13th Vortex & Lions Gate Activation

Dear Ones, I AM Gabriel,
I will now speak on vortices in this time of Ascension.

You may ask, what is a vortex? A vortex simply put, is a spiraling stream of energy that contains Light patterns/codes. The origin of all creation, whether it be the human structure or a planet with sacred sites, can be traced through vortices.

Your Earth has 13 major vortices, or 12+1. Each vortex has a specific ray of Light, and each soul has a corresponding relationship with a specific ray & vortex. Those in harmony with the Light patterns will be magnetized to the vortex which matches their personal encoding. Once one has activated their own vortex within, they will be drawn to and resonate with one or many on Earth. People from all over the world are being drawn to these vortices. They represent the foundation stones upon which a smooth transition into higher vibrational reality can be made. These vortices are a result of choices made by souls & groups of souls who acknowledge the contribution that Love has been lighting the way.

The 12 Vortices are the main vortices that are primarily used in the ascension process. They have doorways that are open now to help bring in the Light. These 12 main vortices resonate with the 12 strands of our DNA, which the Light from these vortices is beginning to awaken.

There are the 12 + 1 major vortices, and some minor ones. The major ones are: all pyramids and all the temples around the world (considered as one vortex), The Vatican, Iran, Cairo, Easter Island, Macchu Picchu, Jerusalem, Tibet, Sardinia, North & South Poles, and the Equator.  Some of the ‘minor’ vortices are: Aswan, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt, Capetown, So. Africa, Crete, Delphi, Ayers Rock, Australia, Lourdes, Mt. Everest, and many more. Some of the American vortices are: Sedona (many), Atlanta, Georgia, Big Horn Medicine Wheel, El Capitan, Arizona, Four corners, Arizona, Ocala national forest, FL, Niagara Falls, Okeechobee Lake, FL, Vancouver, BC, Yellowstone Falls, and many more. The major vortices are linked to the minor ones, forming a grid. And our inner vortex is linked to the major ones, as part of one grid or web of Light.

You may ask, "How Can I Be in Harmony with the Light?" To be in harmony is to step with one's natural order of evolution & be synchronized with the flow of Universal events. By exemplifying only Love, being free of fear & doubt & open to change & acceptance of others, you will greatly enhance this process, Dear Ones.

In regards to your personal coding, these "codes" reveal not only the blueprint for your role in life, but also the pathway for soul evolution beyond the 3rd dimension.

Let me tell you, Dear Ones, the vibratory frequencies of Earth's elements are now being raised, reducing the density & limitations of matter. As this happens, your state of consciousness becomes expanded.

I will now speak of the 13th Vortex.

This vortex holds a special role in Earth's period of transition. It is sometimes referred to as the energy "capstone," for not only does it contain all encodings of past & present Earth cycles, it also holds the activation codes that initiate the final  sequence of events for the ascension & beyond. The 13th vortex is the Egyptian Great Pyramid; the pyramid near the Sphinx is the main vortex.

The Lemurians and Atlanteans, who primarily migrated to Egypt, were the ones who had not separated into dual reality; it was they who became the Pharaohs, the winged Pharaohs. They were asked by the ArchAngels to migrate and begin to live among and teach all humanity.

A new Light Pattern is now being projected, Dear Ones, this 13th Light Pattern is equivalent to a grand tuning fork. Are you in harmony? (Note from Kara: some time ago, I mentioned that there was a 13th strand of DNA added to us; this is what Gabriel speaks of.) Your 13th strand of DNA is preparing itself to be activated and aligned with the 13th Vortex.

The Light now is shining ever so brightly! Once you begin to accept this integral part of a greater plan, then it will be clear why it is so important to be in harmony with what is taking place. The old patterns must be released now to make way for the changes. Are you willing to let go of all the old patterns? If there is resistance to the change, then it will be only through great ordeal that the purposes of the highest frequencies will be realized.

The very first & most important thing to do is to let go of your human drama by exemplifying only Love. One needs to be free of fear & doubt & be open to change & the acceptance of others; this alone will greatly enhance the process. The way is awareness of your actions & thoughts at all times. It is important to be able to express this Love that is within. It is just a matter of loving yourself and all that comprises your life, including all thoughts and actions.

This Love for "All That Is" eventually may pull you into another preferred environment, and it is essential to the process that you change your attitude right now. Love yourself in the way that you would like another to love you. If you can get caught up in this love for yourself and for "All That Is," you will realize wisdom and joy - for what else would Love provide?

Perhaps this sounds a little too easy after all the struggles you have been through on Earth. But maybe, just maybe, you will get so entangled in this Love that you will not have time to replay the past, or worry about the future. Let go of your doubts and fears by becoming aware at all times of your thoughts. Begin to change these thoughts of fear to Love, for the Love of which I speak of is unconditional - it has NO polarity or opposing force. This is all important, as you become more and more filled with Light, the dark will be more present. Do you not see that now? All duality is of Light and dark; Oneness is only Love.

The way home is through the vortices of your consciousness.

So, Dear Ones, I will leave you now with this question,” Are you willing to let go now of your human drama?" This question I give to you should be taken quite seriously, because right now the higher frequencies are affecting ALL of Earth’s creations, including YOU, Dear Ones. "All Shall Be Made New."




This is a time of great change. If you choose, you can make deep inner changes that will enable you to recreate your life based on the deep truths that have been revealed during the intense downloads of Light of the last few months. Each time we experience a download of Light, energy is directed into aspects of yourself and your life that are in great need of healing, change and transformation. Major issues are brought to the surface to be purged and transformed and now many of the deepest and darkest individual and collective issues are being gifted with the opportunity for profound healing and transformation. This crucial wholing and transformation will allow for true evolution to occur encouraging and enhancing the current shift in consciousness.

As we transform, a new perspective and a new life is discovered. If we allow ourselves to trust that those uncomfortable places within us are revealed, we will find a way forward that is filled balance and peace. By allowing ourselves to be present in our issues of old, along with our fears, we can allow the old to dissolve and the Light (New) to take its place.

We are required to move into new levels of conscious awareness. This brings us an experience of joy, spontaneity, creativity and enthusiasm into our lives. As the energy of this time surges through us, releasing the old, our ability to fully embody our Divine Nature improves. As you release old wounds and negative patterns we are able to connect with our Hearts and experience compassion and unconditional love, enabling us to reveal and heal any lingering fears with compassion and love.

In the past few months, we have had the opportunity to surrender and release old, limiting belief patterns, making it possible to reconnect with our Hearts and rediscover humility and compassion. These powerful changes and transformations have and will continue to create intense and dramatic changes within our lives, consequently affecting and initiating very necessary changes worldwide.

So, here we are, sitting squarely in the center of a huge Light activation, which is enhanced and supported by the recent solar flare activation and a major astrological event. This gateway is big and its effects continue for the next few months. If ever there was a time to be clear and release the old, it is Now.

I have noticed that the more we can be in our feeling-state, the easiest this transition is. I no longer read with my intellect, but I feel my way through, tossing out what doesn’t feel correct and embracing the codes within the words. Each word carries an energy that limits or transforms. So as we, on this day, sit within this powerful gateway, we also may access harmony and balance by opening up and embracing the Light that is present. Where is your attention? Our bodies are integrating Source Light into our subconscious and conscious bodies. We may feel euphoric at times and have an incredible optimism, as we open up to receive.

The Lion’s Gate connects us to our 13th DNA strand and the 13th vortex. Feel it today and throughout tomorrow. Visualize the infinity sign often, for that is the energy that is coming into us. The encodings are that of the Divine Heart, carrying unlimited potential and allowing for the activation of our divinity. Do you feel it?

I want to thank those of you have consistently donated. I appreciate each and every one of you. Do email your comments to me; I would love to hear from you.



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