The 9th Gateway: Surrender and Ecstasy

Do read this transmission with your Heart-eyes or Higher Mind. As the energies become Lighter, it is a challenge to translate them into language we understand. Therefore, remember that all words and letters are energetic symbols that integrate within you. Also remember that each of us is on a different timeline, so while some information might seem familiar, others might not. This information is the highest potential of the ascendee in regard to this Gateway of Ascension. We continue to integrate all previous Gateways as well.

Since the last Gateway, the 8th Gateway of August 11 (to remind yourself, you can read the Ascension Note of August 10, 2011), upgraded our 3rd Eye and Pineal Chakras, along with the activation crystals located at the sides of our head, we have been receiving more symbols and geometric shapes, the “Language of Light.” With the 9th Gateway on the Equinox, September 23rd, we will begin to more clearly decode the sacred geometry and symbols.

You see, as we vibrate higher, Spirit uses the Language of Light more and more. The purpose of this is to shift the 6th Dimension blueprint into a new template for our 5th Dimension light bodies, bringing us higher in vibration. Our bodies may even change physically. Certainly, we’ve noticed how everything else in our lives is changing from people, new attitudes, new eating patterns and so forth. (The song from the old TV show, “Movin’ on Up” keeps playing in my head.)

This Gateway brings us a deeper interconnectedness to all peoples and at the same time, a lessening of the concern of others’ opinions. We may find that while our thoughts are becoming more Light and diverse, sharing them with others might bring stares of disbelief or “Has she finally lost it?” Because we are on our individual Ascension Pathway, we may feel very alone in how we think and may choose not to share with others. (Especially true since the last Gateway of the Higher Mind.) Besides, it is so difficult to articulate what we’re experiencing within; it is indeed a challenge to even try. (I suppose it’s because the language we use is still 3D. Therefore, it is important to watch our words and introduce new ones to match our higher vibration.) And yet, at the same time, we feel an undeniable Oneness with all beings. This is multidimensionality.

No longer can we support any separation or duality...3D. And with this comes such Freedom. People who still practice duality seem foreign to those of us who have stepped more fully into the New; that of Unity Consciousness. We come to a deeper integration of the New with the 9th Gateway, as judgment of any kind (that is good, this is sad, that is bad, and so forth), becomes so alien to us. It is like someone throws ice water on us when we hear people still in that old energy of duality. It’s a shock to our New systems!

The 9th Gateway brings more of a descension of our Lightbodies into our physical and mental bodies. I have been guided to also share that it is important practice to actively bring into alignment our Souls with our egos. In other words, what we feel during transmission is to be brought into every day life. If we feel Peace, we bring that into our lives. If we feel Oneness, being in the Moment, connected and so forth, we actively bring these Soul Essences into every aspect of life. This takes constant vigilance and being in the moment.

Instead of seeing the ego as separate and an enemy; something to conquer; see instead the merging of ego and Soul as One. For in Truth, the ego in its highest form is nothing more than a vehicle for Soul’s expression. We are becoming the Divine Instrument. This is the final surrender to this merge. As we do this, then we know with no doubt that Spirit determines every aspect of our life...income, work, relationships...everything. Yes, we have given lip service to this. And with the 9th Gateway, we integrate it into every cell of our being. This is a total dissolution of separation. We no longer have to separately figure out how to “make a living;” where to live; what to do next; it is all Divinely orchestrated. Surrender is key here.

For those still very invested in separate ego (making it happen, dualistic thinking, figuring things out, control, etc.), this next period of time will be most painful. It requires a full let-go of anything that is not Soul-guided. We have done so much releasing, rearranging, and recalibrating that we might think, “Wait, there’s more?!?!”

I have seen people claim they are brand new, yet is this illusion? Have their lives really changed? Have they really made the difficult choices or have they just told themselves they’ve moved into the New, because they can speak the language, so to speak?...talking the talk; not walking the talk.

Making the leap can be scary. We may make small changes and at the same time, cling to old comfort zones. Being in the New takes great courage, because everything is unfamiliar. It’s because we haven’t yet created the new forms. May I say that the New doesn’t have new comfort zones or new forms? It is pure and ongoing change.

The 9th Gateway is Surrender and Ecstasy. 

We may go back and forth between feeling completely out there floating on the ethers and at the same time, grasping for our comfort zones. When we are in the New; oh my gosh, pure Ecstasy! When we retreat into our comfort zones, it is important not to judge ourselves harshly. Rather, let it evolve in a gentle way. Also remind yourself that your comfort zones are illusions. The purpose of completely letting go is to bring us fully to Spirit; that of the absolute dissolving ego into Soul. Be gentle with yourself, go as slow as you want, then speed up a bit. Don’t hold yourself back from the task at hand. Align yourself with the current energies, rather than fighting against them.

Survival fears are leaving with this Gateway. No longer do we fear being left, of not having enough, of loss. Fears may still surface, yet we realize they are illusions and we release them easily and quickly...especially helpful is using the Sacred Rose to release them when the last vestiges of fear bubble out of our consciousness. Perhaps have a visual of champagne bubbles that come to the surface and quickly disintegrate into air. Focusing on Oneness and the Now also help us see the fears are not reality.

Through this Gateway, we further disconnect from the general consensus. Our choices may seem foolish to some of our old friends and family, and yet we are not concerned with their nay-saying. We are so strong in our Soul-guidance that anything less does not hold us back.

Through each Gateway, we have gotten stronger and more committed. We have integrated incredible Light, we have let go of so much that does not resonate. Our bodies have shifted hugely through our physical manifestations of headaches, nausea, fuzzy eyes, digestive issues and so forth into a place of Beauty and Knowing. If you are still experiencing Ascension physical manifestations, your lower chakras are asking you to consciously bring the Light down through them, down your legs and feet and grounding cord.

Bring the New Earth energy up in the form of the Mother Ray through your legs, feet and grounding cord and blend with your Divine Flame within your Heart Center and then fill your body and aura. This will help you ground and ease your body’s adjustment. Grounding is essential now. It is so easy to focus only on Light, yet bringing that Light into us all the way integrates the energies. Stay in your body; it’s the only way to integrate the higher energies and dimensions.

Don’t be concerned if you float from Newness back to the old from time to time. It is simply a way to be gentler with yourself as we go through this Shift. More and more, you will inhabit the New in complete Faith. Soon your intentions, motivations and actions will be only Soul-guided and will be of the highest integrity. Especially let go of how others view you, which will be easier and easier as this Gateway integrates as time goes on. We can let go of where others are in their Ascension or non-Ascension. Everything and everyone is in Divine Order.

Pull your energy into yourself, while at the same time, know of your Oneness with all of Life. We all are doing exactly what is required for our highest growth, even if we or others refuse to awaken.

Have a beautiful Gateway experience as you also celebrate the Fall Equinox, which is a time of let-go. Don’t you love how synchronous Spirit works? 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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