Importance of Meditation & 9th Gateway Experiences

The following is some information that is very brief, and it is condensed, and yet I am guided strongly to share it. I realize also that most people have been meditating for several years. Afterward I share more information about the Gateway we just experienced on the Equinox, and how it may be affecting you.

I have noticed lately that there are a few people who do not meditate. So, why is it important to have a daily meditation practice? Without meditation, we do not strengthen the Heart Chakra, which is where the Soul Matrix lives. Your Soul is a part of your Heart Center. If you aren’t meditating, everything you read, every reading you receive, every You Tube video you watch remains in the intellect. When you meditate, each time you do so, you strengthen, open and access your Soul’s Wisdom. It has been said that to ascend or progress spiritually, one must bring all information into the Heart. Our Guidance also comes from our Heart Center.

And once we build up that inner connection, we receive Guides and Angels. The stronger we build our Heart Centers, the clearer and stronger our Guidance becomes. At some point, our mind and heart become one, so that all information we receive, read or are told becomes real as it integrates into the Heart Center.

The Heart Center is the gateway between our lower and higher chakras. It blends the spiritual with the ego. In order to ascend, we must be integrated through all of the chakras. When most people first begin to meditate, their egos (lower 3 chakras) and the spiritual chakras (the upper chakras) are separate. By meditating, we strengthen the Heart, which unifies all chakras. If we aren’t uniting the chakras, we do not integrate the higher vibrational energies that have been coming into us; they stay in the upper chakras and our lives stay the same. Please know that when we begin to meditate, we are accessing Source Light and bring it into our Heart Centers. After awhile, we notice how our inner life becomes stronger and we listen to Guidance, and as time goes on, and we become strong within our Soul, we act on our Guidance.

At some point, we realize we have transcended meditation, or at least the word “meditation,” and realize we are transmitting the higher energies, bringing them into our bodies. And so for me, I am not meditating, but transmitting. I begin the process of transmitting through the same techniques I’ve always used for meditation. It begins with breathing into the Heart and grounding myself. In the last Ascension Notes, I shared how important it is to bring the Light all the way through the entire body, and into the lower chakras. So, while beginning to meditate, it’s essential to bring the Light all the way through our bodies and it remains to be the same.

When I first began to meditate, over thirty years ago, I thought it was so much fun to hang out in the ethers. My teacher told me that I was half pink and lavender and half gray. She told me how important it was to stay in the body, especially during meditation; it is not to escape life; but to enrich life.

Ninth Gateway Effects

For the last few years we have been connecting with the Crystalline Grid. During this Gateway, we have brought the 6th Dimension Blueprint down to anchor onto the New Earth Grid, and thereby, anchored into us. I have been recently told that the Crystalline Grid is the 6th Dimension Blueprint! That was quite a powerful awareness! So, rather than the Crystalline Grid hovering above the Earth, it is now integrated onto the Earth. This means that through this Gateway, we are beginning to integrate the 6th Dimension into our own New Body Grids. And this means we are going through a very major upgrade. Here is what I’ve heard from those in our Ascension Online Support Group:

  • Blurry and weepy or watery eyes (in one or both eyes)
  • Intermittent headaches (that don’t feel like normal headaches)
  • Back pain, either lower back, upper back, or the whole spine
  • Differences in how our feet feel
  • Lots of dreaming (messages from our Soul) that may be strange or scary
  • Increase of fear (easier to release now)
  • An increase of electrical impulses that sometimes feels like anxiety
  • Lots of activity in the Solar Plexus
  • Seeing more lights and shadowy forms
  • Receiving more geometric shapes and symbols
  • Achy knees and/or hips (removing resistance to moving forward)
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling as if our bodies are changed; which is a bit disconcerting

As well as...

  • Feeling more Joy and Ecstasy
  • Shifting from making choices to knowing we are in a new consciousness, so there really aren’t any choices; all leads us down our Path of Awareness
  • Awareness that our egos and Souls are One, and when we feel our egos assert itself (being defensive, taking things personally, being judgmental, etc.), we can quickly shift into the reminder that Soul and ego are united. We will become more aware of this as time goes on.
  • Easier to let go of what others think and letting go more of the general consensus (what society says we should do and be).

What helps? What I am calling whooshing. I spoke of how important it is to stay grounded. This grounding brings in the higher dimensional Light through all chakras, down our legs, through our feet and anchoring at the Earth Crystal Cluster. I visualize a turn on/off switch and I leave it on. When I’m feeling the effects of the Gateway rather intensely, I visualize a spigot at my Crown and bring in the light, thereby whooshing the Light through. This connects all chakras as one unit.

And, as always, be in the Moment, be in Trust, and flow with the changes. If things don’t happen right away, know that everything is in Divine Order. Know that the New Moon enhances the Gateway energies. I suggest to not do Ceremony during the Dark Moon (today, tomorrow and Wednesday); do it on Thursday; that is when the energies of the New Moon are available.

The most important thing we can do is to walk our talk, bringing our new consciousness into everyday life. We can receive energetically, and yet it must be expressed mentally, emotionally and physically. May you feel how blessed you are on your unique Path of Soul. 




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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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