Divine Feminine, Energies of the Equinox & April

I am amazed at how many big changes people are going through now, especially since the Equinox. Yes, we really have hit a whole new plateau of the New Consciousness. There is more clarity, where there was little before. The veils are gone and so all we have to do is ask for clarity on a particular situation, and the energy of it opens up and spills on us like a waterfall of free-flowing Grace.

While I haven’t done a lot of sharing about the Divine Feminine in several months, I am urged to do so now. As most of you know, the shift from patriarchy to matriarchy is a huge part of the New Consciousness. It isn’t either/or; it is a balance and the balance is Unity Consciousness. The Galactic Sun is the Divine Feminine; the Cosmic Heart. We have been feeling the shift from being intellectual and rational to being in our Hearts and feeling our way through. It calls for us to be open, receptive, willing to change and vulnerable.

As long as we must be in control, we cling to the old way. Being in the Heart helps us tap into the real power of Divine Love and Grace, which brings real change into our lives. When we remain in the head, we cannot possibly change; for it is there that we’ve been held back and limited for thousands of years. As we become more strong-hearted, we then bring the mind into balance, being led by the Heart (feeling; not emotion...for emotion is being out of the Flow and is linked to thought, which is linked to old beliefs/ego).

As we move into Sacred Alignment, we are guided by the Love and nurturing of the Divine Feminine. During times of download (often during the New and Full Moons, Equinoxes and Solstices and other cosmic events like 1:11 and 11:11), we receive very high vibrational energies. This energy comes into us through our cells and DNA and memory and pushes out anything that doesn’t resonate with it. The old energy then is released, creating physical manifestations along with the removal of emotional/mental debris.

Happily, this isn’t happening all at once, but bit by bit...even though at times we may feel like everything is “up” for us. Our Souls are the gatekeepers, allowing us to release while keeping some balance. The Divine Feminine energy is like water; it is the strongest of elements, wearing away even the strongest held beliefs and in the case of water, wearing away granite.

Did you know that the name Mayan comes from the Goddess Maia and Ma’at? The Mayans are the Keepers of Wisdom; of Galactic Time. A symbol that you can think of is a feather that floats and weaves through the winds of change...light, flowing, changing; all while maintaining form. And this is who we are in this time of Ascension. We keep our form (even though we are going from carbon to crystalline) as we flow and weave through the many changes of Ascension; the wind is Grace. And as we let go, Be and allow, we are effortlessly carried forth into the greater heights of our Being.

Our intention and destiny is to be carried by our Great Mother and to be nurtured along the way. Perhaps this is why the New and Full Moons, representing the Goddess, bring such powerful energies into our Being and why it helps to do ceremony during these times, which ease the energies into us. To allow and be embraced by the Divine Feminine is to know our Essence; our Soul; and connects us to Divine Wisdom and Love. As we invite Her into our Hearts and lives, we are held with a balanced Love. Be as the feather, riding the winds of Her Love.

As the Earth, our physical mother, moves into alignment with the cosmic Divine Mother, the waves of energy become more intense with purpose; we, along with Earth, move into the 5th Dimension and higher, depending on what you agreed to. It is a rebirth; a huge leap of faith into the unknown, for surely, we have never been here before. We are making our way, preparing, for a huge leap on 11:11 of this year, when we enter the final stage of Ascension.

As you know, each month we enter a new Gateway, bringing us closer to full transformation. Each Gateway takes us a step further. The last Gateway was on the Spring Equinox when we entered the Lemurian Gateway, increasing the vibration of waters within and the waters of Gaia. Water is the conductor and helps us move forward in Grace. The next Gateway will occur on April 11.

March was a huge month in preparation for November 11 of this year. The energies of Unity further integrated into our new Body Grids and the Earth Grid, activating more of the 5th Dimension within. It was also more of the disintegration of old DNA Blueprints and old Body Grids, which hold the old in place. So, for those of you who have had more fear come up, this was the release of the old. Many still feel the effects of this momentous movement from March, and in particular, the Equinox.

As fear comes up, it is because the old paradigm is disintegrating. Know your needs are met and you are supported by Light and the 5th Dimension of Unity. It is the 3rd Dimension that is dissolving and that reality has always been a lie; an illusion. So in a sense, we are becoming more real, even when it seems the world is falling apart...it is and this is a good thing; duality will be gone, as it is illusion and it is 3D. Yet, how many see 3D as the real deal? Let’s let go of that and know everything is dissolving/transforming into a State of Grace reality.

Along with the dissolution of 3D, comes incredible clarity and creativity. As you focus within your Heart; on the Essences that are within your new Body Grid and Heart Space, you may create and manifest whatever you choose. It is necessary, however, to give no attention to that which is falling away.

We can look upon April as a sort of rebirth. New ideas, new consciousness, and new clarity are ours if we want them. We are moving more into possibilities and away from all difficult release times. As we have been regenerated to hold more 5D energies, we are asked to stay grounded and know of the innate Divine power we hold. If you were born today, what gifts would you have and what would you do with them?

I also want to remind you that, if you choose, you do not have to be weighted down by past lives and karma. It’s a choice now...now that we are holding more 5D Light. Before, we were in kind of a destiny chokehold; now we are free to choose. I guess that means we don’t have any excuses like “I’m having to endure this illness, because of this or that past life.” Or “I have to be in this relationship, because we’ve always been together or it’s karmic.” We are free to choose now! Do you believe that or are you still held back by old concepts?

The energies that are now on Earth and within are so light, and we are so Light-filled, that there really isn’t room for old baggage and worn-out concepts and beliefs. It indeed is a magical time that we can take advantage of, if we so choose. This is the beauty of receiving the higher dimensional energies. As we free ourselves from the old, we become lighter and freer in our expression potential. Yet, there are those who cling to their old ways as if they were written in stone never to be changed. I encourage you to open up to all possibilities and be Who you want to be. If you haven’t noticed, your shackles have been removed.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are anchored in the New and yet, still in transition. It’s wise to place more emphasis on observing the New, rather than cursing the old. As you do that, the old is more gently released. Why? Because you’re not giving it attention. What you attend to grows. So, in this new day of New Consciousness, how does your garden grow?




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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