This is not an Ascension Note; it is something I wrote that I intended for the Spiritual Musing page on my website, only it doesn't work, so I'm posting and sharing it here:

What Is The Difference Between Wholing and Healing? 

Healing is an old term. It indicates that one seeks fixing from the “healer;” yet, unless the two are on the same vibratory level, nothing occurs. Wholing is the recognition that one is already whole in Truth. Wholing does not take Power from another, as healing does.

When a person seeks healing from another, they give Power to the one they choose to heal them. Wholing does not do this, as both are on an equal vibration. There is no seeking to be “fixed,” for both recognize that they are whole. Wholing does not take Power from the other, knowing that the other is capable of wholing themselves.

Regardless of what you have read, The Christ knew that every person was capable of self-wholing. He merely helped the other see the Power within themselves. Much of what He knew was passed to Him by His mother. The wholer does not take Responsibility for fixing the other, but recognizes that the person is already whole and a powerful sovereign being of Love/Light. The wholer simply helps the other see that they are responsible for all in their life and helps the other see what is blocking their own Light. Wholers also see that in Truth there is no other, for all is a mirror of themselves, showing where the wholer is also blocking their own Light.

The wholer works with one's Soul for the highest Truth and shows this Truth to the one desiring wholing. Wholing is nothing more than removing what no longer belongs. This can be illustrated by the story of the Pieta: Michelangelo was in the square with a large block of marble. A little boy was watching him as Michelangelo began chipping away, revealing the masterpiece within the block of marble. When Michelangelo finished, the little boy asked, “How did you know that was in there?” 

This story symbolizes wholing. The wholer helps the other see what they may let go of; that which no longer belongs, revealing the masterpiece within. Of course, the person receiving this information may choose to release or not. 

The wholer also knows that after a person releases, it must be replaced by Source Love; as after a person releases, a void is created. If it is not filled up with Love, the old returns to fill the void. A person may want to fill the void with what they choose and yet Source Love is much grander than anything a person can think of; this is because thoughts are limited and limiting.

Words are important, for they actually reveal what beliefs a person holds in the subconscious. Many use words without Awareness. They simply use words they are used to using without understanding that the words they use keep old 3D beliefs intact. If one doesn't consciously use words, they empower the old, and then don't understand why they keep creating the same situations repeating themselves. Healing is such a word; it is of the old.


Liza Elliott 1st July 2017 9:16 am

"You are blocking your own Light."

Thank you, Kara, for sharing with us a way to experience and to communicate the shift from a "Healing" paradigm to one of "Wholing".
- A way to emphasize the difference between "Doing" and "Being"
- A way to move from sympathy to empathy.
-A way to step back and allow others their sovereignty with compassion.
-To recognize the subtleties between Fear (Healing) and Love (Wholing).
-To remember that there is No Other.

Words do matter.
Words create.

I can't imagine why this didn't "work"for your Spiritual Musing page. Seems pretty "Spiritual" and pretty "Musing" to me!
I'm so glad that you shared it with us. Although I already "knew" this, I literally experienced a shift as I read this. It made a difference to me!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Love, Light and Blessings.

GAF 1st July 2017 10:42 am

YOUR definition of healing is so off.

Healing is NOT done by someone else. A GOOD "healer" is NOT giving you THEIR energy, they are allowing healing energy to flow THROUGH them. If they are giving you their own energy they don't know what they are doing, but that doesn't make healing what you said it was.

But I say "healer" in quotes because the one who needs to heal is the one doing the healing FOR THEMSELVES. The "healer" CAN help though. But yeah, realizing that you yourself are your own healer is key, whether you solicit the help of a "healer" or not.

A person doesn't have to utilize a "healer". A person doesn't have to read your drivel either and yet they do. You're counting on them to do so, but they don't need you any more than they need a healer.

Healing is what one does FOR themselves to be WHOLE. Duh.

Just because you describe / define healing to be something it's not and hence can make "wholing" sound so much better doesn't mean that's The Truth.

Kara, whichever way you want to define it or whatever, just YOU get your inner work done already!

GAF 1st July 2017 10:48 am

But Kara, I'm sure you'll please some lightworker's inner demons today because you're basically telling them they don't need to heal... to only be whole.

But healing is how one gets whole. Hmm.

Healing allows one to release the old, to do one's own shadow work, to face all facets of themselves. Many lightworkers like to avoid that like the plague.

You can connect to Heaven all you want, but you're to deal with this Earthly realm and if you don't tend to your own darkness you are not healed or whole, nor will you be ascending.

You can call it whatever you want but your shadow work only goes away by doing it. You can't talk or dance your way around it... and you don't want to. Just get your healing work done already.

GAF 1st July 2017 11:24 am


Words ARE important. How's about not encouraging others to stop their healing process?!

"Healing" is not OF the old. Healing is what allows you to release the old. If you release healing before you are done with it, you are not fully releasing the old.

If you're not healed, you're not whole... no matter how much you try to fool yourself.

Toni 3rd July 2017 12:31 am

:2funny ... lol the tut tut of semantics eh..

When one is whole, healing is of the old....sovereignty takes its place.

I was a healer for a couple of decades once... Healing myself to whole. Healing others was only ever temporary. I would heal myself within the nexus yet I discovered that most only wanted to be healed so they cold go back to the patterns that resulted in their need for healing in the first place. Loopty Loopy loop.

Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 9:49 am

Semantics, it is! Toni. :)

I too have spent many years trying to "heal" others, only to find that they want "the healing" in order to maintain their own way of being without taking responsibility for what they were creating.

Realizing that there is only One and that those "Others" were merely facets of my own being, I now simply observe when they arise in my awareness, turn my attention inward to see where, within myself, I need to release anger, fear or whatever form it takes when it arises. None of it is "out there". It is all within me.

For me personally, I like Kara's term "Wholing" because it shifts MY attention from "Other" to ""Self". From "effort to 'fix' self or other" to "release that which blocks my Light", having recognized that there are misperceptions on my part, and that there are parts of me that need to be addressed.

I can "heal" those parts. Or I can "whole" those parts. It really doesn't matter. There is a subtlety in the energy of the word "Wholing" that shifts my attention to focusing "within" rather than "without". I feel that subtlety.


GAF 3rd July 2017 10:50 am

Yes, semantics are REALLY silly when one word (heal) MEANS the other word (whole). Whole is the word origin of heal. Doh! They are one in the same. Some of this is about how our language has been corrupted and people don't understand that so here is someone tell you that "whole" is a better word when "heal", a word which comes from "whole". And that word "heal" clues you in on how to get to "whole"... by healing.

I had to laugh that I heard someone who recently completed say that if they had had instructions ahead of time (which they DID more than likely have... from the Divine) for their ascension process, they still probably would not have followed the instructions as they would probably be looking for a shortcut or something. They were being honest and also represented many lightworkers well with that statement.

You wanna be whole? Then heal. Trying to cheat the process only results in you cheating yourself.

GAF 3rd July 2017 11:11 am

But healing can be work can't it?! Many lightworkers like the idea of being whole without the work of healing.

I also find it interesting that people are still assuming that healing is about healing others. Technically no one else CAN heal you, only you.

But others CAN and DO facilitate in one's healing. Those of us who are complete, we ALL here are facilitating others' healing with our sheer presence. There is really never a time when others don't play a role in one's healing.

And healing is about more than someone "laying hands" on you. Things said or situations can be healing or trigger healing episodes.

GAF 3rd July 2017 12:51 pm

Lightworkers have had a fascination with healing others as evidenced by things said here about healing being about others. Their focus is still "out there" instead of "in here". This is how lightworkers have denied the Responsibility of their own Individuation.

In the Age of the Selfie your own healing is your grand opportunity to make it all about you.

It would better serve them AND others to tend to their own healing instead of thinking that they can heal someone else. Within that idea of healing someone else is an attachment to others' choices and experiences which you don't have control over. But you do have something resembling control over your own process, mostly, you can quit resisting it, in a variety of ways. One way is just that - turn your focus inward instead of trying to heal someone else.

Nothing you do even approaches assisting others in their healing the way that knocking out your own healing does. Focus on healing / making yourself whole.

And after your own completion, don't then deny your Collective connection by denying your Service work to / for others.

Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 1:36 pm

For me, the purpose of "Others" in our awareness IS to allow us the ability to see a reflection of ourselves to see what needs to be healed within ourselves. And so yes, "Things said or situations can be healing or trigger healing episodes." And as you say, "others CAN and DO facilitate in one's healing." The inherent completeness of each of us facilitates "others' healing with our sheer presence." "There is really never a time when others don't play a role in one's healing."

There is also (technically) never a time in Reality that Other exists. So as you say, "Technically no one else CAN heal you, only you."

Can healing be work? I have found it to be so in my experience, in the traditional sense of the word. It is, however, "work" that I enjoy because the benefits are so visible and evident in my world. For me, it is FUN, it is Discovery, Release and Freedom.

Blessings to you,

GAF 3rd July 2017 1:59 pm

I would agree with you on the work thing. I don't see "work" as a dirty word. Both literally and figuratively, we are doing a Labor of Love here.

But some folks obviously do see "work" as some horrid thing, something to be avoided. It will be horrific for them as long as they think it is. And the horrors of the old will remain in their lives until they bother to.. do that healing work.

"There is also (technically) never a time in Reality that Other exists."

That is true. But in this experience it doesn't serve one to deny their Individuated experience. Collectives don't technically "do" or "be" much of anything, but the individuals within a collective do.

I find many lightworkers do their damnedest to deny the Responsibility of their own Individuation and yet also try to deny their Connection to the Collective, especially when the word "service" comes up. Again, something they try to avoid. Their own soul mission. *shaking head*

GAF 3rd July 2017 2:54 pm

"For me, the purpose of "Others" in our awareness IS to allow us the ability to see a reflection of ourselves to see what needs to be healed within ourselves."

"Mirroring" is certainly something for folks to be aware of, but it's not the end all, be all. It's not the only way that Life and the Divine have to bring info. And not all one sees in others is about what needs to be healed in themselves.

"Others" have all kinds of useful purpose in our lives... if we let them.

Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 3:08 pm

It IS important to experience ones individuated experience. Why else bother to be here.

"There is also (technically) never a time in Reality that Other exists." helps me to remember in dealing with "Others" that rather than expressing rage, anger, fear at others, that what is bothering me about "them" is really about ME. If I feel a need to attack, that is about me, not whomever I perceive to be in my awareness that is deserving of being attacked from my perspective. I am therefore able stop, to acknowledge that I feel anger, hurt, fear, betrayal or whatever, look within to see where that emotion is coming from, and shift my perspective so that I "become the change (I) want to see in the world".

This works for me. I cannot speak for others. I speak only from my experiences and my preferred way of Being.

There is an infinite number of ways to experience this Earth plane, and an infinite number of responses one can receive from any given exchange. It's all designed for our learning. Fortunately for me, I love to learn.


GAF 3rd July 2017 3:20 pm

As I've said, people try to cheat the process. Someone heard the word "healing" and it resonated... deeply, so much so that they had a knowingness of what was required, yep, work... and facing oneself and their demons / fears / disempowering programs / conditioning / belief system. So then someone else says something about "raising one's frequency". Their reaction was kinda like, was it in the Hobbit "Ooh, my pretty" about sparkly things. That "raising frequency" thing sounded so much more appealing than "healing" and yet, gee, just how do they think they will raise their frequency... but through healing. What? Healing is a chore and raising one's frequency is like waving a magic wand?

Just silly humans fooling no one but themselves.

Football cheer - knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it. Just git' er done already. Stop dreaming up new ways to express it as some way to try to kid yourself you can avoid it.

And "whole" being the word origin of "heal" - it's about getting back to the True Vibration of words, not inventing new words out of self-deception.

GAF 3rd July 2017 3:29 pm

Yes, understanding mirroring certainly helped me a lot... but so did other things. I'm sure those "other ways" do / can / will help you also. It's not so black and white as "this works for me and something else works for someone else". It might ALL be working for "da bode a' ya" (as a friend of mine says) whether you are conscious of it or not.

Basically, why limit yourself to learning ONLY through mirroring. Has it occurred to you that others have some issues that you don't? Hmm. Then what? Do you suspect yourself of having those issues just because you have observed them in others? Not a bad place to start, no doubt. But that's just not how it ALWAYS ends up.

Knowing what is yours and what is other's is a big part of this whole process also. Taking on what is other's is no better than putting what is yours on them.

Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 3:36 pm

Your need to change others. . . is your need to change yourself.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


GAF 3rd July 2017 3:42 pm

Ah, you finally decide to quit beating around the bush and speak directly to me. Good girl. Much better communication there.

I AM that change you speak of. I'm sorry you can't perceive it... yet.

GAF 3rd July 2017 3:48 pm

As I said here:
"Knowing what is yours and what is other's is a big part of this whole process also. Taking on what is other's is no better than putting what is yours on them."

Just keeps coming back to Individual Responsibility. You want your Power? It goes hand-in-hand with taking Responsibility.

GAF 3rd July 2017 3:57 pm

Evil enters the world when so-called "lightworkers" put out dis / mis-info and good humans fail to say something about it.

Yep Liza, I'm calling bullsh*t. Yes I AM. I don't want the next round of lightworkers to be thinking they don't need to heal 'cuz hey self-proclaimed guru Kara said wholing (whaling keeps coming up in autocorrect, lol) is the way to go.

Yep, I'll call whoever on whatever. And THAT my dear is how one brings light to a world of darkness. Yep, that light causes chaos. Yep, it stirs the pot. Your pot.

Watch and learn how light work is done honey.

Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 6:45 pm

I do recognize who you are, GAF.

It is you, who does not recognize me.

"I revere the Light in you."

"Love thy neighbor. The rest is just commentary."

GAF 3rd July 2017 7:07 pm

I see you. ALL of you. Even the parts you deny. 'Cuz I don't judge those parts the way you do. I will point 'em out though. You're welcome. You'll need to address ALL those parts, at all levels... to be whole.

Namaste already. *yawn* Yeah, yeah, the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you. Sophomore!

Love thy neighbor AS THYSELF. People always forget to put and keep themselves first - Self-Love, Self-Respect, SELF-HEALING. Git 'er done!


Liza Elliott 3rd July 2017 7:21 pm

Thy neighbor IS Thyself.

GAF 3rd July 2017 7:39 pm

Now you're catching on.

Yep, heal yourself because that is what helps your fellow human heal.

Are YOU showing the utmost in "loving thy neighbor" by tending to your own inner / healing work FIRST?!

Toni 3rd July 2017 11:20 pm

Hi Liza, hugs…sorry about the attack dog barking at you…looks like he was going for the jugular…down boy, pat, pat… My dad was a bit like that…there was only ever one perception…his.

Been thinking about what you said and wholing to me would mean changing or addressing the pattern. Healing from my experience has only ever been a bandaid that very rarely changes the pattern.

Mission wise however, healing did buy us the time we needed to get the public internet happening and for all the truth that was hidden to be exposed…So it did & is serving. We have all the time in the universe now & are manifesting a new pattern where the foundation is truth followed by communication and respect before we add the freedom and self centred passion. We realize now that putting passion as a foundation with the old world was an experiment that didn’t go anywhere except annihilation. Take 2. or haha at this point I think its more like Take at least a few thousand. I am as surprised as everyone else at our tenacity.

Computers only reflect our minds…Physical reality reflects our wholeness.


GAF 3rd July 2017 11:32 pm


Too funny. You don't care to talk TO me either. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. You all do passive aggressive quite well. Bravo! Toni, with that whole barking attack dog bit, you might want to try on Liza's mirroring for size there... albeit a rather passive aggressive attack dog at that.

You all have been so entertaining. Like watching children play. Always a pleasure to check in on the kindergarteners and see if they've got their big kid pants on yet.

Your perceptions of things are DEFINITELY amusing. Projection and all.

GAF 3rd July 2017 11:57 pm

And Toni, you just gotta chime in on trying to make healing sound like such a bad thing. LMAO. Too frickin' funny! What a frickin' choir to join. Typical "lightworkers". LOL Perhaps "false light".

Let me guess, you've got a real, "I'll show them" kinda thing going on right now, eh? By what? Not healing? Gee, I wonder who that's gonna affect the most. Could it be... you?!

Like the old thing about hate is a poison you give yourself thinking someone else will die. Ah, ha, ha. Toni and Liza and Kara are going to not heal just to show all the rest of us. :-0

Ah, ha, ha. How's that working out for ya?

And all of this fun entertainment all because Kara has no clue that "heal" and "whole" are the same word and who also has no idea what healing is based on how she defined it, which indicates that she is not healed / whole herself... if she's been looking to someone else to heal her.

Toni 3rd July 2017 11:52 pm

Sometimes we need to invent new words because there is no word within the spoken language to explain.

I find that with every event or in this case invent haha(the invention of the word wholing) there are 720 degrees of perception… and this perception can only be arrived at through ones past experience. When one cannot see beyond who they are into the whole picture they tend to attack… It’s always the person having the reaction that needs to heal… Kara is merely a catalyst throwing around an idea.

I’m no saint…I only know cos I’ve been there done, done that. Only way to change reality was by recognising the pattern and whenever I was in the emotion (one cannot change a pattern by thought alone) to change my reactive pattern…layer upon layer upon layer. It makes no difference what word its called.

A sovereign person allows all and doesn’t feel a need to heal, fix or change anyone. That doesn't mean they don't when a loved one asks and one can see they are genuine to change patterns. Compassion doesn't disappear. It's adjust no longer a major focus.


Toni 3rd July 2017 11:55 pm

Lol... Kara drops a word bomb and makes a hasty exit…haha, hehe, hoho….smart.

GAF 4th July 2017 12:01 am

Toni, you keep saying "attack". Who is "attacking"?

Do you imply me? If so, no, I'm not.

The question then to ask yourself is why do you SEE / perceive it as an "attack"?

GAF 4th July 2017 12:27 am

Why is it that all you passive aggressives, a whole gaggle of ya, think you can passive aggressively try to browbeat, bully, shame or look down your nose at someone who just has a dissenting view.

Why is my expression here bothering YOU so? I'm doing the same thing everyone else here is - expressing. But because you all "agree" or think you do, you're somehow the "good guys" (dualistic and judgy much?) and the one dissenting must have issues or something.

Do you even really agree (ya know, that healing is such a bad thing, LOL) or are you all just knee-jerk re-acting, in a disempowered way, to jumping to each other's defense, because you can't trust the next person to take care of themselves, you just have to jump in and play savior against the evil "villain", the role you'd so like to cast myself or whoever in who comes to stir your pot. That's your disempowering programs fighting for dear life. That all is so very passive aggressive, the whole victim / villain thing. Ah, ha, ha.

Are your hands even ON your big kids pants to start pulling 'em on yet?


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