes of alien disclosure, monetary currency revaluation, cabal retribution and new republics being formed magically from the galactic federation or heavens above. All this is based in "need" and "lack", two themes being amplified on the grid right now and being mirrored with such emotional ferver within our community.

Cheri 29th January 2018 2:16 pm

None of the above scenarios will change anything in our world until we release our attachment to them. We will just create the next thing we "need" from the world around us to be happy. And we all know this never works as all the money in the world will never make us happy. I do acknowledge it might relieve our stress if we are in survival mode or homeless but the only path to permanent joy and bliss is through the kingdom of heaven within.

It is a difficult time right now of integration. We are all the things we see, we are the aliens, the angels, the demons, the galactics but most of all WE ARE OUR OWN SAVIORS.

The false time matrix is dissolving as we each withdraw from resonating to these old patterns. This is how we create the new free and clear from everything still tugging at us from the past. Not by looking outside for relief but by going inward to do the hard work and live in our truth and knowing. This is divine will in action and we are creating nova earth together by pulling ourselves out of the old one heart at a time!

Cheri 29th January 2018 2:23 pm

With so much love to us all as we get this figured out as we are creating this together for the first time ever. It has never been done before. But we must detach from the old to see the new. Soon we will be surrounded by just the here and now in an energy field of pure potential!!

Thanks again Kara for expressing your divinity and letting me share your blog to express mine!!

With love!!

Kara Demonet 29th January 2018 6:12 pm

Thank you, Cheri, for your comments. Blessed you "get" it all.

Love, Kara :smitten:

Toni 29th January 2018 7:18 pm

Well said Ladies...there has been a heavy wounded energy around of late. I siriusly don't know how people function in it. Its like dragging the pyramid of giza along for the ride. I asked my body to release it & next thing I know I'm reading a book I'd forgotten & balling my eyes out when one of my favourite characters dies. This triggered my own wounded grief of suppressed past within. Sky was raining at the same time as me, which was wonderful as I'd been asking for rain. Feels so much better when its out of my bod, there's usually expanded intel & inspiration to create...the energetic flow of love is no longer blocked by dna past. There's also the tears of joy with the happy ending for all who did survive the emotional battle.

I find the eclipse season always creates such an intensity it allows us to see or feel the shadow. To feel or once again suppress becomes our choice. I've noticed when suppressed shadow only cycles around bigger. When released by feeling... it cycles round smaller until it's no longer there


Toni 29th January 2018 7:22 pm

Saving or healing others was only ever a temporary gig in order to buy time for humanity to heal itself...and well we've already done that on the timeline unfolding before me. Heaven on Earth is now a Universal Reality. Haha...a new reality show for the Angels like the Kara Dashians here...

mwah... :smitten:

Kara Demonet 29th January 2018 9:30 pm

Thank you Toni.
I do want to remind you and Cheri that there are no more timelines; it's illusion. All is One. It's been interesting as I have recently learned of a Cathar lifetime and so that is wholing/healing.

Thank you both for your Wisdom.

Cheri 29th January 2018 10:38 pm

Hi Kara and Toni, so great to hear from you both! Well I am still collapsing timelines within time frames and past earth epochs but I am, and have been in service doing this specific work on the earth and astral plane to help ascend the planetary grid. We are still clearing the false time construct overlay on the grid. So much energetic grief in these time epochs stored accross the planetary grid. Power misused, stagnant, fragmented and lost creator energy unable to evolve. The time constuct and illusion was distorted within the photonic light pixels of plasma energy running on the grids.

I know we all needed to clear our own timelines and I am happy to hear that this has been accomplished.

I too feel tears are sacred Toni, so precious and cathartic.

Well onward we go, love you both!!


Cheri 29th January 2018 10:46 pm

Ps: goodness the Cathars went through so much abuse in our recent past. I am working in what we call the Noah timelines which are completely cataclysmic and the Isaiah timelines which are what I would call the epitome of the hell realms in the lower astral. It is heavy and dense and very suffocating.

Kara Demonet 30th January 2018 9:15 am

Toni and Cheri,
Oh my, I am humbled by your Wisdom and Work. Thank you for all you do and for all you are.

Love, Kara :smitten:

Cheri 30th January 2018 2:27 pm

Hi Kara, thank you so much for your gratitude! I wanted to clarify that I was just speaking for myself and the work I do as part of a soul agreement to help the planetary physical ascension as a gift of intense gratitude from the ascended masters. I used the term "we" meaning my multidimensional selves or team hahahaha!!

Miss Toni is also totally awesome in her own right as I have gotten to know her through this library.

And you too! I want to thank you too for all that you are and do in service as a divine communicator. It is so important we all connect and share as one heart and mind. Also to share our individual wisdom and assist each other with love and support in our own unique journey to self discovery and enlightenment. You put alot of heart and soul into these communications and it is acknowledged, shared and felt by us deeply!!

With love back atcha!!
I am Cheri from the soul monad of Hilarion, House of Ra, Order of the Seraphim

Toni 30th January 2018 9:31 pm

Lol... you're good for my ego Beautiful. :smitten: Thankyou & back atcha...What's that song from the Lego movie?... “Everything is Awesome”. Yes we R.

I've not heard this before, 'timelines are an illusion'. It's got my head spinning my with working out what perspective you're coming from...Soul soup or Galactic Mind... cos walking this physical density creates a timeline & free will gives it direction. It's not like the mind density where one can just think it and it timeline required.

I do see a future when All That Is has been integrated within this physical density where we manifest instantly yet what I know of density is there is always a timeline to walk before it's integrated. Like scaffolding before a buildings complete. It's how we integrate knowing...the path or timeline is walked from doubt to knowing yet once we know there's no longer any need for a timeline cos we go straight to knowing. Like my mum who would just know the answer of a mathematical equation without the timeline or process they teach us at school to create an answer.

Toni 30th January 2018 9:35 pm

This physical density's a new frontier universally, there's still much to know & complete to singularity or individualized consciousness before we can do away with the timelines. 300 yrs minimum according to the timeline I got.

Timelines would be an illusion from a physical density perspective when one is able to teleport & instantly manifest thought.


Cheri 31st January 2018 11:19 am

Thank you for your knowing on this Toni as I have been contemplating this whole time construct which we are finally getting to clearing as the final remnants of the mind control programming.

It appears that "time" itself is the illusion (which may have been what Kara was alluding to). It has to do with how the blueprints were genetically altered in the DNA sequences giving us this false illusion of linear time.

I am having all these dreams about being at work and not knowing what to do or worse not having enough to do and feeling dysfunctional in the work environment (hahahaha!). As we know the whole MK agenda revolved around the "time is money" and work, work, work. This whole false paradigm was being broadcast in our alpha brainwave states.

Kara if you are starting to remember timelines like the Cathar one you mentioned free and clear of emotion then this is a great sign our memory and simultaneous awareness is returning. Although I have gained lots of wisdom from clearing these timelines, I still have no memory or awareness of specific lifetimes.

Cheri 31st January 2018 11:27 am

There is great healing going on within our synaptic connections in the brain so we will be able to step out of linearity and accurately interpret the unified field of love all around us. We are returning to being one with the natural harmonic cycles of the earth free and clear of this old matrix yay!!

Toni you crack me up with your last email of hitches, glitches and sitches which accurately describes this whole reality shift hahahaha!! (so clever really funny!).

Hi Nikos!!

With love to us all on our journey back to organic wholeness within!!

Cheri 31st January 2018 11:59 am

Hi Nikos, I have to admit I am so envious of you being able to live in such a gorgeous country!! It is one of my dreams to sail the Mediterranean one of these days and gaze upon the ocean blue from ancient places like Santorini!!

Anyway regarding death or life ending. I think this is the number one top "fear" of us all even as awakened ones that know our souls are eternal and we never die still feel the finality of leaving the physical body. I think once our consciousness returns this will no longer be an issue as we remember and have conscious awareness of all our lifetimes, past, present and future existing within the oneness of now.

It is kind of a mind bending concept that I am just now getting a grasp on within. When we are whole within and DNA fully healed and vibrating on high mortality will not be an issue as it has been for eons with no memories intact from which to draw on. This was the great fall when our biology was disconnected and we could no longer remember or percieve we were all one and safe within the source of love.

Cheri 31st January 2018 12:09 pm

So this "new" we are starting to perceive and feel is our biology healing and returning to fully functional states free and clear of old emotions resonating from the past stuck in this false time matrix.

Everyone is feeling very frustrated and impatient for the ascension to occur which is part of the illusion of time clearing. Once free of this addiction to time we will realize this is a process and a wonderful journey to explore and expand ourselves. One of many past, present and future all existing now. This process will expand our experience so much in the physical but I still think nothing compares to being in our natural state of pure consciousness roaming the heavens and riding the light waves in pure joy!!

With love!!

Kara Demonet 31st January 2018 5:24 pm

Thank you Cheri;
I often refer to myself as a "Soul Scribe," as all comes from my own Soul.

Cheri 31st January 2018 6:45 pm

PS Toni: you know that heavy wounded energy you were talking about earlier has to do with Chiron, I have been hearing this in my clearing work but have no idea whether it is planetary or the Nephilim energy of the wounded healer.

With love!

Toni 31st January 2018 7:28 pm

Tis all wounded...Annanaki, Nephlim, Human, Earth, Sun & Galaxy. Like healing a cancer within an organ of the body of Universal Energy

Cheri..."nothing compares to being in our natural state of pure consciousness roaming the heavens and riding the light waves in pure joy!!"

Love this...yes this is the goal for the physical experience that pure joy riding these light waves within an ascended human body. No more time/space scaffolding

Much Love Beautiful. :smitten:

Toni 31st January 2018 7:44 pm

Might leave this here :)

'There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.' Washington Irving


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