Pedestals, Sensitivity & Being

For all time, we have looked to our leaders, priests, teachers, parents and others in authority to guide us. It’s been a way to stay small and not take responsibility for our lives. We have placed famous authors and speakers on pedestals, and have given our power to them. It is essential now to step into our own power and authority, for that is a huge part of Ascension.

Many teachers and leaders are falling off their projected pedestals, and instead of realizing they never belonged there in the first place, we become angry at them for being less than perfect. I’m not saying we can’t learn from others, but never are we less capable than those who hold themselves up to be our teachers and leaders.

Anger is ‘up’ for many these days, and many have been the recipients of others’ unresolved rage. This is projection, for many do not want to take responsibility for their less than perfect emotions. Anger is nothing more than fear and fear is more about being out of control than anything else. Many do not know what is happening with them in regard to the changes we see within and around ourselves. When feeling anger, instead of placing it onto someone else, take a look at what wants to be released within, for that is why it comes up in the first place.

As we continue to evolve, much is coming up for release. We are at the fork in the road. Once again we are being given the choice to move forward in our Ascension, in Love and Trust, or to abandon the whole idea as just a new age fantasy. We may notice that many are choosing to stay in density, even if it is painful...for it is what they know and it gives the illusion of having control over their lives. For those of us who are embracing the New, the most important thing we can do is to stay out of fear and view all others with compassion as they make their own choices.

This involves not being a follower or doing what others are doing, but taking a moment to see what is in our hearts to do. Being in one’s own integrity is the most powerful place to be, even if we’re guided to do nothing. We’ve been used to frantically replacing one thing that seemingly isn’t working, with something else. But this can be a mistake. It’s much different to allow things to unfold, trusting we’re right where we belong, as well as surrendering to the Moment.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Be ready to be taken into new and refined energies. And what that might feel like is experiencing more sensitivities in our bodies including diet and physical sensations. Emotionally, we might be more sensitive to lower vibrations, others’ thoughts and feelings and an increased awareness of our ‘old stuff.’ We may see different and new colors. For instance, I saw a pillar of deep blue light just before I facilitated a healing/connective session. Of course, I knew it was archangel Raziel. We are being taken deeper into our Ascension, and as such, it is almost like our Guides are saying, “Are you sure you want to continue?” Yes, we still have a choice to go forward or to stay in the comfort of density.

It is helpful to stay in a flexible state of the Flow, as things will continue to ebb and flow. It may look like we’re headed in one direction, and then out of nowhere, were headed in a totally different place. People may not honor their agreements or we may have elaborate changes of heart. This is all purposeful; it’s designed to help us let go and allow. This time of flow also encourages us to go within, for that is where the work is. As we do, we build the inner core of us, our hearts, which are already operating in a higher dimension. Our mental, emotional and physical bodies are slowly catching up to our Heart’s Wisdom.

As changes occur in our lives, flow with them, rather than trying to control life by keeping change at bay. If challenges come up, ask your Heart’s Wisdom how to respond, rather than reacting in an old worn-out way. It is our choice, as always, and each choice takes us higher or leaves us in the old.

More than ever before, and I’ll use this phrase often in coming weeks and months, we are asked to step more into the Spirit Beings we are within. Many hide who they are in order to fit within the larger group, such as at work or family, but we are being asked to be congruent by being authentic from the inside out. If you see those two separate, you may be challenged to come out of the spiritual closet. So, surrender to who you essentially are. Walk through any fear that keeps you hidden, for it only holds you back from your chosen destiny of Ascension.

As I mentioned in the beginning of these Notes, we have given our power away to those we have placed on a pedestal, and thereby, denying the powerful beings we are. This is not being authentic, for we are just as wise and powerful as they. When we deny that, we hold ourselves back from being the master of Self. No more denying, only surrendering to our greatness.


This week, and for the entire month of May, is a time to feed our inner core of Truth through meditation and silently building the truth of our divinity and sacred intentions. This is a time of strengthening our Soul, while the rest of our body continues to restructure into the Light Being of our essence. Instead of always doing or figuring out our next step, breathe into Being. Be still, listen and act only when strongly guided to do so. When we are in ‘doing mode,’ we miss the messages that our Guides are speaking to us.

Only through Being can we be guided. When we’re in busy-ness, we are not in the Flow. By being in stillness, we build our consciousness, and it is our consciousness that creates our outer opportunities. It is fear that keeps us in ‘doing mode.’ We ask ourselves, “What will happen if I stop? Will everything fall apart?” The answer is “No!”

Staying in fear keeps the illusion of separation alive. It also holds us back. In the stillness of Being, we notice more. We notice the endings of things and people. We are more in tune with ourselves. We may not want to do much, but rather, feel like we’re waiting for something to happen. In fact, many have an anticipation that something big is about to happen, and therefore, this is why Being is so helpful now. It helps us be the observer of ourselves and others and allows us to flow with the many changes in our lives. It increases our intuition and guides us as to when and how to act. Of course, we do have a choice to keep banging our heads against the same old door or to stop, and go within, where reality lives.

The old way of doing things believes that if we’re not doing something, it won’t get done. However, there is a magic all around us that is creating our new lives. Can you trust and surrender to this?

The old is about pushing and shoving. The New is about unfolding and allowing. The former is the more difficult path, while the New way is effortless. By trusting this New way of Being, we are protected and guided. We become invisible to those who are more ego-based, and that is all purposeful, as the New Earth is being formed. And in this New way, we are honoring our Heart/Soul. By doing that, we are effortlessly carried to the next phase of Ascension. There is no need to save or educate others (unless asked), for we all have free will. All have the same power we do to make their life choices; including whether to even stay on the planet or not.

So, again, I encourage you to stay in the eye of the storm, build your heart-centered consciousness, and have compassion for those who have not yet chosen and who seem to be flailing about in a sea of chaos, without judgment.

I wish for you a life of bliss and peace. Surrender or fight; the choice is yours. Feel it out, and move toward what makes your heart sing.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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