Eclipse Pattern, Ascension Gateways & Symptoms

As we are in the eclipse pattern (between the recent lunar eclipse and the next solar eclipse of July 11), there is much chaos around us. We may feel as though we are being challenged...being brought into the world’s drama or others’ dramas, and as though our intentions aren’t being heard...we are being given a bigger message...let go of being attached to the outer world, which is illusion, and pull into the Truth of our Inner Heart. This is a huge challenge and shift for us, as we have become so attached to the outer; but know the shift to the Inner is where the truth lives. And when we make that shift, our perception of the world changes.

So, if your intentions don’t seem to be manifesting or you find yourself in judgment of the many world structures breaking down, pull inside and rest within the beauty of your Truth...that you are transforming and all is truly perfect. One way of doing this is to stay awake at all times and observe. When we observe in a neutral place, we can see that whatever is happening ‘out there’ is perfect for the breakdown and rebuilding of the New Earth. As we do this, we release duality; that of getting sucked into the drama. When our attention is on the drama, we forget what’s really happening and that everything is purposeful. This isn’t burying your head in the sand; it’s just that your attention isn’t hijacked by the drama. Any time you are overtaken by your personal drama or the world’s, you are not in the Flow or Present have been recaptured by the old.

The challenge is to exert your consciousness power and focus on Truth. The more you engage in ‘out there,’ the more you delay your own ascension progress. Anything that is unstable and is meant to dissolve is becoming more evident. This goes for those old patterns within us and in the world. When you become aware of the old, rather than judging it, view it neutrally so it can leave...all the while holding the intention of who you’re becoming. The old is designed to divert you from your task...that of ascending. The New is strengthened by you maintaining your intention of harmony and unity.

You cannot think through this. The feeling state is the only pathway, so let go of analyzing what’s happening and bring your focus within to the Truth of your Heart. Whether you recognize it or not, there is pressure building and it is intensifying in waves, truly forcing us to embrace ‘what is,’ and increase our trust level so that we see that everything is moving us to be who we say we want to be. We simply cannot continue being our old selves and embrace the New us all at the same time.

Openings for Release

Many want to hold onto how life has always been, yet it’s essential to allow life to be what it is intended to be as it is transformed into the New version. So many are clinging and controlling to keep things the same. Please don’ only creates tension, which results in pain. What is for your highest good will absolutely unfold; that which isn’t will be released.

A huge energetic wave is coming our way in mid-July; a bit after the solar eclipse. This will bring further dissolution of the old, bringing even more chaos to the surface, but this is good! We need to release anything that is holding us back! Just don’t attach to it. So, just as it seems it can’t get any more intense, it’s the density releasing...there are large openings, created by this eclipse pattern, for the release; whether personally or globally.

Some Symptoms  and Ascension Gateways

Depending on your genetic makeup, you will feel the energies coming in and the old leaving on whatever level you have agreed to on a soul level. For some of you, you will feel absolutely exhausted, as you have been working on new portal openings. For others, there are headaches and confusion and a feeling that you can’t even describe how you’re feeling and what to do next. There are many high dimensional gateways being opened, and we are a part of those openings, even without being conscious of what particular job we have. Once the gateways are open (mid-July), many will be able to move at much speed through to a whole new level of expression. The gateways release pressure, which eases the planetary earth changes as well.

These gateways are for those ready to connect through to the 12th Dimension. What does this mean? Being connected in this way means that you can totally let go of density and duality and live in a space of Oneness and Divine Love...Bliss. Many of us experience this from time to time. As we move forward into this new space, those times of Bliss will increase to the extent that we have let go of the old and have embraced the New. Many of the Souls who are opening the gateways allow others, who are ready, to move exponentially up into their ascension, and not have to be pulled into the increasing drama and chaos of the old. It takes Soul choice and conscious intention.

New Levels of Consciousness

Some of us are being given new levels of consciousness, which brings new awarenesses and choices of how we want to live. This brings an awareness that goes way beyond merely thinking and talking about ascension, but making life choices that reflect our new consciousness...from the establishments we support to how we treat others to the complete eradication of any fear and limitation that we may still carry. Our Light Bodies become more integrated as we release ‘the need to know the future.’ This addiction keeps us in the old ego, for God Consciousness can only be integrated in the Now Moment.

13th DNA Strand

This information was given to me in Dreamtime. We are having a 13th DNA strand being added to us. The only way we can activate it is to pull away from the outer manifestations of the old and from the density of the world and place our entire effort into our Heart’s Truth and Integrity. It is what also is bringing in the higher God Consciousness, and by doing that, our intentions of being beings of high integrity and the manifestation of our dreams come to fruition.

What’s important now is to be kind to ourselves and others without trying to control or react to anything. Put your focus on what you want...not in terms of things, but on how you want to feel. Do not allow distractions to keep you from your Heart’s Wisdom or Desires. (This can also cause exhaustion...trying to hold onto the old, rather than allowing our higher dimensional unfolding).

By letting go of the attachment to how things should look, let me share what Kathryn, as part of our Online Ascension Support Group, stated: “...Everything looked different to me. The flowers in my garden, my house, yard, me; everything. I had such a day of Grace and Flow! Is this showing me what this work will bring me?” And I say, “Yes!” This is the New! And as someone else shared, the old is much more prevalent; a great thing, as then we know what to release and what to strengthen.

Solar Waves and Grounding

We continue to be purified during this time, especially in our lower chakras (mental, emotional and physical). The solar waves coming in bring new cellular codes, which bring us more into our wholeness; our New Selves. These times are more intense because we need them to be and the solar waves will help us feel more grounded. In order to embrace this new Light, our bodies must release the old so we can handle all this new energy and have it integrate. Anything that feels like illness, actually leads us to wellness (wholeness). In fact, there are many miracles with the waves to transcend physical maladies we might have. You see, they can’t exist in the higher vibrations.

New Ka Channels (they are the conduits between the Light and our bodies) are being opened and neural pathways cleared, which brings balance, and once this is complete the new energies will energize and support our bodies. And this, in turn, helps us stay neutral and rebalance us. Our creativity is enhanced and solutions to issues come easily. While we still are suspended between the old and New, we still have to clear up old business. You may consider a move or finish up old jobs that no longer reflect the new you. So, because we can’t really exist in the New before letting go of the old, we’re being asked to complete things.

More Symptoms

Physically, because our lower chakras are being recalibrated, we may experience digestive issues, heart palpitations, bloating, lower back pain, sore legs and feet and other symptoms. And because we are receiving so much Light, we may have headaches, upper back and neck pain; in this case, bring the Light all the way through the body. We also may have emotional and mental symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, disconnect, Crown buzzing, fuzzy eyes, strange appetites, earaches, tooth pain, insomnia and depending on your own makeup, there’s probably more. As well, we are seeing Light Beings, colored lights, orbs and other ‘thinning of the veil’ realities.

What’s important is to release any and all stuck energy, so drop the worry or analyzing why it’s happening. Moving the body also helps. Stay out of fear, stay in your Heart Center and instead of fixating on the changes, embrace them; for it all is leading to a life of pure magic, Grace and Flow.



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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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