Deepening the Foundation for Ascension

There have been lots of highs and plenty of lows as we continue our Ascension Path releasing and integrating. The highs come when we feel exhilarated, full of new awareness and connection. The lows tend to come when we feel disconnected and dealing with remaining 3D energies. This month will be much of the same, only there is a deepening of both the releasing and integrating of high energies of Light. This weekend and into next week, we have some solar energies that help us go deeper; both into what push our buttons and the discovery of how much we’ve expanded into our Lightness.

The deepening is into our self-responsibility, instead of our old habit of blaming others, the economy, the government, the food supply, the “dark ones,” and so forth. When we truly realize that it is us who has created our life circumstances through our beliefs, then we can deepen our experience as truly sovereign Divine beings…we take our power back. Blame keeps us in victim energy. Having Compassion for ourselves and others helps us step more into our Sovereign Power.

As we go deeper, we will not only find some hidden away beliefs and patterns (these create our lives), we see behind the curtain (illusion) into the truth of why certain things are occurring in our world. The solar activity, be they flares or winds, not only disrupts the geomagnetic energies on Gaia; they also rearrange our electromagnetic field. This can be confusing, bringing doubt, sadness, and unpredictability into our lives. And yet, it’s perfect for our ongoing transformation, for it is when we are a bit off center that the separate ego lets go of control and our Souls can rearrange us according to our New Blueprint. This can also affect the animal species, especially the very sensitive whales and dolphins, who can lose their bearing as well. The whales and dolphins, who guide us, are showing us that this “losing our bearing” is all a part of the Divine Plan.

There very well may be some pain, sadness and suffering that come to the surface to be released. However, when we remind ourselves that it makes way for more Wisdom and Light, we don’t have to sink in despair and wonder if all this is leading to something grand. Know that it is! As more is revealed, we see the Truth of it, which leads us to more Awareness. With more Awareness, we then can make choices based on that Truth. As we go deeper, we see the Truth is leading us to Divine Love; our natural and true selves. I have to say here that Love is not a verb or an emotion. It is us. It is Divine. It is life. Perhaps instead of saying “I love you,” we can say “You are Love.” Feel the difference? One tends to be slightly closed, while the other expands the Truth.

Control may really surface more than ever. Remember, control is a subset of fear. There are and will be others who attempt to control you in an effort to keep you in the box they placed you in. You might attempt to control your own life in order to keep it the same. We are asked to let this go. We attempt to control our lives so that we have some sense of normality. And yet, do we really want to be normal? We are moving from normal (our comfort zone) to being free to evolve into the beings our Divine Souls want us to be. Those who attempt to control you do it out of fear, for then they will have to change. We control only out of fear.

We are creating our foundation now. Whether your foundation is built on fear or Love will dictate how your life will manifest. While there are many who portend December 21, 2012 to be the end and the beginning, it is more of a passage based on what you’ve laid down as a foundation. If your foundation is built on fear and keeping life the same, you will continue to build a life on that. If your life has a foundation of Love, Unity and Freedom, then you will experience life birthed from these Soul Essences. So the important thing to do is to look at your life and see what your foundation is.

If it still has fear and control anywhere in there, unless you want a life based on those, root them out now, while the sand is still shifting and integrate/be the Soul Essences you want your life to manifest from. How does one dissolve fear? Recognize it and walk through it. In other words, don’t empower fear by stopping your forward motion. Feel it and do what you are guided to do anyway.

Our physical bodies are really shifting. I like to say, “Our bodies are the last to know.” What this means is that while we have been so diligent in releasing mental and emotional constructs, eventually our physical body has to adjust. This can manifest differently for everyone. Generally speaking, there is a return of Third Eye headaches, sinus and digestive issues, elimination issues (kidney and bladder especially), different pains in the body, heart pain that doesn’t last long and other phenomena. Follow your energy. If you feel lackluster, rest. Ask your body what it needs, no matter what your “to-do” list says. Honor yourself; do not push yourself, for pushing is the old way. Let go of any guilt you have for not doing enough, for that is an old programming. Now is the time to flow with the energies. Our bodies also are being refined and calibrated to our Light bodies as well.

You might notice how your diet is changing. This is because your New Blueprint is being upgraded with new DNA codes. As a result, many are being guided to eat less dense foods. Light foods feed the changes. As we progress, you might go through periods where you hardly eat; especially during solar periods. It is truly congruent to eat foods that have taken in the sun…fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. For grounding, eat root vegetables. And, of course, drink lots of pure water. Eating light/Light not only helps the physical transformation, it helps you be more aware of your intuition, awareness, guidance and angelic messages. It helps your chakras and aura be clear. Processed foods (anything in a package, can or jar) tends to dull the senses. Of course, there are no rules in the New, so follow your guidance on this.

Old doors are closing and new ones are opening or will open. Don’t stare at that old door for too long. Turn and see the new door that just opened for you. This certainly includes people that are no longer aligned with your energy. After letting go of so many, I was sure that there would be no more to let go of. Nope; in fact for me, there have been more including family members, which are usually the last to go. Feel your way through this. Remember that what feels good deep down is helping you keep your vibration high. Those who bring your energy down, let go of…learn what they are/were teaching/showing you and release that part of you they project to you. And be Compassionate. Being Compassionate means we love everyone; it does not necessarily mean we are to be with them.

Take everything slowly and deliberately. Don’t rush into anything. Truly see what is beneath the surface and in this way we all step more firmly onto the Fifth Dimension and beyond. If you haven’t committed fully to rising in consciousness and living your Soul Life, then now is the time to do so. It is time to commit, deepen, continue releasing the illusion of who you have been and say good-bye to your old, limited self.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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