Big Energy, Merkabah and Commitment

Some big energy is arriving on Earth, so expect some big changes in your world. Stay awake and shift any areas of ‘comfort zone’ and move into new ways of responding to change and challenge. We’re receiving new configurations, and so is Gaia, in order to further shift our bodies (mentally, emotionally & physically) into its new crystalline blueprint.

To help this integration, I want to share some information about your Merkabah, and am including a meditation to activate it. While conducting a class on connecting with Archangel Melchizedek, the information about the Merkabah came through. It is this: We each have been born with a Merkabah, but it has been disabled through the millennia of mind control, which we are now free of.

It is essential we each allow our Merkabahs to be activated now, for it is the conductor that brings the downloaded Light into our electrical system, which is connected to our cells, creating our personal hologram. An activated Merkabah (Light Body Vehicle) can ease the physical manifestations, and without the activation, the Light encodings merely sit in our auras or our Crown Chakra without being integrated fully on a cellular level. The pineal gland is also a part of this.


  • Breathe deeply and slowly, letting go and going into a deep peace. Then bring your awareness into your Heart Center. Be aware of your Heart Altar and your Divine Flame within.
  • Begin by opening your crown chakra and directly above you, high above, is the Galactic Sun/Source, beyond the 12th dimension. From that big golden fiery globe of light, there are three braids or spirals of light that connect to three celestial ‘places.’ (What came to me were Andromeda, Arcturus and Pleiades (or Sirius)). From these places, the braids of light become one and move through the dimensions 12th through 4th
  • The Light moves into the crown and comes in as a gold white flame.
  • Breathe in this Divine Love. It enters through your crown, moves into your pineal gland and 3rd Eye and flows out through these chakras, then moves to your spine and into your throat chakra, it then moves into your heart.
  • Stretch your arms out sideways, with palms up. From your heart center, the light goes and creates flames of gold white light on your palms and then moves into your solar plexus.
  • The Light then goes down your spine and the rest of your chakras, into your root, where it separates into 3 spiral grounding cords that go to 3 earth crystals. Have this light continue to fill your body and aura.
  • The light activates your Merkabah, so it begins to spin. Protect your space with one large rose. The stem goes deep into the earth; removing all that is not Love…The Rose also heightens your consciousness.

Once again the energies are moving, bringing with it much change as it is aligned with your consciousness. As I have heard from many of you, there has been an urge to move or travel. One of you has taken the leap into the Void to follow your Dream and be congruent with and as your Authentic Self, others have shifted to allowing manifestation to be their Truth. I feel the excitement of forward movement and wonder what marvelous adventure is awaiting me, and I’m sure you’re feeling the same.

Here are the latest energies: We are releasing old shields of protection from ourselves (we simply don’t need them anymore...your consciousness will draw to you the perfect situation; why be protected; from what?), which opens us to more Light in order for our personal holograms to be aligned with our new blueprints; that of our Authentic Selves. As this occurs, we will step more fully into our new purpose in a fuller way. Of course, this is all by choice. I know that those of you that are reading this have already chosen. And many more are making the choice to ascend and move into their Soul Selves daily. And yet there are those who are choosing to step off, stop or go back to 3D life. There is not judgment in this; we are always free to choose. Always choose your Heart. Feel your way through.

We are being asked to commit more fully to our transformation. We are asked to drop our old limited patterns and beliefs and step out in a deeper trust. We are at the crossroads. We can move forward, more fully committed, or we can choose to stop and stay in old life. We are being asked to further drop any resistance to change and allow our purification to become deeper. This purification includes letting go of ego-control, fear and duality. While we have been doing just that, the energies coming in now, and that will continue, will deepen our commitment, allowing more of a complete shift in our consciousness, which then allows for the manifestation of pure magic in our lives. As we hold the highest intention for All, and we make choices based on our Heart’s Wisdom, rather than out of fear or habit, and we step away from old emotions coming from duality and separation, we sense a feeling of relief and freedom and yes, Joy!

We see now, on this New Moon energy cycle, that we are being filled with the energy of illumination. Illumination brings a light to where we’re headed and what is releasing, without having to know the details. Without the egoistic need to know the details, we’re instead filled with a higher level of trust. And with this trust comes clearer communication from our Souls. We indeed can know what a higher dimension feels like. It brings greater discernment, which helps us make Soul choices, rather than ego choices.

We are bringing up the lower density energies within us to the higher rarified Light of this new home. This is to say that we’re not necessarily getting rid of the old, but infusing it with the Light of the higher dimensions; this is wholeness. It also brings about the transformation of duality into the wholeness, releasing the judgment of ‘this is good, and that is bad.’ And all of this leads us into Unity Consciousness, which is the same as God Consciousness. This is not seen as a healing, which connotes fixing, but an awareness of our inherent wholeness. As we stay focused on the New, this happens automatically through allowing.

As we consciously evolve into more of our wholeness, we become impervious to the outer world’s dramas. This isn’t to say we don’t care; we just enter a place of neutrality, not judging events as good or bad; happy or sad. This is an important step in our ascension. As we see different global and personal events and can observe them in neutrality, we raise our vibration and increase our Unity Consciousness, which energizes us instead of depleting us. To help with this, be aware that your multi-dimensional Merkabah helps you maintain your center, so important now.

When challenged, remain in observer mode. Trying to figure it out merely attaches to the e-motion (out of the Flow). When we can observe without judging ourselves or others, we can allow the situation to be absorbed into Light, for we now hold more Light than density. As we continue to be more Light, and we realize that, density simply releases itself. Being in this clear space, we can then make the right choices for our highest evolution.

If you can slow down and be comfortable in being, then any challenge cannot stick to you. Being and observing are the highest and best way we can allow our energies to readjust to the influx of Light, for with the Light, the density can become more obvious and we can simply let go. There is no need for fighting or struggling. Allow.

Because of our heightened awareness and sensitivity of this month, we can realize who we are in the process of becoming. This awareness does much to move us along, for we can’t hide anything that wants to move out of us. We are aware of so many ways our ego has kept us in line. And we say, “No more.” We are taking a stand and refuse to return to the illusion of safety. Rather than thinking with our heads, which keeps us in the old, we are feeling with our hearts. What a joy it is to be free of the confusion that our intellect can inundate us with. We are clear enough to see that the intellect leads us around in circles with nothing changing. When we listen to our hearts, we break free and new perceptions are born.

As you continue to evolve into more aware beings, you are loved and guided and all is aligned with your consciousness. So as you choose Love, that is what your world reflects back to you. Go deeper into your commitment to be the divine expression of multi-dimensional Love. Know that you are fine-tuning. And while you are doing that, notice how your life is improving and how you are shifting.

When people ask, “What’s new? You will probably respond with, “Nothing and everything,” for the shift is so subtle, and yet is the most powerful transformation we’ve ever experienced. Our perceptions are so different from before. We see through peoples’ facades and are stepping more fully into our cohesive and congruent Higher Selves. This is the flow we’re in and it continues. We will continue to be intently aware and therefore our choices will be clearer with amazing results. What an amazing ride.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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