Oneness, Distraction & Accelerated Consciousness

We are being given ample time to integrate the energies of the last Gateway; that of the Higher Mind, including the activation of the 8th through 10th Chakras, recalibration of the Pineal and Pituitary Glands and the Activation Crystals. One of the upgrades we’ve received has to do with Oneness and how we experience and express it in every day life.

Is it possible to completely disagree with someone and still be in Oneness? Of course! Since we all come from our own experiences and perceptions, we are each unique, yet connected through Divine Love; the Divine Spark. So, as we enter into conversations in which each holds strongly to their beliefs and perceptions, when we do it in Love, we are able to respect the other, while respecting our own point of view. There is no wrong or right in Oneness.

One exercise is to watch when you become defensive. This surely is ego’s way of protecting something that actually keeps us in separation. The ego’s job is to protect us from changing what we’ve adopted as ours. It’s not about being right (which makes the other wrong). When we can accept and honor the other’s view, we are in Oneness. We don’t have to agree with what they say, yet, we don’t have to defend ourselves either; this weakens us. We defend when we’re unsure or fearful. Can you be strong in your knowing and allow another to have their knowing, even though you may not agree?

Rumi spoke of Oneness when he said:

“Outside ideas of right doing
And wrong doing,
There is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”


When we become enamored by what goes on in our life or another’s, when we have a need to read everyone else’s words and not trust our own, when we need to know what this or that is ego distracting us from our task of Being. When we are seeking, rather than knowing (feeling), we are distracted. When we get carried away with information on UFO’s, crop circles, numerology, astrology, earth changes and so forth, we are distracted from our task at hand. Our task? To know Who we are, to be in Oneness with all of life, to know there is a Divine Plan to all events, to walk our talk, to be so centered in our Divinity that all else simply fades away.

Can you be at work or play and be ever aware of your Oneness; of your Divinity and everyone else’s? Can you see the messages that life brings you without assigning meaning to them and continue going without the attachment of thinking, “Wow!”? Can you see below the surface of every conversation and event and see the Divine Purpose in it? This is our task.

Accelerated Consciousness:

Know that our consciousness has been accelerated. In fact, everything is accelerated and this could lead to feeling stress (stress really is resistance to what is). We might say that this is an intense time. Rather than reacting against it, flow with it without getting stuck in the stress; we have the capability to do so. And when we ride the wave, we are automatically aligned with the faster paces of Ascension. When you are aligned with the higher vibrating energies you are still, even amongst outer chaos, you let go of outer desires and are grateful for what is. You seek no outer reward and are content with what you’ve done just by following your Heart.

You realize that all is illusion and changes as your consciousness changes. Your spiritual life is more than enough (because you know all else is created from it). Your every act and thought is of Love and Compassion (it benefits you and others). We always have choice and when we pay attention to our Soul’s voice, we always choose from Love...without attachment to outcome.

With the upgrade of continual Gateways, solar activity and influx of high dimensional energies, we are more empathic, knowing and creative (coming up with creative solutions and new ways of being and seeing). We are awakened more to old energies up for release (they feel more and more awful). We see the truths we’ve held as illusions, we have trouble making plans, preferring to follow our energy in the moment.

We feel guilt less and less, along with “shoulds” and “supposed-to’s.” We are more patient with our creations, letting go of how it’s supposed to look or when it’s supposed to happen. We are more trusting that everything happens for our higher evolvement, because our Soul is in charge and we can trust that. We can let go of impatience, control, trying, making-it-happen, frustration, disappointment, etc; because we know these are ego-emotions designed to keep us stuck. Ride the wave. Can you see how much you’ve shifted?

Can you be comfortable with letting go of everything you thought you knew, have read, learned and adopted to seeing through your own eyes; with new eyes? Nothing is the same and it is constantly changing. Our job is to flow with it and let go of what we think we know and how we think it should be. This most certainly keeps us in the old. Open up to new ways of thinking and feeling. Many are experiencing geometric shapes (especially more prevalent since the last Gateway) and light images in waking life.

These experiences are helping us see life beyond 3D. Our perceptions are changing, if we let them. Please don’t be a rock-clinger (of course, that is your choice). We are not alone in this quest. Every symbol, message and inner guidance is here for the benefit of our ongoing and perpetual ascension. Nothing is by mistake; it’s all a beautiful Divine Plan...even those things we might judge as negative (ego separation).

Ride the wave, my friends, let go, rejoice and keep on riding. Feel the breeze of Freedom, the exhilaration of Movement and the knowing of being cared for and carried; for that is the Truth of Now.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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