Personal Portals and Sixth Gateway

On the Summer Solstice we will be entering the 6th Gateway, if we are guided or choose to. From what I am being told, this is a huge leap in our Transition and more anchoring of the 5th Dimension...upon the Earth and as crystalline Beings of Light. I have been guided to convey to you; those of you who have been entering the Gateways consciously, that this Gateway requires some preparation, which I will explain in a bit.

My Guidance: I have always had guidance from the Archangels; Archangel Raphael in particular. I am also guided by the Emissaries of Light, especially the Pleiadian and Sirian Emissaries. As well, the Blue Beings are present often; they are present when we are moving from earthly love to Agape Love. There are also those of the Divine Feminine, of course, who have been with me throughout many lifetimes. I’ve had others along my 35 years of Spiritual Path, and as we evolve, our Guides evolve as well...each serving a particular purpose.

It is not enough to read about Ascension; we must do the work...both energetically (through transmissions/meditations) and by making changes in our every day lives. Many who are choosing to be actively involved in their Ascension have gone through many months (and sometimes longer) of releasing old karma, wounds and patterns. Many have experienced large shifts in their physical bodies; along with the evolution from emotion to feeling and the shift from the logical mind to the High Mind of Heart. There are wayshowers, who have been doing their work for awhile and are shining a light for others to follow. Some are helping those who are just now waking up, while others are helping those firmly rooted in the Ascension Path with detailed guidance...and everything in between. We are all on different timelines, unique to our Souls’ choices.

Guidance for the Sixth Gateway

It is advisable to not go through this Gateway unless you have gone through the previous ones or are guided to do this. There are several channeled writings on the Gateways. In particular, the Gateways we have been accessing are specific for this year of 2011, so reading about the first Gateway in January would help.

While I do not have particular information on the 6th Gateway, I have been told that this is a huge one and catapults us off onto the Fast Track of Ascension for the rest of the year, preparing us for next year, which will be huge as well. Before the Solstice, I will probably receive information about what this Gateway is, however, I am being told that too many focus on the information and not the experience, so we shall see.

Personal Portals: As I was preparing for an Ascension class I am offering, I was guided to share about personal portals, and that to go through the 6th Gateway; it would be highly advisable for them to connect to and receive the energy of their personal portal(s) and to connect them (or it) to the 6th Gateway. This somehow anchors the Gateway in preparation for the huge burst forth for the rest of this year.

If you do not have an Ascension Mentor (a highly evolved being, whose only job is to guide you on your Ascension Path), ask to be given one. They may or may not be a current Guide. Ask them to take you to your personal portal(s). While there, you may receive a wholing (healing), access past lives of which you are releasing old energies and accessing the gifts of that lifetime and then have it connect to the Sixth Gateway through a leylines.

Everyone will have an experience that is unique to wherever they are on their Ascension Path and what they are ready for. You will also receive whatever energy that portal holds as well as do a wholing for that area. You do not have to physically be there; as there is no difference between physical and spiritual energies.

The portals and Gateway is enhanced by the increase in solar activity, and so as you go into your transmission time, bring in our solar sun’s energy throughout your chakra system, grounding cord and new body grid, Earth grid, New Consciousness grid and Crystalline Grid, along with the Galactic Sun and 13 dimensions. This is all anchored by your Merkabah and Vortex (created from your Divine Flame that is within your Heart Center). The portals and Gateway are further enhanced by the eclipse pattern we are now in as well this month.

I would love to hear how your experience went. And be sure to ask your Guidance whether you are ready for this Sixth Gateway of Ascension.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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