Ascension Notes: January 3, 2012

While many are commenting on what’s in store for this year, it’s important to realize that this year is a continued energy from previous years, with no ending or beginning. Remember, we’re not in linear time any more. So, what you began last year, you will continue this year, only in a more integrated and powerful way.

While there are no more Gateways...we have opened and empowered the Earth’s New Grid...we will continue to receive even higher dimensional Light, integrate more with our Souls and release deeper old energies, which come up in layers. So, rather than hoping (an old 3D word) for a better year, take each day as it comes and stay grounded. Grounding is essential, for it helps us fully integrate our Newness.

There will still be days that will be as powerful as Gateway days. These days of 2012 will increase the intensity of the Light coming in in order to infuse us with even more Light and more upgrades and we are called upon to walk our talk so that we match the higher vibrations. It is only when we are not vibrating high enough to match the incoming Light that we are in discomfort. By truly stepping up in vibration and matching the higher energies, can we empower ourselves; otherwise it’s just lip service.

The days to set your intentions are Full and New Moons, Eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes, as well as days that are elevens. However, I have already noticed that it doesn’t take a special day; it will occur at any time. So, our message is to stay in the Moment and when you notice you are feeling very out of your body, have a headache, vertigo or other New ways recalibrating, for sure you are receiving/transmitting. Simply sit, open up and receive, giving Gratitude for all you receive, even if you don’t know what it is.

How do we increase our vibration? Be around people that match your vibration. How do you know you’re vibrating the same? It feels energizing and wonderful. Likewise, being with people who are of a different vibration feels confusing, lowers our energy, communication doesn’t flow and basically, doesn’t feel good. Please, whatever you do, do not lower your vibration in order to match a lower-vibrating person. This is truly a non-loving thing to do for yourself and others. We are to maintain our energy and not be worried if others blame, judge or get angry at us. We increase our vibration also by meditating/transmitting, eating light, being in Joy, being in Nature, and following our Guidance 100%. We each have an Ascension Mentor; speak to this Light Being often during the day. They are not just accessed during meditation; they walk beside us.

And what about being around people of a higher vibration than us...we might feel a little insecure and perhaps intimidated, and yet, feel inspired to go higher. Their energy certainly uplifts us to a higher expression of ourselves. So, it helps us being with such people, for as they stand in their Power, we are encouraged to stand in ours.

Another thing to do this year to help raise your vibration and consciousness, and which is a deepening of last year, is to detach from everything and everyone. This does not mean that we leave them; it is just that we aren’t attached to them or their actions. Attachment brings up old energies of duality; expectations, judgment, fear, doubt, etc.

This year is about taking action based on our Guidance. Don’t worry about making a mistake; if your choice isn’t the highest one, you will be able to experience it again and again in order to take Right Action. This year things will speed up. Releasing will be quicker and easier, especially when we detach from what we’re releasing. And we will feel lighter and freer, so we can integrate the higher dimensions easier and continue to make choices shared with us by our Souls. We will take a stand in our own evolution and will release, in Love, completely from the 3rd Dimension; no longer interested in playing the game.

We now take more Responsibility for ourselves. We no longer blame others or institutions for certain things; nor put others on pedestals. We realize that how we feel in any given moment are our one can “make” us feel any particular way. And owning our feelings leads us to more appropriate actions. This certainly is more of a release of being victims and a further integration of our Power to be truly ascending sovereign beings.

Being sovereign beings, we are the creators of our lives. Paying attention to how we feel leads us to Right Action. No longer do we support groups or people in order to rescue or save. (We love them unconditionally instead, allowing them to follow their own Path.) And since we are fully responsible for our lives, what Heartseeds are you planting? Are you inching closer to a physical move or to a balanced, New relationship? Are you becoming more aware of how you would like to share your gifts with the world based on Joyful Service? Are you committed to a healthier lifestyle? Are you fearless about taking a step in the direction of your Heartseeds? Taking one small step each day manifests your Heart’s Desires/Heartseeds.

Discernment: In order to step more fully into our Power, we are asked to be in Discernment (not judgment). We make choices based on our Inner Guidance, and not by what we’ve done in the past or based on any kind of duality. We choose according to our Guidance, which is based on feeling (not emotion). We choose to partake in only those things of the New. In this way, we remove our energy from 3D. We are asked to be ultra-aware as to where we place our energy. Ask, “Is this aligned with my Soul’s Integrity?” What helps is the fact that we have taken a step up in Clarity. The Clarity Soul Essence was further integrated during the last week or so. Last year, we were seemingly in a fog as we released and integrated so much. Now, we have more Clarity in which to fine-tune our Newness.

There is a New level of consciousness that we have from which we may create each moment; each day. Of course, what we create is a mirror to what our consciousness is. So, intend to create a reality borne of Soul Essence: Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, etc. Take responsibility for your creations. If it is something that doesn’t seem to fit, have a do-over. And if you see the outer world continue to disintegrate, focus on what your Heart desires based on Soul Essence. Don’t attach to anything outside of your own knowing.

As we move forward, committed to being our highest Authentic Selves, we will experience a most wondrous time ahead. As we continue to refine our consciousness, make choices based on Integrity, we will experience a most incredibly powerful time of nothing by Love. It is Who we truly are. Love.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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