Sirian Protection, Unity & Neutrality

First a message from Gabriel speaking on protection...As I have mentioned before, because we are holding so much Light, we also have more dark energies around us in the form of resistance, fear, and duality from ego, along with others’ lower energies.

Now I will speak on protection. There is a very ancient tool that was given to Rachel, whom was considered the Matriarch of the Bible on the Earth and the protector of all humankind. She was given this tool of protection from her Sirian ancestors. This tool is called The Red String. It is associated with danger and carries a certain frequency and energy (as all colors do) that shields against dangerous negativity. You can think of it as a spiritual vaccine.

The Red String is a tool for spiritual and physical protection. When purchasing the red wool string, it should be cleansed, like you would clean a crystal. It should be worn on the left side of the body. The left side of the body is where energy enters; the left arm pertains to receiving. The right arm embodies the power of imparting. So, it is the left side of the body that negativity enters. By wearing the Red String on the left wrist, negative forces are intercepted at the precise point of entry.

When putting the string on your wrist, it needs to be tied carefully in seven knots; each knot symbolizes a separate spiritual dimension that infuses our reality.

I will now leave you with one more very important message regarding the Red String:

It is extremely important that someone who loves you; someone you highly trust....ties this string around your wrist. As the string is tied in a prayer, you should ask for the power to radiate.....Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Appreciation, Kindness, Light, and the absence of all negative forces.  

As we know, the energies are forcing changes in all areas of our lives. This creates more pronounced polarity. We are moving more toward Unity, and access it through stillness and observation; and not attaching to the external pictures, which includes events happening in the world, as well as the people and events in our every day life. We also are aware that many are choosing not to change, and we must let them go and allow them their own choices.

Moving into Unity Consciousness requires that we move through our emotions into feeling...coming from our Hearts and not our heads. It is through our minds that we have been controlled in the past. We receive input from the outside world, which holds us in a duality pattern. Once it comes in, we judge it as good or bad. This is the time to stay neutral. Once we let go of our love to analyze and judge things as good or bad, we can feel our way through to non-judgment and then into Unconditional Love and Unity. The more we make our choices based on the past, because it’s the way it’s always been and so forth, the more we delay our sojourn into Unity/Oneness/Love.

It is important to let go of superiority and separation. We need to let go of the idea of gurus and proclaimed spiritual leaders, for this perpetuates the idea that we are less than and we need their programs to become who we actually already are. This has already occurred in the world religions. It is designed to separate and keep us small. As Gabriel has said, there will be no more gurus; only Great Souls...and we, if we choose, are the Great Souls. How we do this is by knowing; through feeling and experiencing the Divine within. So, at this time, we get to choose to be mystics (having direct connection with Source) or give our power over to someone who tells us we must follow them to the Light.

We have to choose for ourselves what is true for us. Our personal power directs us to our consciousness. This is the power of choice. It is so wonderful to have this freedom; and I see it in clients and in the Online Support Group, as each one shares their own personal experience as they traverse ascension and as they follow their own Guidance. This is the Divine Plan. The more we surrender to ‘what is’ the more we are guided to being Christed. And as we do this, with no control or manipulation, our reality changes to reflect this divine autonomy...autonomy within Oneness.

I remind you, we are in a time of deep and powerful purification. I’ve heard from some who have said their business has almost halted; others have experienced physical symptoms. At least one other person and I are experiencing lower back pain. We must go within; for it is there that we find peace and answers. Also, spending time in the fourth dimension helps ease any fear or duality we may be experiencing. Meanwhile, things that are in the way of this inward move are being removed. You see, the Universe conspires to help us when we choose a particular path. For us, the path is to receive from our God Source, guidance to our Life Mission.

Remaining neutral, rather than thinking in terms of right and wrong or becoming fearful, is how we move into Unity and God Consciousness. There is a knowing; a feeling of what choices to make; what direction to go in. This isn’t intellectual; it is the state of Being; of feeling that is guiding us. Sometimes it seems that nothing is happening; these are the times to be as still and neutral as possible. Taking this path, we become nothing but Love; our true identity; our Authentic Selves.

As Gabriel mentioned, we are in the fourth dimension, which is overlaying the third dimension, so we have a presence in both worlds; only now, we have more presence in the fourth dimension, which should make it easier to be aware of duality and easier to make changes and choices.

We really have been stretched lately; have you felt it? Many are clinging to their old, safe life, because it may seem that it is just too much to change. But, if we surrender and trust and allow, we are blessed by such Grace; it almost seems like a dream. We’re being asked to stretch more than we may feel comfortable with. This is when feeling Divine Mother’s arms of Love wrap around us can soothe our fears of inadequacy away.

Since Unity is an important theme, healing any division is vital. What judgments do you still hold...judgment about certain people, religion, political party, or race? If so, do take time to let those go. As you do, more Light may enter you, showing you the path to take now. When you drop your judgments, you loosen up your body to receive more blessings of wholeness. Having judgment tightens you; neutrality opens you and leads to Unconditional Love; our goal. And as you open, you access the higher dimensions, where duality does not exist. It’s so freeing.

Some symptoms:
 Because we are shifting and reorganizing at a very fast rate, we may feel restless and maybe a little on edge. We may get irritated with communication blips, along with phone and computer malfunctions. (Do remember we are in Mercury Retrograde in which communications are a little more difficult.) We may get little electrical shocks; our bodies may tingle and we may be very amped up, but dead tired. Are you eating less as well? Does it seem like you’re waiting for something? Do you feel as though you’re not quite in your body at times? Do you want to hibernate? Just remember that it’s all a part of ascension...we should be used to it by now. Personally, I have felt all of the above and then some. However, I know what it’s about and it is beautiful!

To help, get outside as much as you can. (I just stepped out, looked up at the moon, while very loud crickets sang to me.) Spend time in the fourth dimension. Feel the Oneness, be still, meditate and know we are guided by the most loving beings, who only want the absolute best for us. We are so very loved. Feel it. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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