More Shake Rattle & Roll

The earthquakes continue. Another large one happened again in China. Gaia certainly is releasing the old stuck energy, and so are we. We and Gaia are intensifying our transformation. Be like the Earth; just release without analyzing as to how we created our own personal issues, which only serves to attach to the old and not release what wants release. Be the observer and let it go.

There is such a gift that comes as we release...heightened awareness and the upgrade of our personal holograms. And while our awareness becomes acute, our discernments and perceptions go through an incredible sharp awareness as well. We quickly see what doesn’t belong any more and where we should not be. This allows us to make appropriate choices...not from an emotional ego, but from a clear knowing emanating from our Soul/Heart.

I have a friend, who is jobless and is very frightened, yet he refuses to give up his lifestyle, his $700 a month car payment or living in his over-priced condo, even though he’s had offers to downsize. This keeps him in the old. We certainly become attached to money and things, don’t we? I’m not suggesting that we each have to give away our stuff...unless we are called to do so according to our Soul’s Plan. It can be very freeing, especially if the ‘stuff’ is draining our energy and keeping us in the ego-thought of ‘my stuff is who I am.’

We each probably have at least one large life lesson that is trying to get our attention in order to be released. So if you keep having the same issue(s) come up over and over again, what does your Soul want you to release? These issues hold us back and we can’t move on till it’s resolved. I do want to remind you that there is so much Light present, that when we tap into it, our release is much easier. In fact, every time we connect with the Light, there is a huge clearing. So, we may not even be aware of what’s being released; only that we feel good and lighter. 

Sometimes it’s best that we don’t know what the subconscious issues are, as we have a propensity to over-analyze, thus attaching to them, which just forces them back down into the subconscious to be relived again and again until we finally release and resolve them. Once something is released, we must put the New into our every day living. This means to respond in a whole new way...totally different than how we may have reacted to a trigger in the past.

We may notice that there are many who are simply acting out, as they don’t understand what is happening, so don’t have the tools the more conscious people have. Some of the ways this can look are: obsessive-compulsive behaviors and severe addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc. It’s so important to be aware of what wants to transform (even if you can’t name it) and then allow it to change into something that feels aligned with your Soul’s desires. Being in the ‘eye of the storm’ helps others who haven’t awakened yet. The peace you hold goes out in waves and helps the others. So continue being the observer, don’t take things personally and know that you’re helping others by not dancing the dance of drama and chaos.

Last week there was a wave of Light that came in bringing ‘to light’ more of what we were to release, along with integrating more high vibrational energy. This was felt in various ways, according to our own particular Soul need. For me, my body became even more sensitive to certain foods and the acute awareness of how awful ‘the old’ felt. It resulted in some physical issues that definitely caught my attention. For others, there could have been some depression, anger, feeling alone, not belonging...anything that’s been an issue for awhile and is releasing.

As we are restructuring from the inside out, so is the Earth (the purpose of Earth changes). The reason for this is to create a solid foundation for the new higher vibrations to be able to match the Earth’s (and our) vibration. If there’s a mismatch, the higher energies can’t survive here. This is why it’s also very difficult for us to be in a vibration that is different from ours. We are creating a foundation and so being with like-vibrations is so very important, as it strengthens that foundation. Once we acclimate and match the vibrations, then new high energy comes in to continue the building of the foundation, both within Gaia and ourselves.

Since we will be receiving another large download in the next few days, some symptoms may reoccur for us. (Or happen for the first time for some of you.) Fear, anxiety, being overly emotional, different sleep patterns, heightened clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, breathing issues, heart pain or palpitations, throat issues, leg and foot pain, body aches and probably some others not mentioned here. These are symptoms of not only receiving Light (our bodies are adjusting), but releasing toxicity physically, mentally and emotionally. 

However, along with these symptoms, we also have a greater ability to create and manifest so rather than getting stuck in ‘ain’t it awful,’ take the opportunity to create something in your world. Stay in a positive frame of being; spend time in joy and with supportive people. This does much to move the energy more quickly, and we can manifest our dreams more easily. Reminder; don’t attach to when or how your creativity manifests.

With this New Moon, we have the opportunity to go deeper into our emotions and heal anything that is polarized. The Truth is we are whole & One. So take some time to release judgment, criticism, good/bad, right/wrong, and so forth...these illusions always bring our vibration down. Everything flows perfectly, if we let it. Remember to trust, be in the Flow (by allowing), have discernment (not judgment), and be the compassionate observer.

We all are still choosing to cling to the old, because it’s what we know, or step out in trust and align with the crystalline energy. We are becoming crystalline, by the way...transparent and pure. And that feels so much better than the hidden density that we’ve experienced for way too long. So let’s open our arms and Hearts and receive the Love from the Divine Feminine, Source, Who wants to fill us with nothing but the Beauty of our Souls.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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