2nd Harmonic Convergence, Eruptions & New Cycle

As some of you might know, during this Full Moon the second Harmonic Convergence took place. The first one was in 1987, and while it had a great effect on me personally, I noticed that after that auspicious date, many of us noticed that there was more of a serious nature to our spirituality. It was like the Universe said, “OK, time to grow up and begin to remember who exactly you are.” Before that date, it seemed to be more lighthearted and not to be taken too seriously, and after that date it seemed that we realized it wasn’t just fluff, but a real way of living.

Since I never really saw anything about this second Harmonic Convergence till it was almost ended, I did Ceremony and made intentions, as I did in 1987. This was yesterday. Last night, in my dreamtime, I was given some information. The way this happens for me is that I am awakened constantly with the same information repeatedly given to me. I know that it’s so I won’t forget and that I will share it with others. My information comes from my main Guide, Alorah, along with the Emissaries of Light and particular Archangels. A visual accompanied this information.

We have our five higher dimensional chakras ready to go. They are aligned in higher dimensions directly above our Crown Chakra. I was shown that we have these tubes emanating from our Crown that reach for the higher chakras, thereby creating a connection in order to receive. They then are channeled from our Crown to our Pineal Gland and down our Ka Channels, which interface with our electrical system and feed our cells and transform our DNA. You see, we still have choice. The higher dimensions never interfere with us, so on some level; we need to invite these energies to us either consciously or unconsciously by our Higher Selves/Souls.

I was also told that instead of thinking the Veil is thinning and therefore, we have more visuals of other dimensions than ever before, this is actually who we already are! There is no Veil; we simply have forgotten to tune into what’s already there. It’s that we are awakening and remembering all the gifts we have had all along. Cool, huh?

And now, for current energies:

Heart Center Enhancement

We are being initiated into a fuller expression of our Heart Center. Our Heart Centers are being enlarged and upgraded to include our thymus, which is often called our Higher Heart Center. So, if you can visualize your Heart Center as much larger and one that includes the Solar Plexus and Thymus (halfway between our Throat and Heart Center), it is how large our Heart Chakra is now. The color is going from green to aquamarine to blue and includes 4th-6th dimensions. Interestingly, I was gifted Blue Lotus essential oil from Egypt a few months ago and I am so drawn to this oil, as it somehow reminds me of ancient times. Now, I understand why it’s the only oil I use...it has helped to bring my Heart Center to the 6th Dimension.

The enhancement of our Heart Centers also activates our 6th Dimension Light Bodies. In regard to the Solar Plexus mentioned above, for the last few years I have noticed that some peoples’ Solar Plexus has merged with their Heart Centers. So, this process has been in the works for some; and probably for many. Having these two chakras merged leads us to ‘thinking with our hearts,’ necessary for our ascension.

The Blue Lotus essential oil was used in High Priestess rituals in ancient Egypt and Atlantis for the purpose of having the mystical experience of receiving direct communication from Source. I have also heard that the only place one can purchase Blue Lotus essential oil is from Egypt, by the way. The oil is directly connected to the Heart Center enhancement that is now (generally speaking) occurring.


There is an increase in eruptions from deep within both Gaia and us. These eruptions are a release of old energies and occur in order to shift consciousness. Volcanoes will continue to occur, as well as personal volcanoes. I have experienced, as some of you have, an eruption of anger in ourselves possibly, as well as in others. This is all purposeful, as we simply can’t hold back the old that wants release. Anger is an energy that comes from holding our emotions back in order to ‘keep the peace’ or to fit in.

It’s not appropriate to do that any more. We are being asked to be transparent and authentic; not be what others want us to be. The anger comes when we know on a deep level that we are not being true to ourselves. If we experience anger from others, check within to see if they are helping you release by mirroring anger that you haven’t acknowledged before, and that your Soul wants released.

As we release the old, we make room for new higher dimensional energies to enter and rearrange our bodies, thereby empowering our Light Bodies even more. As this happens, our awareness becomes more acute, so we may then make more appropriate changes in our lives. This happens on a very personal level, based on our individual level of commitment to our ascension and where we are in our ‘timeline.’ It affects our energy, metabolism, diet and sleep patterns. We will have memories surface that have held us back so that we can heal them and choose a higher level of expression. The Indigos will especially feel this as pressure that needs release.


Depending on how we individually process energies (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually), we will release these past traumas and limitations in unique ways. For instance, those who process through the physical body may experience sinus congestion, breathing issues, headaches and body aches. If you process emotionally, you may experience anger, sadness or anxiety. If you process mentally, you may have recurring ‘old’ thoughts and disturbing dreams. If you process spiritually, you may see flashes of color or geometric shapes, a sensation of expansion along with compression at the same time. OR you may experience these all together.


The balancing of inner and outer is crucial to keep our equilibrium. It is quite helpful to ground daily and spend time in Nature. We are experiencing more knowing and our intuition is becoming much stronger. And while our inner selves are being fine-tuned, we must also take care of our bodies, so we are congruent between all bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), as we are one unit. This also helps our ego be at peace, rather than slipping into survival mode, which creates stress and chaos in our lives, and bringing back old patterns.

Helpful Solutions

As we look at the developments of May, we see lots is going on through strange weather, earth changes, political structures crumbling, human error, along with many personal changes. Quite a month! As I often mention, it’s very helpful to be the compassionate observer without judgment, and resolve to make our choices out of Love and Unity. Ask yourself if it really changes anything to get angry or judgmental about events. Instead, infuse all perceived events with Love, for indeed it does make a difference, as everything is energy. And energy creates. By being sad, we add that energy to situations. By being mad, we add that energy. By being loving, we add that energy to all situations and events. It’s our choice.

So, to sum it up, we’ve been breaking free. We’re continuing to end some old relationships, beginning new ones and healing others...all according to the vibration we now inhabit. As we continue to stay aware, and not attack or judge events, we remain in our compassionate detachment...so necessary for our ascension. We do not rush in to save or fix, but allow, as all is happening exactly the way it is supposed to be happening. This has all prepared us for another cycle of creation; manifesting our Heart’s Desire. Now is the time to intend what we want in our lives. If that means to revise our original dream, and it very well might, it’s time to do it.

It helps to stay centered, observe as things drop away, and know it’s all purposeful. Be aware of what comes to you naturally without the old ‘making it happen.’ Making things happen is of ego; of the old. As we relax, we open, and as we open, the Universe flows to us in miraculous ways. We act only when invited or inspired. Continue to meditate, be in nature and be watchful as things flow in and flow out. 

New Cycle of Creativity is on its Way

We’re readying for a new level of high dimensional energies that will allow us to see that our new lives have begun. Even if you don’t know your next step, have faith, for it will be offered to you. Know that any steps you have taken thus far are divinely orchestrated and you are right where you belong. As we take steps toward Joy and away from dissonance and stress, it is always the right thing to do. This is an act of faith and one that is honored, even if you have no idea of what’s next. You know/feel it is right; trust that knowing.

The feeling of lightness will be coming very shortly. We’ve completed an intense cycle of release and reorganizing, and will be entering a time where our intentions begin to take shape. So stay grounded, in trust, knowing and open-hearted with your new lives as they slowly manifest. Keep your thoughts high, and see your doubts as pesky flies; just flick ‘em off...they’re not real. What’s real is Love; fear is illusion. If we empower fear, it becomes bigger than it needs to be; if we do not, it dissipates; that is what illusion is; it’s all perception.

May we feel grateful and blessed as we continue this journey of all time. Remember, we are not alone...legions of Angels bless us in every moment; can’t you hear their applause and expressions of Love for you? They are echoed in the birds’ singing and the evening breeze.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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