Purpose of The Full Moon, Relationships & Letting Go of Control

You should still be feeling the effects of this last Full Moon; it brought up much to release and a further grounding of your Lightbody into your physical vehicle. Anything that you were thinking, doing and intending just before the Full Moon was also empowered. Do know that whatever vibration you carry is being anchored into you and into Gaia.

Of course, this includes any area in which you carry fear, as well as those intentions for a New life based in Soul Essences such as Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy, etc. This is how powerful you are; and this intensifies continuously through the rest of the year and beyond. We are getting lots of cosmic help in order to magnify what vibration we hold. Not only did we have the Full Moon for anchoring, it was also empowered by a geomagnetic storm affecting both Gaia and ourselves. Both of these events very well may have precipitated the recent hurricane and earthquakes as a result.

One of the higher purposes of this Full Moon is that we are urged to let go of control. We might find that we simply cannot make something happen or fit ourselves or someone else into a form of our choosing. When this happens, the best we can do is to let go, allow and remind ourselves that all is in Divine Order, and that a higher form will eventually present itself that is more congruent with the anchoring of our Lightbodies and descension of our Souls. Areas of this might have to do with authority figures, our home and family. Observe what has and is occurring and make adjustments when necessary. Being the Compassionate Observer helps us step out of stubbornness and control and into Acceptance. A question to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be a slave of my past or do I want to trust my Soul to guide me to be more of Who I am?”

In this most recent phase, especially in the last four days, we have stepped up more into our roles as Lightworkers. Know that your energy goes out and either encourages others or shuts them down. As Lightworkers, we are charged with keeping our vibration as high as possible, so that our energy radiates out in waves of Love. In this way, we are doing incredibly good acts of Divine Service.

Big shifts are occurring, beginning especially with the Fall Equinox, and they will continue to get bigger. We have been urged to let go of plans (because we are urged to live in the Present) and previous intentions based on the fact that we’re in a completely different space now. We are asked to live our lives in a much bigger way. For instance, I have noticed that instead of doing my work on a local level, I am working on a global level. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. There are friends and associates who may not understand that we simply cannot make a plan since the energies shift so quickly, especially if they are still attached to the old way of being in the 3D.

This energy requires us to be spontaneous, based on the guidance we receive at any given time. So let go of any expectation and attachment you have to how you think people should behave and how things should go. Rather, flow with the energies; not against them. This has to do with the fact that we have shifted energy from the head to the Heart as guided by the Divine Feminine; the energy of Ascension.

When we’re in a state of doing, we go unconscious. When we act only on inspiration, we are engaged with our New expressions. And we may feel as though we’re in a constant state of Being, so exhausted are we of all that we’ve been shifting. When faced with having to do something, wait until you’re guided. Follow your energy and don’t push to make it happen, for that is the old way. When you make adjustments for the energy flow, you will see things turn out so much better than if you push through something, which blocks the energy.

To further keep us on our toes, Mercury goes retrograde this Saturday, November 4, and stays till the 26th. Some may already be feeling this, as we’re in the shadow of it now. It will also be Mercury retrograde during the eclipse on the a 17th as well (big energy!). So whatever work you’ve done up to this point, you may be able to revisit it and tweak it if necessary. Mercury retrograde is a time when we are to be very vigilant about communications, because there can be misunderstandings, missed appointments and so forth. The higher purpose is to stay very present while we are in our daily lives. 
See it as a gift and not a curse, as so many do.

Remember that emotions and relationships are our best teachers for our New Awareness. If there is tension there, look at what is within you that wants to transform into more Love. In the old, we would judge and blame the other; in the New, we look at what is being mirrored within us for transformation. We empower ourselves by responding to the situation, rather than reacting. If we ignore, we push the issue/energy down into the subconscious and then it keeps resurfacing until we do something about it. Any troubles can help us become clear about what we want to experience in relation to others, as well as what we don’t want, bringing more Clarity in order to make more evolved choices.

We have reached the point of grand commitment to bringing the world’s ascension to fruition. This has taken a lot of Courage and Strength to release the old and embrace the New, especially since we really don’t know what the New is! Along with our commitment to the New, we’ve been blessed with heightened sensitivity, a more gentle (for some) surrender to what is and more Soul Essences of Joy, Peace, Simplicity and Love. We are constantly being shown new awarenesses. Some may seem like tiny things and yet with each tiny awareness there is a deeper and larger path to an old belief. As we receive these awarenesses; just by noticing them, the deeper and larger belief is chipped away until it is dissolved into pure Divine Love and a new perception (not belief) takes its place. (Perceptions are fluid; beliefs are static.) Because we’ve come so far, much is happening almost automatically. Why? Because our consciousness has risen to great spiritual awareness and heights.

As far as our physical bodies go, we are still experiencing much shifting into our Lightbodies. Daily headaches continue (usually beginning with a fuzzy feeling around the 3rd Eye and often in the wee hours of the morning), digestive issues seem to have subsided some, there may be very strange little pains in different areas of our body that come and go almost instantaneously, and, of course, all this depends on your own unique timeline. Know that there is also a balancing going on and it is so important to meditate, be in Appreciation and follow your Guidance and energy flow. As you accept things as they are, it helps shift them to where they are congruent with your Divinity.

Between now and the first eclipse of November, know much is anchoring and preparing us for the next big leap. Remember, all is in Divine Order.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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