The Energies of the Solstice Gateway & Seventh Gateway: July 11, 2011

Just as we were acclimating to the huge shifts of June, there is the Seventh Gateway of the year tomorrow, July 11.

The energies of June were central to releasing, healing and reconstruction. Patterns that have been hidden or deeply set were revealed; acceptance of challenge (rather than the usual resistance), honoring our truer Integrity; i.e. being true to ourselves; and strengthening our New Self, have all been key in June. Especially important is the letting go of all concepts and teachings that we’ve learned, as holding on to them keeps us in our old selves. Everything in the past has been limited and based in duality. Do you really want to bring that with you?

Our New Body Grids have been calling out to us to energize them. We do this through bringing forth Soul Essences, especially as we are in challenging times. As we do this, the old body grid disintegrates. One exercise I have been given is to name an Essence each time I see something. This keeps me in the Present and integrates the Essence, thereby strengthening the New Body Grid. For instance, I see a tree. I name it Strength and Flexibility. I see a flower. I name it Beauty and Grace. I see a baby mouse. I name it Fragility and Innocence.

The June energies are building toward the 11:11 event/Gateway. And the energies continue with the coming Gateways. The Gateway of the Solstice was the most powerful of all thus far, and further preparation for our crystalline bodies and the 11:11 Gateway. We received immense crystalline energies that infused our New Body Grids, and this brought more Truth out in the open. If ever there was/is a time to be honest with ourselves and in Integrity with our lives, now is that time.

Otherwise, there is no more growth! Our Merkabah was strengthened, and great movement occurred. We are now looking at whether we want to stay in our physical locations, along with the beginning of receiving new jobs (spiritual; not career necessarily). Our higher chakras have also been energized more, along with our auras. Therefore, we are standing more in our Power; the sovereignty of our Souls. Our choices are now more important than ever. And it goes without saying that if you are only reading about Ascension, that will do nothing for you except to entertain your mental ego. We must choose to live it.

Because the Solstice Gateway accessed Personal Portals (now closed), which held past karma and gifts, we have had awareness as to what further karma has been let go of or is in the process of being let go, along with what “Gifts of Service” are to be integrated from those Portals, which also held other lifetimes. Personally, I was put in touch with another lifetime in which I was a resistance fighter (interesting, huh?) in France. Because of that awareness, I brought forth the karma for release along with the Essence of Courage for my New Body Grid. Other lifetimes’ only purpose is for release and integration; not for the entertainment of ego as they have been in the past; i.e. “I was a princess in the Ming Dynasty.”

In speaking about our “new jobs,” we are getting glimmers of what they may be, and because we are in a whole new space, more clues will slowly come to us. From there, we will make choices as to physically moving elsewhere and new ways of expressing our gifts, especially any new ones that have or will be revealed.

The Seventh Gateway

This Gateway opens our Heart Chakras more. This may result in physical manifestations of heart pounding, palpitations, chest pain and what feels like flip-flops in the heart area. This wider opening helps us be more real about emotions and more real about ourselves. No hiding out any more. It precipitates a larger release of old patterns and beliefs. It is very important to not fall back on what we’ve known, and to be empty and vigilant about the New that is being created by our very own New Body Grids. The further opening of the Heart Chakra helps us be more present and clear, as we see what still needs release.

Another layer of letting go of certain relationships is eminent, as is the letting go of emotional attachment. This is not denial or numbness or being shut down; it is a natural part of the Heart opening wider. Our egos love to be emotionally charged; they love the chaos and drama, and yet, these old patterns hold us back. As we open our Hearts more, through this Gateway, we become more Compassionate; more emotionally matter what is going on in our lives.

Fear is being released; and as it comes up, we let it go. (As one layer is let go of, another layer surfaces). You may use the Sacred Rose for the release. Create a Rose above your Crown and ask it to absorb all your fear mentally, emotionally and physically, as well as in your DNA and cells. Do this when you feel fear. Then send it out into the Universe to have it be transmuted into Universal Love for all.         

Because our energies are realigned through the Heart Chakra, there is also a release in the forehead (Third Eye and Pineal Gland) manifesting into a headache. Our Pineal Gland is also receiving more Light, thereby bringing a stronger awareness of our multidimensionality; and there may be a sense of an increase in duality, as it disintegrates more.

Sometimes we will feel more connected and full of Joy; other times we will feel less connected and fighting for survival. Know that the latter is leaving and, therefore, in our awareness more. Just know duality is leaving; rather than focusing on it (which is what we usually do when we don’t feel good and feel aimless and worthless and lost), know that this is simply part of the Ascension Path and it helps to then focus on Soul Essence.

We may also have a desire to “save” others, wanting them to ascend as well. Remember, we each are on our own timeline and each being has their own free will. The more evolved being does not proselytize nor want to rescue anyone or anything, for they know that all is in Divine Order.

Everything we experience through this Gateway reflects our shifting perceptions and our shifting bodies. You may find you eat less and lighter. Many have already transcended eating meat, sugar and alcohol, for the lighter vibrations cannot tolerate these lower vibrating substances.

Know that we are continuing to clear, as is Gaia. Have Patience with yourself as this occurs. It may manifest as being ultra-sensitive, taking things personally and feeling the grief of loss. We may be crying more and yet can’t quite pinpoint why. Step away from “why,” and just accept that all this is a part of our Ascension. We may have trouble relating with others, not know where we belong, and have very strange dreams. For a lot of us, we’ve been doing this all along, and if you have, this is another layer of manifestation. Nothing may seem real or familiar. And yet, where we are evolving to is wonderful.

As the New takes its place gradually and assuredly, notice how much more Joy and Love you feel. Notice how your Compassion is ever-strong. And remember what you resist persists and what you energize becomes manifest. Do know that continued Transmitting/Meditating is an important part of our Ascension; along with making any changes in every day life. Ascension cannot happen by reading about it; it is embracing it mentally, emotionally, physically, and especially feeling it. Wishing you a wonderful Seventh Gateway. 




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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