We Are Beautiful Beings of Love

We are being bathed by beautiful energies of Love. This Love energy brings with it an upgrade to our Unity consciousness. As you know, Unity consciousness is Oneness. Oneness is the knowing (Heart-knowing) that all of us...human, animal, plant, insect and beyond Earth, etc...are connected by Love. If a person is not in their Integrity (the Truth of their Heart), they may speak, act and think divisively. Still, we are connected as One.

After I had been meditating for about five years, I was asked to offer a class to teach meditation. After resisting, thinking I had not meditated long enough to teach it, I agreed to the class. I would meditate before the class and ask my guides what to share. One time I called them to me and they came and then turned and walked away. I yelled (in my meditation), “Come back!” My head guide, a being who looked ancient and who carried a staff, returned and said, “You do not need us; you have become dependent on us; you are to work directly with your own Higher Self.” That was long ago and I do call on my initial guides to say hi once in a while. I share this story so that you understand that it is most important to work directly with your Higher Self/Soul, for we are sovereign beings.

When you meditate, you allow the energies to infuse you with Love. It is much easier to flow freely when in the state of meditation. When you are dependent on something outside of yourself, like someone offering you an activation, a psychic reading or have a dependency on guides or angels, it is more difficult for the energies to flow freely. When you meditate, you open and strengthen your Heart. When you don't meditate, your mind is engaged which sets up resistance. You are a sovereign being.

Meditation is not going somewhere else; it is staying in your body, grounded and allowing the energies to flow into and through you. Meditation is not an escape; it is becoming more you. When I first learned to meditate, it was great fun. I flew around and had wonderful adventures. When I was guided to stay in my body, it was not as much fun, yet I could feel the changes within me. Much has shifted through the years, as no two meditations are the same; just as we are different from yesterday, for we shift moment to moment.

Meditation is not separate from your everyday life. As you meditate, you change things in your life. You live purposefully. Your choices reflect your spiritual growth. All you do is conscious and based on how you resonate with a person, action and everything. You do not do something just because someone tells you to. You feel it and if it resonates, you make the choice to do a certain thing. If it does not feel right (it doesn't resonate), you don't go in that direction. Resonance isn't a thought process; it is felt within your Heart. Meditation helps to make this strong.

How you see others and the world is indicative of what you hold within yourself. If you see the world broken, something within is broken. If you see the world as dangerous, you hold much fear within. When you see the world as whole, loving and safe, that is who you are. When you complain, you actually can trace it back to something within you that you don't like and probably are in denial about. It is easier to blame or complain about others than it is to take Responsibility for your own deeper self. If your environment is rife with duality, your view will probably be more dualistic than not. If your friends and family are of the old, you might very well take on their energy, rather than have them rise to match yours. This is why it is important for you to be aware of your actions, thoughts and emotions and make changes if you are guided to. Go where you resonate and if that is spending time by yourself, then do so. There is an old belief that says it is “bad” not to spend time with others. This is not true in the New. Be where you are loved and supported, for this where you resonate. Follow your own energy; not that of others. Be still and then you will know where you belong and where you do not. When you resonate with someone or some place, it raises your vibration. When you are in lower vibrations, your vibration lowers. When your vibration is high, you resonate with others that vibrate as you do.

Whatever distracts you from your Divinity may be looked at and if you go beneath the surface, you may discover an old belief that is not Love or of the New. These are the things to let go of so that you may fill up with more Love. Hence, if you keep attracting the same scenario or notice an old pattern continuously repeating, see what it is you are holding onto. It is meant for us to be Joy and Peace and Love. Many disagree, saying it is O.K. to have emotions such as depression, anger and other lower energies. It is if you understand that there is a belief that is creating them. Is it O.K. for you to feel Joy, Peace and Love? Do you feel worthy to experience these?

Being in Nature is wonderful for you. There is so much to learn from Nature. There is no judgment; no duality; all flows. When in Nature, your vibration lifts high; you feel Love and loved. The Elementals and Fae fill you with all Love. Do you know that every plant has its own deva? Nature automatically knows when to grow and when to be still. It is no wonder we strive to be natural. Being natural is being centered in Love and grounded in Truth.

When we are centered and grounded in our Divinity, we serve as channels of the high dimensional Light. This is Divine Service without labeling it. Our Presence is more than enough, as long as we keep our consciousness and vibration high without the distractions of the old. Some will be guided to share their Light in a more structured way. It matters not how you share; as long as you realize that it is your consciousness that you share and not necessarily a plethora of techniques, for techniques are of the intellect. However, in your sharing, perhaps you will be guided as to how to share your Light/Love. Basically, it is not technique that helps; it is the Love you share. 

You feel it; you see it...life is new. So much has shifted and will continue to shift. Stay out of judgment, for the changes you experience may not be what you expected. There is still a disintegration of the old, so instead of bemoaning what looks like a very old way of being, stay focused on living your life as purposefully as possible. Trust that all is unfolding in Divine Order. You may experience a return of initial ascension manifestations, especially in your physical body, for we continue to calibrate the higher energies. It may look as though things are going backward; they are not (nothing goes backward).  It is a clearing of what did not transform earlier. It may seem as though duality is stronger and yet, this is actually a wake-up call to the masses to stop closing their eyes to what is occurring within them and around them. Being conscious is not an easy task when one has been dozing. What has been hidden, whether within or in the world, is being revealed. This includes all that is not Love and all divisiveness, as well as all the Beauty and miracles. No-one will be able to stay in denial. So, we who have done our work and have stay centered in our light, serve as wayshowers for the general population, who may complain and blame, yet they cannot deny that they and the world are changing.

This is the beginning. Be congruent with Love. Flow on the wave of Grace. Be thankful for who you are. As you keep your vibration high, you hold the space for others who are awaking. Let your stories of the past go. Be in the Moment only. Be Love, be Honesty, be Integrity, be Joy and be Peace. Stay out of drama and be still. Listen without judgment and feel the Truth. Have all your thoughts, feelings and actions be of Love. Be the Compassionate Observer and be evermore patient with yourself and others.

As higher beings, which we are, we must not interfere with others' choices, for all have free will. We teach and heal/whole by being true to ourselves and shining our Light no matter where we are or who we are with. Namaste.



BarbaraRoses 6th February 2017 6:21 pm

How amazing ...
Delightfull meditation
Thank you!!!

Kara Demonet 7th February 2017 12:14 am

Thank you for commenting, Barbara. :smitten:


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