Commitment, Choice and Soul

As you might notice, life is getting more and more intense; especially since the solar flares are getting more and more intense and will continue to grace us with their presence over the next year and a half. Our sun is linked with the Galactic Sun, so when there is a solar flare, high dimensional energy flows through our sun into us, bringing a bigger charge of electromagnetic energy in order to push out those things we haven’t cleared within ourselves. With it comes a steady flow of radioactivity, which is also designed to help acclimate our bodies into becoming crystalline. Many of us are experiencing more and different physical manifestations.

For instance, a few days ago some people on our Online Ascension Support Group mentioned a few physical manifestations they haven’t noticed before; some are familiar. They include more nausea, dizziness, not knowing where you are, listing to one side of your body or the other, feeling like you are moving up and down, strange earth sounds, continuing 3rd Eye/Pineal Chakra headaches or energy, strange pains in different part of the body which usually dissipate within a day, feeling tired, sleeping heavily or not at all, digestive issues which lead to a very light diet, and more.

Time seems to be so different. You may not know what day it is and time may speed up or slow down based on your perception of what is going on in your life. If you are feeling stuck in something...a job, relationship, friends, “supposed-to’s,” old patterns, time seems to move slowly. When doing something you love where you feel energized and Joyful, time moves rather quickly. This is when you are most connected to your Soul. Remember, we are in no-time, since the best way to manage this powerful time is to stay in the Moment. If you find yourself thinking about the past, perhaps there is something there that is asking for release.

If you spend time in the future; wishing for something; it takes you out of the Moment and brings time to a halt. Wishing does nothing; intention is powerful, especially when you intend with knowing that it is manifest already. This can be a challenge, as we, still living in the Third Dimension, only believe something when we see it. It’s time to know something without physical proof it’s here.

Allowing things to be in Divine Order and Divine Time is essential now. This removes the little ego and its attachment to the way we want things to be. To be in Allowance is of the Soul; to be attached is of the little ego. Take a look at your life; where are you attached? Is it to a person you must have in your life? To a job you feel you can’t leave? To a house; a place; a way of being? Scan your life to see where you are attached; this certainly holds you back. As we step further into being Fifth Dimensional (and higher) beings, we are asked to know that all is in Divine Order; therefore, there is nothing to save, rescue or fix.

There is nothing that is not in Divine Order; even when it looks like it needs rescuing. As we are in Allowance, we also allow things to unfold according to the Divine Plan. When we’re attached, we hold back the natural progression of things. When it looks like things are crumbling, rejoice; for it makes way for Rebirth.

We must be conscious at all times. Be aware when you revert to an old behavior and change it in the Moment. Be aware when you are in judgment of yourself or anything in the world. The political scene now certainly can help uproot any judgment you hold; release it. When we are the Compassionate Observer, we can witness with curiosity without judgment, wanting to save or becoming attached to outcome. We then stay in the Divine Flow, detached from duality. It feels free and loving. We have Compassion; deepen our Love and allow folks in their drama, chaos and duality to make their own choices. It is often a more loving thing to let someone go; freeing yourself and the other to follow their own Soul’s Path.

You may also feel like you want to simplify your life. Do it! Rid yourself of anything and anyone who drags your energy down. If you are drawn to another place on the planet, place your intention there and then allow it to unfold in Divine Time and Divine Order, letting go of the outcome. Certainly, being called to a different place speaks volumes to how you might have outgrown certain aspects of your current situation. Just observe yourself. When do you feel energized? When do you feel stuck? Observing your energy when in different situations tells you a lot! Everyone and everything has a message for you. It is never about them or a situation; it is always about a new awareness about yourself. 

We are at a crucial point of becoming more immersed in our Souls. As we follow our Soul’s Guidance, we access great Wisdom and are closer to making choices that free us from our bondage to ego. No one holds us back; we hold us back when we are afraid to make a choice. How others react or respond to our choices is up to them and yet, also frees them to make their own choices based on their soul’s Wisdom (or not). Can you detach from other’s expectations of you?

This year we get to experience what each of our choices creates in a bigger way than ever before. We have been immersed in duality (good/bad, right/wrong, easy/hard, etc.) for eons, and now that it’s time to step up into Oneness, we must be vigilant as to when we step backward into what is comfortable...and that is duality. As a part of the transformation from duality to Unity, we will see clearly where our choices have led us and are leading us. What kind of life does your Soul want?

What is your priority? Do you want to hold things together, keeping them the same as to not disrupt the status quo? Is your priority to commit fully to your Ascension; the complete immersion in Soul? Whatever you choose is perfect for you and there is no judgment in any of your will know whether your choice is our Soul’s Choice or your ego’s choice by how you feel. What is your Commitment?

We are in a whole new place. The New is slowly being created by where we put our energy. Sometimes we may be confused, not know what to do next, unclear and not familiar with our lives, because so much is shifting. The best way to stay centered is to be constantly aware of our connection with and as Soul. Follow your Guidance Moment to Moment and then Trust. You know your Soul’s Guidance by how you feel. It is your Soul guiding you when you feel expanded and energized. When ego is guiding, things may not manifest the way you’d like them to; and because Soul is much stronger than ego now, your Soul is redirecting your efforts. Surrender. Accept. Realign.

We are entering a completely new time; a time where we realize our dreams and empower our creative vision. As we follow our Guidance, we enter a new landscape where we realize Who we are and that nothing is out of reach. We have the tools to be in full Joy at all times; it takes absolute Faith that we are aligned with the highest energies of Source; here, there are no limits. The only limits we have are what our old egos place on us based on the past. Let go of the past and step into a limitless world of your own making.

Know, truly know, how powerful and loved you are.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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