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Reminding: What I am guided to write in the Ascension Notes is about stepping more fully into the New. Some words may resonate; others may not. Part of my Path is to gently nudge you forward and it’s ok if you don’t agree or understand, because we’re all on different timelines and if something doesn’t fit with your current thinking, the seeds are planted. All your intellect knows is based on the past.

That is why I suggest reading with your Heart; to feel the words; for the New is in the current Moment, as is the Heart. In this way, higher vibrational energy flows into you, rearranging and adjusting your vibration to match the higher vibrational energies; and therefore, we evolve by matching the higher vibrational energies. Reading with the intellect merely keeps things the same and pampers our little egos, who reads and says, “Oh yes, I agree with that one; oh no, that’s wrong...” all duality. While it’s always good to be in Discernment, which is not judgment, realize we are all evolving at different speeds according to our Soul’s desires for us.

Practicing Acceptance is a wonderful spiritual practice, releasing the lower energy of comparison... “She’s more evolved than me; I’m more evolved than those folks, etc.” This is pure ego and of duality. Our job is to move from that into the higher dimensions of Oneness.

Here is some Wisdom from The Higher Voice; it is something that was told to her by a collective of higher vibrational beings:

You have to allow others to proceed at their own pace.  Extend a helping hand, yes.  They can grasp it if they so choose, and propel themselves forward.

That is where you draw the line.  They must move themselves forward by their own choice, or not.  Each of these choices is valid, and each choice is right if the person involved so chooses it.  They get to make their own way home to Oneness, in their own way and their own time.

What you can offer them is a doorway to an alternative path.  Only they can decide if it is the right fit for who they are, and for what they are wanting, currently.

We want to make this very clear:  You can offer your hand and a golden opportunity.  This is good and appropriate.  You go too far if you try to push, pull, or otherwise maneuver them into a place or direction that they do not desire at this moment.

Know that whatever they choose is the right choice, and the honorable one, for each soul carries its own template and compass for success.

Offer, love, and know their ultimate Perfection.  And then, and this is most important, let go.  No matter how much you love them and want what you think is best for them, let go and let them make their own way forward.

They will get there, and there is every chance that they will beat you!  In other words, it is not for you to judge this, nor your relative places on the Path.  Keep your focus on your own self, your path, your progress, and most importantly, on your sweet relationship with the Divine.

This week has been especially powerful. Folks are experiencing more shifts and the daily new awarenesses are flowing in in unprecedented numbers and ways, bringing more Clarity in order to choose our paths of no resistance. When you veer off course and cling (attach) to what you know and what you’re comfortable with, you find yourself in a lower vibration, and it doesn’t feel good after awhile (or immediately). You then adjust your compass and get back on the Path of Ascension. Of course, we have choice. These choices will come more frequently and will intensify this year. You may find yourself in situations that either resonate with your desire to ascend or situations in which you absolutely know are holding you back. You might ask yourself what old energy wants to keep you in a situation that holds you back. We are asked to choose the high road, no matter how our little ego wants the situation that holds us back. We can choose illusion or reality. Reality is the continued growth and expansion.

Relationships are especially hard hit in this transitional time. How can we be in the New Relationship when we’re not quite done with our shifting? When we get into relationship, often we revert to what we know, and this can be difficult, as it is like trying to fit a huge balloon into a tiny box. When the two people in relationship are on different timelines and are vibrating differently, it can be a challenge until both are as committed to a New expression of Love. And then there is an incredible powerhouse of Love to share with all the world. The New relationship can take many forms...from a close friendship, a connection without physical contact, a virtual relationship and so much more. The New relationship does not; can not; fit into a box. Our task is to honor ourselves and continue on our own Path, while honoring the other for wherever they are. And sometimes, it is a higher Love to release them. The New relationship does not have the old rules in place; and rather, must have Agape Love, Freedom, Respect and Acceptance. There are no power plays, attachment or expectations, for these are all old 3D ways of being in relationship. For those of you who have indeed chosen to be in New relationship, I honor you, for you are the lighthouses that guide the way.

Much of our limitations has been released and so we are receiving upgrades of Higher Intuition, Clarity and Wisdom, along with a more powerful sense that we are more and more our Souls. This call for great Responsibility to walk our talk and recognize our huge Spirits, while our old selves loosen their grip more and more. The next few weeks will be phenomenal, as more beliefs and behaviors will surface to be released. Remember, we release in layers, so don’t be surprised if things you thought were complete, resurface. This layering eventually leads us to the root cause of the belief or behavior, whether in this life or others. The key is to release it, so more configuration can happen, leading us to be more Light, and therefore, clearer, wiser, more loving and joy-filled lives. And rather than thinking, “Poor me, this is such hard work,” instead, be grateful, because you are indeed evolving. Suffering is an old thought pattern and holds us back. Choose to change your perception.

As we continue our Ascension, our experiences are created by what we are planting. Stay focused on Divine Unfolding, rather than on old perceptions of angst, feeling lost, suffering, blaming, despair and depression. Mourn not what you think you’ve lost or not yet have, and look at how your life is shifting into a magnificent masterpiece of pure Divine Love. Accept what is; this is real. What you think you don’t have is illusion.

There is no turning back now. Oh, we may sit and rest from time to time, yet basically, we are well on the other side toward Ascension; that of being masters of our own lives. Know your thoughts, being energy, create the circumstances in life. What thoughts and feelings do you choose? We are absolutely powerful in creating our lives according to our Souls’ desires, no longer the victims of our past. We no longer have to have outer circumstances dictate who we are or what we feel. As we detach from outer illusions, we empower ourselves. While we are all One; we are each uniquely choosing our paths; no one can tell us how to do it; and therefore, it’s imperative to follow our own Guidance. We are sovereign beings of Light.

As emotions surface, see the gift in them; what is the emotion telling you? Emotions are based on the past. They are of little ego; of duality and perceived separation. For instance, if you feel sad, trace it back to see what brings up the sadness. Are you sad because you think you’ve lost someone or something? Are you sad because a way of life is no longer? Then release it and fill up with Soul Essence. As we place our focus on Divine Love and we accept What Is, we see that we create from that space. And so, I honor and love each of you and want only the best for you, and as you do the same, we create our New World.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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