Full Moon Transformational Energies; A Further Step into the New

As I write/channel this, it is just before the Full Moon. It’s a powerful one, as it is conjuncting Pluto. This basically means that there is an area (or more) that is transforming in all our lives. What have you been working on recently? We have had a solar flare in the last few days, which empowers this transformation even more, and have begun another cycle of download and upgrade. While it may have seemed a little quiet, possibly over the last week or so, know that it’s been a time for the integration of the Solstice, eclipse cycle and the Venus transit and we have continued to download and activate our newly formed cells. I have had sleepless nights and a few headaches.

Yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. It felt like I was walking in thick mud. This is always a message to me that I was doing some pretty heavy work in Dreamtime, as we all are. It’s a good time for the big work, as our ego sleeps and can’t interfere. If you go to my Facebook personal page, there is something that may help you; it certainly did for me last night: www.facebook.com/kara.schallock. Scroll down; it’s on the right side and it has a picture of many blue beings. It is shared by “How to Raise Your Vibration.”

For the last several days we’ve been in the Void; that wonderful place of Stillness and for creating our next steps in our Ascension and creating the New. Be thankful for these times, for it’s when we can integrate all the high dimensional energies flowing into us and the upgrading of our DNA, cells and new body codes. It’s also a time when we can do further clearing of the old. Let me ask you, when you don’t feel well, do you automatically think there’s something wrong and think you should see a doctor? If you can instead go deeper to the emotional cause, you can then release it and realize it’s a step in your Ascension to do so. Our physical bodies reflect what old emotional dross is still within and wants release. Once you release it, your body wholes itself.

Now we’re ready to move forward again after this integration period. We’re ready to step forward in New experience. I just did a Full Moon Ceremony to focus on what I AM bringing forth in this burst forward. So, watch for new opportunities aligned with all the New you’ve incorporated after releasing the old limitations and beliefs. Keep on moving forward. Do not look back. We have a habit of reflecting backward to give us an idea of how to do something. Don’t! We’re Newer and looking back on past experiences will lead us astray. If there is a choice to be made, make sure you know that there are no “wrong” decisions, even if you’ve experienced “wrong” choices in the past (a judgment call). You may not recognize the New and this is where Trust comes in. We’re not to repeat the past, but step into unfamiliar territory. It’s like going on a road trip to a brand new place, and you don’t have a road map. Just follow your intuition; your feelings and take a step, releasing fear and doubt along the way.

Stepping into the New takes constant practice. And the only way you can do this is to be in the Moment and feel your way through, without allowing your intellect (based on past experiences) to hold you back. And then put one foot in front of the other Moment-to-Moment. There are times when you wait, times you leap, and times you take a tiny step. Practicing a new way of being is necessary. If you’ve always waited for things to be a sure thing, take a leap of Faith. If you have always followed your rational mind, Trust. If you’ve always waited for perfection to line up, realize that you could wait forever for things to be “perfect (always based on your perception of perfect).” Please remember you are guided, supported and protected always. The old way is to think you’re all alone; you are not! That comes from years of believing in separation. We are in Unity now.

You do know that words and thoughts create, don’t you? What are your words and thoughts creating? Some words of duality: but, hope, should, could, would, will, wish, can’t, try and many others. Using the words I AM before any statement manifests the statement. Using I AM (a statement of your Divinity) brings it all into the Moment, where your true Power is. Wishing does nothing; trying does nothing; hoping does nothing. They are words of doubt.

We strengthen the New by having our attention be in the Moment and by being aware of where our attention is. Are you thinking or are you feeling? Do you think Love holds anything but the best for you? Do you believe Love is your essence? Truly? If Love is who you are, then everything is perfectly aligned with your highest evolution…no matter what it looks like. Surrender; Accept. As you continue to release the past and strengthen who you’re becoming, you will see the miracles. Likewise, if you cling to the past and the old ways of doing things, nothing happens, except the same thing.

What will also be of great help to you now is to be more in your feeling-Heart than in your intellect-head. If you can feel and then follow through with thinking, blending Heart and mind, having the Heart always lead, you will be in the perfect place for the current energies. Focusing on relationships, allowing them to shift into the New…without control or fear…or leave any that hold you back, will definitely be a step in creating the New in your life. After the powerful energies of today, you will then have time to integrate. About the middle of the month, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to any plans you have; to tweak them according to your New consciousness.

Life is a choice. We can choose Freedom or hold onto illusion and fear. We are poised to take a leap in consciousness and to let go further of all that is illusion or of duality. We can embrace Freedom and create our lives from our Heart, or allow the old life to continue to create our lives based on old beliefs. As we align ourselves with our Souls, which hold all aspects of Divine Perfection, we may then step up in consciousness and as we do that, our lives align with that of our Souls’ highest desires for us.

This then aligns us with our Life Purpose, which is pure Joy. It may take letting go of fear and being in control of our lives. What are you afraid of? Seriously, what are you afraid of? Make a list and then you can see that fear has nothing to do with stepping into the New; besides, fear is an illusion. And certainly, the New has no fear. The New is only about Love and Unity.

What are your New awarenesses? Take an action to anchor them into your New life. After all, having an awareness does nothing without taking an action; anchoring it/them into your life. And when you notice that it leads to more Joy and more steps aligned with Soul, you realize you won’t fall off the Earth or fall to pieces. You are safe, guided and protected as you take even one step. 



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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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